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8 Helpful Ways to Travel Cheaply


This blog highlights some tips on how to travel cheaply. Do you want to travel cheaply? I’ve listed some tips on how you can do that!

How can you afford to travel? You must be rich! You must have gotten a high-paying job. Are most of your travels sponsored?

First of all, hella no. I don’t have a high-paying job and most especially, I travel with my own expenses.

There are so many misconceptions about traveling. They say you need a thousand bucks to travel. You have to be rich in order to travel the world. Most people say that it costs a lot to travel. Well, yes. I won’t deny it. It is somehow true. But it is not always the way as what you imagine. Everybody can afford to travel. Not just me, but also you, or anyone out there is dreaming to explore the different places across the world!

Truth to be told, I don’t even have much money to spend on. In fact, I was not born with a silver spoon. Yet, I am a frequent traveler. I have been traveling around the Philippines and all over Asia for years. You might wonder how I am able to do it without having much money to spend on. There is only one thing that I can tell you; I am a budget traveler.

Listed down below are some of my personal cheap travel tips that I want to share with you. As a matter of fact, these are the usual things that I tend to apply whenever I travel – which I have learned from my previous travels.

8 Helpful Steps on How to Travel Cheaply

Repeating clothes is totally fine.

Do you travel for fashion? New destination. New fashion clothes. One thing that most travelers love doing before going to a new place is to buy a new set of clothes. Most travelers love to flaunt and expose their fashion styles, especially in a strange, new place. Well, I couldn’t agree more about this kind of idea! It feels so good to be in a place where you can show off your fashion style. We can’t deny the fact that we sometimes travel for fashion. Most especially if we are aware that our new target destination has such amazing views to behold! We want to look more presentable in our pictures and our Instagram feed.

There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, I truly love this kind of thing. The thing is, we sometimes splurge on new clothes that we tend to forget what’s more important. Please take note that your budget for your trip is much more important than anything else. Always.

So if you want to travel more cheaply, I think it is time for you to cut down on buying new clothes before going on a trip. You can keep that money instead and add to it your travel expense.

Visit thrift stores nearby your place.

You can always find good clothes from a thrift store. Trust me.

But if you are into fashion, there is an alternative way to buy clothes. You visit a thrift store somewhere maybe around your area. Just make sure that you could get the best one for your taste and preference. Also, I want you to know that it is always okay to repeat clothes. You can try mix and matching, too. This way, you won’t have to worry that much about the budget for your future travels. It is because you have saved from not splurging on new clothes that much.

Look for cheaper flights.

Always check the website of some of your favorite airline companies for their promos!
Picture source: Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

Probably this is the most popular way of saving money for traveling. Find a cheaper flight. How do you do that? Most of the time, some airline companies would offer seat sales in order for you to catch the cheapest flight. If you are lucky enough, you get to book a flight to your dream destination at a very affordable cost.

Always opt for the cheapest ones.

As much as possible, always try to choose the cheapest ones. If you are traveling on a budget, the most important thing to consider first is the cost, right? For this matter, I highly recommend you choosing the most affordable ones. For instance, instead of staying in hotels, why not choose hostels or Airbnbs? Instead of eating out at a high-priced restaurant, why not choose small eateries yet still serve you with the best food. Instead of taking a cab or taxi, why not choose to commute?

As you know, there are so many options to travel cheaply. But of course, I do not force you to always opt for low costs options. If it doesn’t make you feel comfortable and happy, then you do not have to do it all the time. Not unless you want to save more? Why not sacrifice just for the meantime?

But I think this doesn’t apply to anyone. Anyway, this is my another budget-travel tip for you.

Go on a trip with your travel buddies!

When in Panay Island – Guimaras Island, Philippines

Apparently, going on a trip with your friends would certainly make your trip less costly. We can’t deny that this one of the easiest ways to avoid spending too much on travel. You can split the cost with your family or friends. In addition, it is more fun you travel with them. There is never a dull moment and they would help you plan your trip.

There is something good about traveling solo. But if you want to travel cheaply, then go with a companion.

Avoid buying unnecessary things.

If your top priority is to travel, then I believe this is one thing you must avoid doing. You want to travel cheap, don’t you? Then at least try not buying unnecessary things. This way, you would be able to save more for your future trips. If you want to have a new smartphone, but you think your old one is still good, why not still use it? Do you need a new camera? You can buy one but make sure you are going to get the best one! It is always way better to invest in your long-term goals. It is the same as buying other things. In that way, you do not need to buy things over and over again.

I assure you that would help you a lot to save money.

Do your research.

Photo source: Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Whenever you are traveling to a new place, knowing about the place – where to go, where to eat is such an important thing to do. You have to be familiar with the places that you are visiting. With that, you will know exactly what you are doing to do once you have reached your destination. Know more about the place – the spots you are visiting, the budget – how much you should take with you (so that you won’t get fooled by others), food to eat, and where to stay.

Do your part as a traveler. That would save time and money at the same time.

Travel at the right time.

Sometimes, it is always about timing. You don’t have to travel most of the time. In times like this when people keep showing off their lifestyles on different social platforms; remain unbothered. If you see them traveling a lot, you don’t really have to do that. There is no need to force yourself to travel right away. Timing is everything. Imagine you are traveling to different places yet you fail to do your responsibilities? Then that is going to be your problem. Instead of feeling bad about not traveling a lot, why not save more and then travel once you’re ready? This doesn’t bad, right?

I repeat. Timing is everything. Travel when you are ready.

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We can always learn from traveling. We tend to commit mistakes but can always learn from them. Moreover, we travel to gain knowledge, experience a new culture, and make new friendships. For so many years of my journey, I have learned so many things from traveling! From being an impulsive traveler to being a budget traveler. I actually didn’t start as being a wise traveler. In fact, I used to spend a lot and splurge on everything whenever I go to new places.

The good thing is, as time passes by, I get to learn a lot from my past travel experiences. As I gain new knowledge, I tend to become much wiser than before.

I hope this article helps you travel cheaply in the near future. You just always have to take note of these things: travel safely and responsibly.

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