Facts about Arthdal Chronicles: Is it worth watching?

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Surely, Arthdal Chronicles is one of the most talk-of-the-town K-dramas by Korean drama fans out there! I believe many of the fans or the viewers would say that Arthdal Chronicles is one of the best Korean dramas this year 2019. If you haven’t seen this drama yet, then you are missing half of your life! So here are the top 5 facts about Arthdal Chronicles that could make you watch it!

Facts about Arthdal Chronicles

This is one of the most-awaited dramas in 2019.

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The fact the Song Joong Ki is one of the main casts of this drama; it actually is his first-ever comeback after his legendary drama “Descendants of the Sun” which was shown three years ago. During Arthdal Chronicles’ press conference, Song Joong Ki even mentioned that his character in his drama is one of the most challenging roles that he has played so far.

What’s the most exciting part of the drama? Song Joong Ki’s leading lady will be Kim Ji Won whom he had worked with from Descendants of the Sun.

Arthdal Chronicles is one of the most expensive dramas that has made this year!

According to Studio Dragon, Arthdal Chronicles is one of the most expensive dramas that they have produced. Along with some Korean dramas “Mr. Sunshine”, “Memories of the Alhambra”, etc.

In fact, the production cost of the drama is more than 40 billion KRW! It is approximately 35,250,00 USD! In addition, they have even filmed in Brunei for a week for this drama. They also have created their own filming set in order to produce this drama. It makes the drama more appealing and realistic as to what the directors want it to be.

Arthdal Chronicles has 3 series.

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Arthdal Chronicles is shown on Netflix which consists of 3 series. Part 1 is “The Children of the Prophecy”(Episodes 1-6). It airs from June 1 to June 16. Then, it was followed by the second series. Entitled as the “Sky Turned Inside Out, Rising Land”(episodes 7-12), it airs from June 22 to July 7.

Unfortunately, fans still have to wait for a month to watch the last part of the drama. Part 3, entitled “Arth, the Prelude to All the Legends” (episodes 13-18). It will air from September 7 to September 22.

It took 7 years for the writers to present Arthdal Chronicles to the public.

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Written by Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon, the two award-winning screenwriters. The two have mentioned in the press conference that it took 7 years for them to present the story of Arthdal Chronicles. While they were writing for this drama, they had always thought about how the people were like during ancient times. So they had thought about making a drama that sets ancient times.

Arthdal Chronicles is the first ancient historical drama in the Korean entertainment industry. The drama is directed by Kim Wons Seok.

A Philippine Regional Langauge used in the drama.

Spoken as the language tribe in the drama, Tausug is one of the regional languages in part of Mindanao. As a matter of fact, it is the language the locals use and speak at the Sulu Archipelago, Zamboanga Peninsula, and Southern Palawan in the Philippines.

Actually, one of the Filipino actors is part of the drama, Nash Ang. He confirmed that it was really Tausug that was used as the language.

About Arthdal Chronicles

Set in the fictional land of Arthdal during ancient times. Eun Som was born with fate to bring disaster to Arthdal. Due to his mother’s struggles to save him, he goes through hardships and grows up. He appears again in Arthdal.

Ta Gon is a war hero of Arthdal. He has paved the way for Arthdal to become a prosperous city nation and he is the most powerful person in Arthdal. He dreams of becoming the first king of Arthdal. Tan Ya was born with the same fate as Eun Som. She is the successor of the Wahan Tribe. Going through hardships, she realized her mission. She lives under the highest honor and her ambition is to become a politician.

(Source: AsianWiki)

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Arthdal Chronicles has a good plot and a unique storyline. Personally, I highly recommend this drama for Korean drama fans out there! It is naturally a good drama!!! From those extras to second lead casts, and to the main casts – this drama is definitely worth to be praised!

Have you watched Arthdal Chronicles?

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