Busan PH: The First Korean Food Train in Cavite

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We can’t deny the fact that most of us, Filipinos are so into Korean pop culture. From music to fashion and to food. Even if you are not a fan of K-pop groups, music, or fond of watching Korean dramas, I know for sure that there is still a part of you that makes you crazy about Korean cuisine. A lot of Korean restaurants and some pop-up stores have been established over the years. Up until now, most business owners choose to open up a business that is related to Korean pop. The main obvious reason is that most of us would definitely enjoy and love it.

korean train food cavite

But if you are tired of going to a Korean restaurant or having samgyupsal, you might like dining in at this new pop-up Korean store called Busan PH. This newest popular pub is located in Silang, Cavite.

About Busan PH

busan ph train food

Busan PH is the newest Korean outdoor restaurant that mainly serves Korean street food in Silang, Cavite. Its concept was obviously inspired by the well-known Korean movie, Train to Busan.

When you get to the place itself, you would see its pop-up store that is designed like a train. It looks so fancy and instagrammable. You can take a lot of pictures from there! Inside the train, you would see the staff cooking some Korean dishes that they serve to the customers.

The Food

Busan PH mainly serves Korean street food, rice meals, ramen, and samgyupsal. Their food is very affordable!

Food to try

Korean Street Food

busan ph fish cake
fish cake
affordable korean street food
cheesy tteukkboki silang cavite
fish cake silang cavite
korean street food silang
busan ph silang cavite

Ttteokbooki Fishcake with Cheese
Php 60

Php 70

Odeng Tang
Php 50 (3 pcs)

Veggie Gimbap
Php 50 (6pcs)

Cheese Gimbap
Php 60 (6 pcs)

Fried Mandu
Php 50 (3 pcs)

Php 70 (3pcs)

Rice Meals

cheap korean street food silang

Php 120

Pork Bulgogi
Php 140

Beef Bulgogi
Php 160

Kimchi Fried Rice
Php 120


Php 100

Php 120

Php 170


busan ph korean samgyupsal

Php 150

Php 160

Php 180

Php 200

Personally, their food tastes good but there isn’t really anything so special about it. But among the foods they serve, I love their fishcake and bibimbap the most! You guys must try those. The fact that it is so cheap, it also tastes really awesome. It’s definitely worth the price.

The Place

korean train street food

The location of the store is actually not so spacious for a huge group of people. According to the owner, it can only accommodate 35 people in total.

Things to Expect

If you are bringing a car, expect that there is no parking space in the vicinity. You need to find a parking space for your car.

The place is not as spacious as you think. So be mindful of the crowd, you must always wear your mask and face shield.

  • The food is good, but not so great. You would still enjoy it.

It feels so relaxing at night. You can get to chill, eat your favorite Korean food, and listen to your favorite K-pop song!


76 M.H. Del Pilar, Silang, Cavite (Silang Bayan)

Opening hours

2 PM-9 PM

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