A 48-hour guide to Bohol Island, Philippines (Itinerary & Expenses)

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Located in the Central Visayas region, this province is one of the top destinations. As a matter of fact, Bohol Island is one of the places that a traveler shouldn’t miss out on visiting when in the Philippines!

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Bohol’s river

It is true that Bohol Island is one of the most wanted visited destinations in the Philippines. There are more than enough reasons to make this place part of your bucket list! Its pristine beaches and hospitable locals. More to that, its vast array of scenic views and untouched beauty of nature. Actually, Bohol was my last stop after conquering the Central Visayas region and I decided to stay here for two days! Finally! I have set my foot on one of my dream Philippine destinations! Yet, 2 days wasn’t enough to see the entire beauty of the island of Bohol.

During the days of my stay, I chose to visit most of the popular tourist destinations. It is because it’s my first time visiting the island. So if you are visiting Bohol Island for the first time, you may also follow this sample itinerary.

Tours in Bohol Island

Countryside Tour 

If you are a first-time traveler and you plan on seeing the most popular tourist spots in Bohol. This is the most popular package tour among tourists. Why? It is where you can witness the world-famous Chocolate Hills! This tour is mainly offered as a package tour due to the fact that each place is far from the other. Getting a package tour is highly suggested!

Places to visit around the island

Chocolate Hills

The most famous attraction in Bohol. One of the reasons many travelers have been dreaming of visiting the island. This is the pride of Bohol, by the way. The Chocolate Hills are a geological formation. It is the third National Geological Monument in the country. The hills come in green, but they turn brown when it rains.

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A must-visit in Bohol Island, Philippines

Of course, in my part, this is one of the reasons why I have wanted to visit the island of Bohol. I first heard about these hills when I was an elementary school student. Ever since that day, I had told myself that I would visit this place one day. At last, I made it! I’ve finally taken a picture of myself with Chocolate Hills out of the textbook.

Entrance Fee: Php 50

Shiphaus Museum

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Inside one of the rooms of Shiphaus Museum

This place is not included in the package tour but I already included this in the list. I saw this establishment when I was passing by the road going to Tarsier Conservation Center. It looks very interesting. From the name itself, Shiphaus is an accommodation that looks like a ship.

Entrance Fee: Php 50

Tarsier Conservation Center

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My next stop after Chocolate Hills and Shiphaus. Before entering the conservation center, you need to pay the entrance fee which costs Php 60. As you enter, you’ll view the big signboard “I LOVE BOHOL” or “I HEART BOHOL”  where you can take pictures of it. Then, you can enter the conservation center on the left side.

By the way, you need to take note of the following rules such as “NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY” and “OBSERVE SILENCE.” Most of the tarsiers are sleeping during the daytime. In fact, they are nocturnal animals. These primate animals tend to be very sensitive. Also, when they get stressed, they tend to commit suicide. Tarsier is the smallest mammal in the world. You can only find this animal in Bohol and some other parts of Mindanao.

Entrance Fee: Php 60

Bilar Man-made Forest

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The Manmade Forest – one of my most favorite places in Bohol

You can easily locate the Man-made forest if you are going to Loboc from Carmen or vice versa. It is because it is on the border of the two towns. This is one of the famous tourist destinations included in the countryside tour. As you pass along this route, you will feel the serenity of this place and how meditative the place is! Apparently, the road is full of Mahogany trees which will make you feel that you are in the forest.

TAKE NOTE: Beware of the vehicles passing by the road while taking pictures.

Baclayon Church

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La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church

Also known as (La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church). This is one of the oldest Roman Catholic churches in the Philippines. I must say that this is indeed one of the most amazing churches I’ve seen in every province I visited. The church has recently renovated after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake. It happened around Central Visayas in 2013.

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Inside the church

Church’ museum’s entrance fee: PHP 50

Souvenir Shop

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The souvenir shop

You can find a lot of souvenir shops outside the Sandugo Site. Souvenir shops are just everywhere; you can easily locate them along the road.

Other Places to Visit

Loboc River Cruise

Sandugo Site

Butterfly Garden

Hanging Bridge

Python Sanctuary

Balicasag Island

I didn’t get to visit other sites during my countryside tour since I wanted to stay in one place for a long time. But I’ll be coming back to Bohol soon together with my friends and will surely pay a visit to other places too!!

Panglao Tour

This is another tour that you must do when getting around Bohol. Panglao is quite different from the Countryside Tour. It is where you can visit the famous white sand beach known as Alona Beach. Besides that, there are other interesting places to visit around Panglao. Here are some of the common places to visit around Panglao Island.

Hinagdanan Cave

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Inside the Hinagdanan cave

This is my first time visiting a cave. I must say, Hinagdanan Cave is truly enchanting!! To be honest, I was hesitant to enter because I thought it was a creepy thing to do. But hell no! Upon entering the cave, I got utterly mesmerized by how majestic it looked! The crystal clear water of the lagoon and lots of large stalactites and stalagmites made me appreciate the beauty of the cave more!!!

Entrance Fee: PHP 50

Entrance Fee with swimming: PHP 75

Take Note: Be sure to get here by 8 AM to avoid the crowd. Fortunately, I was able to experience the wonder of the cave alone since I arrived early!!! What a majestic sight to hold indeed!

