24 Chicken: The Best Korean Chicken in the Metro

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It is an undeniable fact that chicken is one of the most popular foods in the Philippines. Filipinos go gaga over chicken! Everywhere you go, you can see someone having chicken. Even me, I must admit that I am also fond of chicken! Luckily, I am so happy to have found this Korean chicken store in Manila named 24 Chicken! I didn’t regret purchasing their chicken! They have actually got lots to offer!

What is 24 Chicken?

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If you are fond of eating chicken, I highly suggest you try Korean Chicken. So where can you get the best Korean chicken? 24 Chicken is just around the corner! 24 Chicken is a chicken store that offers Korean chicken. It serves chicken with different kinds of flavor. Overall, they have 10 different flavors that you would surely love!

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They have the original flavor, garlic, jack daniels, lemon glazed, yangnyeom, yangnyeom with garlic.

Chicken Flavors at 24 Chicken



Jack Daniels

Lemon Glazed


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Yangnyeom x2 (spicier than the first one)

Spicy BBQ

Yangnyeom w/ Garlic

Half Half Chicken (choose any 2 flavors)

Snow Cheese (newest flavour)

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My Thoughts on 24 Chicken

My friend and I tried the four flavors of the chicken. We had Jack Daniels (this is their best-seller), Lemon Glazed, Yangnyeom, and their newest flavor, which is the Snow Cheese! Every chicken tastes delicious what kind of flavor it has! We truly enjoyed every bit of it. Its savory flavor makes the chicken more appetizing. My most favorite is the snow cheese flavor! I really loved its taste. It tastes so good that I want to ask for another plate of it! I totally fell for Snow Cheese! This is definitely one of the best flavors! In addition, all flavors are best-paired with rice.

The Place

In terms of the place, 24 chicken store is just a pub that mainly serves chicken. It has two floors. The first floor is where you can order while the second floor of the store is where you have your food.

The second floor is small – it is not ideal for big groups. It is not that spacious and it is quite hot as well. They only use fans in the area.

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But what’s amazing is 24 Chicken promotes CLAYGO. So after eating, you have to clean up as you go. It seems such a good idea. Also, 24 Chicken is near some schools in Manila so students can totally have some lunch here.

The Staff

They are good and accommodating. The staff will assist you anytime. They also serve your food on time.

The Price

24 Chicken offers the best chicken as they can. Apart from that, it is affordable. It is budget-friendly for students. In addition, anything that you order is totally worth the price.

24 Chicken Manila Delivery

How to Order?

Text them your order.

Write your Full name.

After that, write your Full address with the nearest landmark.

Write your Exact payment amount (so they can bring exact change!)

Then, send to:


0927 122 3550 or 0945 679 7297


0905 479 2282 or 0905 479 2283


0916 797 4072 or 0916 797 4073

Pedro Gil Taft

09774253754 or 09774253755

Please text only 1 number, to avoid double order.

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Delivery coverage: Vito Cruz Taft Manila and UST area (can check our delivery map posted for reference)

Delivery charge: P40.00 pesos

Take note that they will only entertain orders for delivery on their hotline. If you have any other queries, you can a message on their facebook account to minimize confusion.

Their phone gets busy on peak hours so expect a delayed response.


Vito Cruz (DLSU) Branch

2472 Leon Guinto St. Conrner Estrada St., Vito Cruz, Manila

Mobile: 09271223550

P. Noval (UST) Branch

Crown Galleria, P. Noval Corner Dapitan St., Sampaloc, Manila

Mobile: 09054792282

Legarda Branch

2355 Legarda Street, Sampaloc, Manila

Mobile: 09167974072

Pedro Gil Branch

CTC Bldg., Taft Avenue Corner, Pedro Gil St., Ermita Manila

Mobile: 09774253754

P. Noval Espana Branch

P. Noval Corner Espana, Smapaloc, Manila

Mobile: 09774253756

Operating Hours

10:00 AM-11:00 PM



Email Address: 24chickenph@gmail.com

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