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Balituk: A Haven Place to Stay in Baler Aurora

Heading to Aurora soon? This place could be your option to stay at when in Baler!!! Balituk Resort is a beachfront accommodation in Baler that you will definitely fall in love with!

About Balituk Baler

According to the owner, Balituk comes from an Ilocano word which means “GOLD” in English.

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This is the entrance sign of Balituk resort

There are a lot of coconut trees that surround the resort and the sea is right in front of it. I admire how the place shows simplicity which makes the ambiance looks more restful. In fact, the entire place is adorable! It looks so calm and relaxing.

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The Beach Front View

Everything in the resort is all set! There is no need to stay at a luxurious resort or hotel to experience the perfect getaway that you wish for. Balituk Resort has everything that you need for good and comfort staycation!

What you need to know about Balituk Baler


As you arrive at the resort, three teepee huts are already recognizable outside. The teepee hut looks so cute and inviting at the same time. It is good for 1-2 people but can accommodate up to 4 people.

It is not as spacious as ordinary rooms, but the room is huge enough. The interior is simple, nothing much special about it. There are a fan and mattress beds inside the hut.

My friends and I decided to stay in a teepee hut. Actually, when I heard that the teepee hut is a un-air-conditioned room, I didn’t know what to feel. I thought at first that it wouldn’t be a good idea to sleep here. But, I was wrong! I had the best sleep here and it was very comfortable inside. It wasn’t hot at all even in the afternoon!! As a matter of fact, we didn’t have to use the fan anymore at night since it was already cold!

The setting of the teepee hut is indeed a great idea! You get to experience the sound waves of the ocean, the rays of the sun, and the smell of the ocean breeze. It will certainly put you into a meditative state. As a matter of fact, it is so relaxing that you just want to lay in bed all day.

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Yet, you have to go out for the restroom. Anyway, the restroom isn’t that far from the teepee hut.

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So far, there are four air-conditioned rooms available in the resort. The rooms come in different colors.

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They come in yellow, purple, red, and green. They look colorful which is pleasing to the eyes! What’s so interesting about these rooms is, they look like shipping containers.

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You can find these colorful rooms on the upper part floor of the container building. Its concept looks like a wonderful idea! The rooms are well-maintained and clean. They look plain yet well-furnished. Besides, each room has its own restroom!


It is on the first floor of the teeny container building. You can watch television, relax, and chitchat together with your family or friends. Additionally, it provides a wooden table, wooden chairs, and some colorful pillows.

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If you don’t feel like going swimming or sleeping, this is the best place to make yourself comfortable. Also, it is the best place to kill time if you have nothing else to do.


This is one of the things I liked about Balituk Resort; they have provided a kitchen. You can save money and time by making your own food in their kitchen! You don’t need to eat out anymore. More to that, all the cooking tools and equipment that you need are all set!


There are two nipa huts that could serve as a dining area and a place for socialization. In fact, the setting is such a great idea! Imagine yourself having meals with a fantastic ocean view? How amazing!


The pool area is right beside the lounge area. If you don’t feel like swimming in seawater or going surfing, swimming would be the best thing to do for relaxation.

If you want to get away from the crowd, this is where you can find peace and make yourself calm.

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You will surely find peace at the beach.

There aren’t many people on the beach. Sometimes you will find yourself spending time alone hitting the sand!

In terms of accessibility, it is kind of difficult to reach the resort. The road still seems to be under construction. The place is not familiar yet with most of the tricycle drivers so you better them to take you to North Shore. Then, you can find Balituk right before that resort.

If you plan to go surfing, you can tell it to the staff and they will look an instructor for you. Do not hesitate to talk to the staff because they are nice and accommodating.

Since the resort is still new, you might find the rooms aren’t enough to accommodate a bunch of people. The staff told me that they are planning to add more rooms in the future especially the teepee huts.


I really enjoyed staying at Balituk resort! I was able to disconnect from social media. The best thing was, I got the opportunity to reconnect with myself and nature at the same time. Certainly, I find this place stress-free. It will let your worries away and make you forget your problems. Therefore, it can help you find absolute solace which you truly deserve once in a lifetime.

If I come back to Baler again, I would never have a second thought of staying at Balituk again! It is worth to visit!

Air-Conditioned Rooms(w/ complimentary breakfast, towel use, own CR)

Yellow Room (4-6 PAX) – Php 4,300.00/day

Violet Room (2-3 PAX) – Php 2,300.00/day

Red Room (2-3 PAX)- Php 2,300.00/day

Green Room (3-4 PAX) – Php 3,300.00/day

Fan Rooms

Teepee Huts (1-2 PAX) – Php 1,200.00 /day

Additional Php 400.00 extra person (max of 4 PAX per hut)

House Rules

  1. They allow early check-in if the room is vacant upon your arrival.
  2. Strictly no pets allowed in the AC rooms.
  3. Guests have to take home whatever plastic litter (bottles, spoon & forks, diapers, etc) they use during their stay as we have difficulty disposing of said items.
  4. Abide by their rules regarding kitchen use and smoking inside the resort.


1:00 PM


12 noon

How to get to Balituk Baler?

From Cubao, take the Genesis bus bound for Baler.
Then, then from the bus station, ride a tricycle. Tell the driver to take you to North Shore. Balituk Resort is right before North Shore.


Brgy. Buhangin, 3200 Baler, Aurora



Balituk Baler



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