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Antique Travel Guide: Malalison Island Day Tour

Malalison Island or Mararison Island is an island in Antique that is 20 minutes away from the town proper of Culasi. Culasi is a town proper in Antique is five hours away from Iloilo City. Little did people know there is a majestic island that lies in the Western Visayas region. So here’s to Antique travel guide if you are planning to visit Malalison Island.

About Malalison Island, Antique

Malalison is a small island that has a long white-sand bar and mountainous landscapes. According to our local guide, Malalison Island used to be 58 hectares. But due to soil erosion, it has become 48 hectares.

In addition, the animals living on the island are quite limited. They are mainly cows and chickens. However, pigs are not allowed. It is because they want to maintain the cleanliness of the island.

I headed straight to Culasi right after I landed on Iloilo City. It was true that I had to sit for 5 hours in the van before reaching my destination. It was such a long drive. But, I couldn’t explain how excited I was. I felt so excited to see the little-known paradise named Malalison Island.

Antique Travel Guide: Malalison Island Day Tour

I left Iloilo around 7 AM and arrived at Culasi, Antique around 12 PM. Then, I had to go to the Tourism Office to register and pay for the environmental fee.

The good thing was, the driver took me directly to the office so I didn’t have to look for it anymore. However, I was the only tourist because the others had already left. The officer told me that I still had to wait for the other passengers.

At first, I was kind of worried. It had been half a day since I traveled to Culasi. The fact that I only had three days to spend in Panay Island, I couldn’t reschedule my visit here. I had no choice but to wait for almost 30 minutes. Fortunately, there was another solo traveler who finally arrived at the office! His name was Francis. Since it was almost 1 PM we decided not to wait for another passenger anymore.

After the registration and dealing with the local guides, we headed straight to the port, took the (small boat), and sailed to Malalison island right away!

Our guides toured us first around the island by our boat. I was able to witness the different rock formations along the edge part of the island. It was simply beautiful.

After that, we finally reached the shore of the island. Its white-sand bar is extremely magnificent. The backdrop of the mountains from other the other islands, the blue skies, and the turquoise clear waters of the ocean make the island more magnificent.

Things to do on Malalison Island

Go Hiking

This is something that you shouldn’t miss out on doing while on the island. To get to see the true beauty of Malalison Island, you must reach the summit! There is a stunning view that awaits you on the top!

Go Swimming

You can go swimming anytime you want on the island. You will definitely enjoy the mountainous backdrop, clear waters of the ocean, and the white sand beach.

Eat Fresh Seafood

It is best to eat seafood when it is caught fresh from the sea! Experiencing the taste of the best kinds of seafood on the island is a must! You may ask the locals to cook them for you.

Communicate with the locals

The locals of Malalison Island are surely accommodating. It feels like home when you get to talk with them because they are so nice that you can even make yourself feel comfortable in a short period of time.

When we set on foot on the island, we registered our names first, then started to trek. Our tour told us that our trek will only last for 30 minutes only if we are already used to going hiking, but since I get used to it, we lasted for more than an hour.

The good thing was, we were able to stay longer at the summit! The view from above is stunning. Even the grassland on the mountain will surely take your breath away. The field looks chocolate brown that mixes with the lush grassland.

If you get to reach the summit, it has an amazing view that showcases the ocean. The mountain is truly worth to climb. The view from atop will definitely revitalize your mind as well as your physical body. The air is fresh and you wouldn’t mind getting your clothes messy after laying on the field.

How to get to Malalison Island?

From Ilo-ilo City

From Iloilo City, take a van or bus going to Culasi from the Molo Terminal.
Drop off at Culasi Tourism Office.
From the port, take a banca (small boat). This will take you to Malalison Island.

From Kalibo

From Kalibo, take a van going to Culasi and then drop off at Tourism Office. Then, take a banca (small boat) which will directly take you to the island.

Things to Remember

You must register at the Tourism Office before you can ride a banca. Registration Fee is Php 30.

Banca fee is around Php 750 which is already good for sharing. Good for 5 PAX. If you are traveling solo, it is possible to join other groups.

The moment you arrive at the island, you must register your information on their logbook.

The tour guide fee is around Php 200.

Most of the locals are offering an overnight stay, the accommodation rate is around Php 250. You may check out this accommodation here.

Malalison Island is not as touristic as other islands yet, but this is one of the best off-the-beaten destinations to visit when touring around Panay Island. It is advisable to stay overnight to experience more of the beauty of the island!

Is Malalison Island part of your bucket list? I hope this Antique travel guide helps.

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