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Heads up! This is not a travel-related blog. This post has something to do with my feelings toward one of my favorite boy bands. That is B.A.P. Recently, they have announced the group’s disbandment after being together with their fans (including me) for 7 years. These days, I’m getting feeling a bit emotional about what happened to them so I decided to write this article.


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B.A.P – Best Absolute Perfect is a South Korean boy band that consists of six members. B.A.P is one of the groups that debuted in 2012. This group is under TS Entertainment. They had released their first music video “Warrior” and debuted on January 26, 2012. B.A.P has six members: Bang Yongguk (the leader, the rapper), Kim Himchan (the visual, the rapper), Jung Daehyun (the main vocalist), Yoo Youngjae (the lead vocalist), Moon Jongup (the main dancer), and Choi Junhong (the maknae – the youngest member, the rapper).

Before I focused on traveling and became a travel blogger, I used to be a super fanatic of K-POP. I started stanning Korean boy groups in 2009. Then, when the year 2012 came, I got to know about B.A.P from their music video WARRIOR. For an instant, I got hooked by their charms and uniqueness. I thought for a second, “They do have a unique and powerful concept. WOW!” Since then, I became their fan after watching their MV. With that, I started getting to know more about them by watching all their music videos, TV shows, live performances, and even buying a bunch of albums and concert tickets.

I knew from the start that B.A.P is not the typical group that you can normally see or watch on TV or the Internet. B.A.P is uniquely different from other groups. They had such a good start as a group and were able to manage to make lots of comebacks in just a span of nine months. Looking back, they became really popular not just in Korea, but all over the world. Unfortunately, they went on hiatus for almost two years due to a lawsuit against their agency.

B.A.P disbandment

On February 18, 2019 (my birthday – what a gift), B.A.P has officially announced that they finally leaving TS Entertainment. For somehow, it made me feel so emotional that one of my ultimate groups has come to an end as one. But of course, B.A.P has been through a lot with TS Entertainment (because their agency really sucks), so I felt relieved.

B.A.P members have to go on separate ways but it doesn’t mean that they have ended their friendship. They still remain as B.A.P as they promised and Bang Yongguk claims that he never left the members as he still acts as the leader of the group and continues to look after them despite doing solo activities and working with other agencies now. This is one of the reasons why I always love B.A.P! They also have each other’s back and never leave each other behind.

My Open Letter to B.A.P

7 years. 7 years have passed, but I still can remember it clearly the first I saw you. I saw you in a music video showing off your powerful moves and charisma. You suddenly caught my attention despite being confused due to the fact that you were six boys who were all in blonde hair. I could still remember it clearly, I used to wait for your new release of music videos, live performances on Youtube, and some updates about your whereabouts. As I got to know you better, my love for you had gotten deeper. I was crazy about you, but I was happy.

You became an inspiration to me.

You became my happy pill every single day.

I have seen you from the bottom until you grew and became more popular. You didn’t know, but I was cheering on you and swelling up with pride! That made me even happier! Every time you would release an album, I’d always buy it in order to support you. Even if I couldn’t go to catch you live on stage, I was here. I was here loving you and supporting you from afar. This was the best day of my life! You came to life without any expectation and you have become a big part of my life.

But loving you was not easy. You had to go through a lot and so as for me; as your fangirl. You had to go on hiatus for a year and nine months and I knew it was one of the most difficult decisions. Some fans did turn their back on you but never did I. I always believed in you and waited for your return. The time had come and you came back as a whole group. My broken heart was fixed! I felt really grateful to have you back as B.A.P once again. You were still as charming and powerful as ever. My love for you had even never changed at all.

My Thoughts on B.A.P disbandment

Even if we fought many times, you still had to go through a lot of difficulties. Time has come and you have already gone on separate ways. It is really sad, but I know it is best for you. I am sorry for not protecting you enough.

Please forgive me if you had to go through a lot because of us. I might not know you personally, but you guys are all beautiful inside out. I love you, B.A.P! Now that you have chosen to have a career individually, I will still support you like the way I did before! My love for you will never ever change. I might be far away from you, but I am always here to support you.

Thank you because even though life has never been easy for you, you never gave up. You still chose to inspire us through music. Thank you so much, B.A.P! Thank you for everything. B.A.P might not be a group anymore, but the six of you will forever be the B.A.P group who debuted in 2012. For the past seven years, there were good and sad moments which made us even stronger than ever. Now that you are taking on your new journey, please always be happy.

Always do what you love, love what you do. Thank you so much for the bittersweet memories, B.A.P! Through your happiest and saddest moments, I will always hold on to you. Forever. Forever with you! I love you so much! You will always be the BEST ABSOLUTE PERFECT!

What has B.A.P taught me?

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In the last 7 years, as a fan of B.A.P, I have learned a lot of things from them. The first time I learned traveling solo was when I decided to watch the B.A.P concert in Thailand! I didn’t really expect that I would do that for the love of them. It was definitely worth it, though!

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I became an independent person. Another thing I learned from B.A.P was on how to become patient. I learned how to wait. No matter how difficult it was to see them, I never gave up on my dream of seeing them up close! I realized that I just had to wait for the right time.

Lastly, I learned how to pursue my passion. As I mentioned above, these guys have become my life inspiration. I witnessed how they had a hard time pursuing their dreams, but they never gave up no matter how difficult it was.

Why Stan B.A.P forever?

B.A.P has already disbanded, but they are active with their solo comeback and activities. I listed six reasons why you must B.A.P forever!

They are passionate about music.

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If you are a new fan and haven’t listened to their songs yet, I am telling you, you are missing half of your life. B.A.P music is not just about romance, but it showcases different genres and styles of music. Whether it is about romance, politics, friendships, or dreams, you will surely adore every music that they create!

They care for their fans a lot.

In spite of having so much struggle with their career as idols, they would always think of us first. They love their babyz (our fandom name) so much. They always make sure to make us proud and inspire us every single day.

B.A.P is like no other.

B.A.P is B.A.P. It is actually hard to explain, but they do really have a unique concept and what I love about them is they always do everything with passion. They are life goals. Indeed!

Their friendship is surreal.

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Through good times and bad times, they have always had each other’s back. From a lawsuit to promoting each other’s solo comeback, they always support each other. Surely, they are not just a group but a family.

They have got the best vocals!

Among these six members, who would have thought that all of them possess a great voice? From being a rapper to the main dancer, a vocalist, everyone has a strong voice which might make you go bananas.

They will never disappoint you.

They will always give you the feels of being the proudest fan ever. B.A.P creates such great music that will certainly inspire you for life.

B.A.P is life!

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