Go Kizip Restaurant: Unlimited Meat and Korean Hotpot

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For the nth time around, here is to another Korean restaurant that I came across in Malate, Manila! Go Kizip Restaurant is one of the biggest Korean restaurants in Metro Manila! A Korean restaurant that offers meat-all-you-can and authentic Korean hotpot, plus seafood!

If you haven’t tried a Korean hotpot yet, then you should head over to Go Kizip Restaurant! It is something that you need to try now!

About Go Kizip Restaurant

Go Kizip Restaurant is one of the first Korean restaurants established in Malate, Manila. It has been running for years now. This Korean restaurant was built before the Hallyu Wave started to become very popular in the Philippines!

This restaurant offers unlimited pork and beef, side dishes, and Korean hotpot! Moreover, they also have KTV rooms upstairs located on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

As I mentioned earlier, this is far by the biggest restaurants I have visited. It has three floors. Each floor is spacious enough. The first floor is for the dining area. It is where diners get to have their Korean buffet. Meanwhile, the second floor is for KTV rooms. Actually, the third floor is also for KTV rooms but it is still under construction.

The owner of the restaurant is Korean so expect the authenticity of the ingredients that they use. In addition, the owner trains his staff on how to cook everything in a Korean style.

Things to expect from Go Kizip Restaurant

The Dining Area

The dining area is located on the first floor. It has lots of tables and chairs. The place is cool and big. Go Kizip Restaurant is a kind of buffet-style restaurant. You can have your side dishes, desserts, and other foods located on one side. The only thing that they serve is the meat and the soup for hotpot.

There a lot of different kinds of Korean food to choose from. It is definitely a feast when you eat at Go Kizip! To be honest, when I saw their food selection, I didn’t really know which one I should pick first because there was a lot.

The thing is, I am just kind of bothered by the floor. It is kind of slimy. That would cause an accident in the future. I think they have to be more aware of it.

The Food Selection

As I said, there are so many foods to choose from. From the side dishes to juices and drinks, to veggies, to fruits, and to desserts! Everything looks appetizing and satisfying!

I just didn’t like their pork that much. It was too thick which took a little longer to cook it. The beef was tasty, though. I love the ssamjang. It tastes really good! The taste goes well with meat. Moreover, the best part is its Korean hotpot! This is what my friend and I enjoyed the most!

Unlimited Grill Pork and Beef

Unlimited Drinks and Desserts

Shabu Shabu Seafoods

Side Dishes – There are 17 different types:

Bulgogi, Jahyuk Bokkum, Tangsuyuk, Kimchijeon, Bulchijeon, Kimchi, Egg Roll , Kimi-Mari, Fried Dumplings, Fried Zucchini, Mat-tang, Bokkeumbbap, Japchae, Spaghetti, Kimbap, Deunjang-guk, Korean Halo-halo

The KTV Room

Who doesn’t love to sing? Filipinos definitely do! Go Kizip Restaurant offers one of the best KTV rooms! Its KTV room is perfect for big families or groups. What’s more interesting is each room has its own theme. There are some Hello Kitty, SpongeBob, Mickey Mouse, and Marvel-themed rooms. They all look adorable! The biggest one is the Hello Kitty themed room. You may find every corner of the room instagrammable! In fact, my friend and I enjoyed taking pictures inside the KTV room!

In addition, each KTV room is open for gatherings, birthday parties, and other special occasions. This could be your next favorite event destination!

The Cost

Go Kizip Restaurant good quality food. But their food is kind of pricey. I think it is reasonable enough since they have big food servings. Although I just didn’t like some of the taste of the side dishes.


Unlimited Pork

Php 399

Unlimited Beef + Pork

Php 499


Unlimited Beef + Pork + Shabu Shabu (Lunch) 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Php 599

Unlimited Beef + Pork + Shabu Shabu (Dinner) 5:00 PM – 10:00 AM

Php 699

NOTE: Shabu Shabu is only available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Prices for KTV rooms:

The Staff

The staff are approachable. They are well-mannered at the same time. There were just some times that they couldn’t assist us right away due to the huge numbers of diners dining in at the restaurant.

If there’s one thing about Go Kizip Restaurant, this place is definitely good for big groups. In addition, it is also open for 24 hours. Expect the place to be crowded during peak hours. It is during lunchtime and dinner time.

What to expect from Go Kizip Restaurant

Home Delivery
Restroom available
Free Parking
Indoor Seating
Table booking recommended
KTV rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor


1776 Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila

Opening Hours

24 hours


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