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Have you ever tried any Vietnamese food in the Philippines? If yes, that’s cool! If not, that’s okay. If you haven’t tried any Vietnamese food yet, maybe you should start considering it too! Fact that Vietnamese food is known to be good for the body, it is also as delightful as other typical foreign cuisines!

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Inside Hidden Vietnam Restaurant in Trece Martires, Cavite

Apparently, it is difficult for most of us to travel just anywhere we want to due to the pandemic. Most especially for those travelers who love going abroad. Not to mention the fact that I am one of those people. It’s sad that we can’t go out of the country, experience other countries’ cultures, and their food!

One good fact about our country is that there are a lot of different restaurants that serve some delightful cuisines from Asia, America, and Western countries. Personally, I am more familiar with most Asian cuisines (such as Korean and Japanese), American, and Western cuisines. However, there is this one Asian cuisine that I haven’t tried yet – Vietnamese cuisine. I have never been to Vietnam so I wonder how their food tastes like! So when I heard about this new Vietnamese restaurant in Cavite, I never had a second thought about visiting it!

About Hidden Vietnam

hidden vietnam food cavite

Hidden Vietnam is a restaurant that serves different types of authentic Vietnamese food. According to the owner, it all started from an online food delivery service wherein they began delivering and serving Vietnamese spring rolls. Their business started during the pandemic. He told me that they were fortunate enough because most customers fell in love with their food so eventually their small business grew.

From an online food delivery service to a small restaurant wherein they only started operating their business inside their house – until they had their very first owned branch in Trece Martirez, Cavite. The owners have come up with the word “Hidden Vietnam” for their business because he told us that even though their location was too far from the crowd or hidden (tago), still a lot of people would visit them just to buy their food!

Why Visit Hidden Vietnam

They serve authentic Vietnamese food.

affordable vietnamese food cavite

One of the best things about their food is it is really authentic because everything that they use for their products or food originally comes from Vietnam. The owner told us that they import the ingredients they use to serve their products and services.

My personal favorite is their aunthentic Vietnamese coffee! It is so tasty that I can’t even forget about it. I would really love to try it again!

You will feel the Vietnam vibe.

vietnam vibe affordable food

Even though they got a small space for their customers, you would still feel the vibe of Vietnam inside! The interior is simple yet so attractive. You can see a lot of picture frames being displayed on the wall which are related to Vietnam. In addition to that, you can also get to experience wearing a traditional Vietnamese hat.

Their food is budget-friendly.

bahn mi vietnam food
Vietnamese Bahn Mi Go

If you ever thought that their food must be pricey, I prove you wrong! In fact, Hidden Vietnam’s concept of serving food is for everyone – for the family, friends, and to those who want to gather in one place. When the owners had established their business, they wanted everyone to experience their food. So if you are planning to visit their restaurant, you’d go there with a company because their food is not just delicious, but also budget-friendly! It is totally good for sharing! You can’t say no to their food.

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Beef Pho
vietnamese breaded tofu
breaded tofu
vietnam chicken chili rice
chili chicken

If you are into Vietnamese food, this is an ideal place for you! Hidden Vietnam will never disappoint you. They got really good authentic food which is also good for the budget. If you are living in Cavite, you must try it sooner or later. They actually have different branches all over across the city of Cavite.

Foods to try

authentic vietnamese cuisine cavite
Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

The following are some of the foods that we tried during our visit.

Fresh Spring Roll

6 pcs fresh spring roll (egg, pork, vegetable) – Php 140

Fried Spring Roll

6 pcs fried spring roll (pork, veggies, and vermicelli noodles) – Php 140

Breaded Tofu

7 pcs white tofu topped with bean sprout – Php 140

Low Carb Meal Pork

Green salad topped with chargrilled pork – Php 135

Bahn Mi Ga

Grilled marinated chicken stuffed inside a Vietnamese baguette smeared with spicy mayo, carrot daikon pickle and various herbs – Php 135

Chili Chicken

Chicken fillet with rice and veggie salad – Php 105

Beef Pho

Php 145

Vietnamese Pizza

Php 120

Tamarind Wings

Php 145

Vietnamese Coffee


Unit 1 V&C Building Along Trece-Tanza Road, Brgy. De Ocampo, Trece Martires City
(across Brgy. Hall of De Ocampo)

Opening Hours

11 am until 8 pm


Facebook: Hidden Vietnam – Trece Martirez Branch
Telephone: (046) 530 1778

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