Bulg-eun gogii Korean Restaurant, Imus Cavite

Have you heard of Bulg-eun gogii Korean Restaurant? Heads up! Especially for those who are living in the South. This is a new Korean restaurant again located in the city of Imus in Cavite. It is a new place where you can please your Korean cravings at a very affordable price. So, I would like to recommend this place to you!

About Bulg-eun gogii Korean Restaurant

Bulg-eun gogii Korean Restaurant is a Korean restaurant that serves different varieties of Korean food. There are lots of foods to choose from the menu. But, they mainly serve the infamous Korean samgyupsal.

The good thing about it is they serve unlimited samgyupsal. For instance, they serve unlimited pork, beef, and side dishes! Moreover, they also have cheese fondue. You can have it to dip your meat which makes your appetite bigger!

The Place

As you reach the place, it is noticeably small which has an upper floor. On the first floor, there are four sets of tables and chairs. Additionally, there is also a long dining table for side dishes, other food, and drinks.

The Food

The staff serves it to you the meat and cheese directly to your table. Also, there are extra sets of dining tables and chairs on the upper floor of the restaurant.

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What I like about their meat is it is also as thin as the other meat I have tasted from other restaurants. It is easy to cook and easy to cut as well. Furthermore, it tastes great when you dip it in ssamjang and cheese!

As a matter of fact, the meat perfectly tastes good with cheese! I guarantee you that you will get addicted to it! But, you have to take note that there is an extra Php 50 to get the cheese fondue! Doesn’t sound bad, does it?

In terms of their side dishes, they have lots of varieties on the long table and you can have them unlimited as well! They all taste good and appetizing.

Yet, I want them to improve the taste quality of their kimbap. It is a little big and soft, and their tteukbokki a bit difficult to bite due to its inflexibility. 

The staff is very accommodating and attentive. In fact, they will approach and ask you if there is anything you need or want. The entire area is well-ventilated.

Also, there is a TV that plays different Korean-pop music videos. You can enjoy watching while having the taste of Korean food! Most of their foods are delicious. Actually, the food that they serve is very much affordable. These are some of the reasons why you must try dining at this restaurant.

What’s on the menu?

Side Dishes
Cheese (just add Php 50)

Side dishes

Oi Muchim
Gamja Gorim
Beef Bulgogi
Egg roll
Dakgang jeon

Other Foods to try

Double Bianco


248 General Yenco St. Bayan Luma 3, Imus, Cavite (Beside RTO Carwash, Near Alfamart and Treelane 2)

Opening Hours

11AM – 11PM



Facebook: Beulg-eun gogii Imus Branch

Mobile: 09751369931

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