Dumaluan Beach

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Dumaluan Beach Resort

Have you ever heard of Dumaluan Beach Resort? You can get right to this place before Alona Beach. Alona Beach is the infamous and most-visited beach on the island of Panglao. The place won’t disappoint you at all. You will surely love how peaceful the place is! The beach has a long white-sand beach. It is totally clean, perfect for beach bumming, and barefoot walking!

More to that, it is not crowded at all, the atmosphere is so calm and everything is pure! You’ll love staring at the turquoise water of the ocean and laying in the fine white sand. Also, the pure silence of the surrounding nature!

Entrance Fee: PHP 50

Bohol Bee Farm

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This is one of the best ice creams I tasted ever!

This is also a must-visit in Panglao where you can taste the most delicious ice cream ever! It is indeed true that they serve the BEST ORGANIC ICE CREAM ever. Bohol Bee Farm is actually famous for its homegrown organic products such as honey. The place looks so great, they also have a restaurant that serves organic food. But, I didn’t get to try them since it was a bit pricey! I want to try it once I visit again together with my friends. They provide the best view of the ocean which makes the ambiance so relaxing! I really enjoyed staying at their viewing deck.

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No Entrance Fee

Panglao Church

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The exterior design of the church is extremely amazing. But, I didn’t get a chance to enter the church because it wasn’t open during my visit.

Watch Tower 

ALT="panglao bohol bell tower church"
The bell tower

This beautiful tall tower is right next to Panglao Church. The watchtower is also made of stone like the church. If you take a look at it closely, you will notice its hexagonal shape.

Other Places to Visit

Dauis Church

Miracle Well

Sea Shell Museum

Alona Beach

Bohol is a small island province in Western Visayas. But, it doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate the beauty of this island. There are so many things to do and see on this beautiful island. The places I visited are just a part of it. With its impressive array of picturesque views and unique attractions, you will surely include Bohol in your top favorite go-to destination!

How to get to Bohol Island?

From Manila

Bohol-Panglao International Airport or also know as the New Bohol International Airport is the new airport that domestic and international flights. This Bohol-Panglao International Airport is on Panglao Island. From Manila, book a flight to Panglao Island. Cebu Pacific Air, Philippine Airlines (PAL), and AirAsia Zest operate multiple flights from Manila to
Panglao. Taking a plane is the easiest way to get to the island. It only takes 1 hour and 15 minutes.

From Cebu

Bohol is just 2 hours away from Cebu via ferry. You may take the fast ferry from Cebu City to Tagbilaran via SuperCat and Ocean Jet. These two ferry companies operate daily.

Bohol Delicacies

Don’t forget to try some of the island’s own delicacies! You can buy them from many stores around the island. It’s either to try them or purchase them as a gift (pasalubong) for your loved ones!

Peanut Kisses
Ube Kinampay Polvoron

Where to stay in Bohol?

I listed down some of the cheap places to stay when traveling around Bohol Island. You may check them out on Agoda and Booking.com, and get some discounts upon booking. Please note that prices are subject to change.


Island World Panglao
Location: Purok 7, Tawala
Rate: Php 1300 ++

La Sirenita
Location: Alona Beach Road, 6340
Rate: Php 2200 ++

Alona Vida Beach Resort
Location: Alona Beach, Barangay Danao
Rate: Php 3400 ++

Quest Villa
Location: Tawala, 6340
Rate: Php 2700 ++

Christelle Inn
Location: Purok V, Tawala
Rate: Php 1300 ++


Casa Amihan
Location: Sitio Lourdes, Barangay Virgen
Rate: Php 3800 ++

Anda-Divers-Enjoy Garden Resort
Location :Anda Provincial Road 1022, 6311
Rate: Php 1100 ++

Cabagnow Seaside Resort
Location: Fatima Bacong, Bohol, 6311
Rate: Php 1500 ++


EL Gianni’s Hostel
Location: Brgy. Anas, Valencia Bohol
Rate: Php 670 ++

Paseo Del Mar Dive Resort
Location: Brgy. Pangdan
Rate: Php 750 ++

Blue Star Dive and Resort
Location: Ipo, Brgy. Candabong
Rate: Php 2300 ++

Marjhun’s Apartelle
Location: Cantagay Jagna, 6308 Canupao
Rate: Php 1500 ++

KJ Danish Inn
Location: West Ulbuhan, Bohol, 6307 Garcia Hernandez
Rate: Php 1800 ++


La Panoromica Inn
Location: Venancio P. Inting Avenue
Rate: Php 725 ++

Casa Reyfrancis
Location: Venancio P. Inting Avenue
Rate: Php 750 ++

Aliria Bed and Breakfast
Location: 0260 F. Torralba St., Sacred heart village, Z Bustrillos St, Dakabayan sa Tagbilaran
Rate: Php 1057 ++

Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel
Location: VP Inting Avenue, Bool District
Rate: Php 2100 ++

Metrocentre Hotel
Location: C. P. Garcia North Ave
Rate: Php 1500 ++

Note that the prices mentioned in the article are subject to change.

Recommended Tour Guides

For Countryside tour

Rent a tricycle, good for 4 pax (Php 1500). You may contact this number 09460320279 (Smart).

For Panglao Tour

Habal habal ride, good for 2 pax (Php 500) You may contact Kuya Dany- 09486652538.

If you plan to stay in Bohol for 2 days only, this sample itinerary might work for you.

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