Hinatuan River Travel Guide & Tinuy-an Falls (A Day Tour Guide)

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This blog highlights a travel guide to Hinatuan Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls. If you do not have much time traveling around Surigao del Sur, this travel guide perfectly suits you! Yes, a day trip will do especially if you just want to visit the most popular landmarks in the province.

About Surigao del Sur

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The Enchanted River, Surigao del Sur

The province of Surigao del Sur is part of the CARAGA region. It is situated on the northeastern coast of Mindanao. Parts of Surigao del Sur are the municipalities of Hinatuan and Bislig. They are one of the most visited places in the province where tourist attractions are found. In these places, you can witness the enchanting beauty of the Hinatuan River and the majestic falls of Bislig-Tinuy-an Falls. I hope this travel guide helps you with your future trip to Surigao del Sur.

I have been to Mindanao a few times but this is my first time visiting Surigao del Sur. My travel buddies and I originally planned to visit Surigao del Norte because we wanted to go directly to Siargao Island. However, since our entry point was in Butuan City, we considered visiting Surigao del Sur before heading to Siargao Island.

The Hinatuan Enchanted River

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The Enchanted River

Hinatuan River, most commonly known as the Enchanted River, is located in the municipality of Hinatuan. It is three hours away from Butuan. I must say, this is one of the most popular must-go destinations in Mindanao. The fact that the Enchanted River is famous among tourists due to its mysterious depth. Many say that a lot of divers have tried exploring and measuring the river’s depth but it is unknown until now. What we all know about the river is it is really deep.

The enchanting colors of the river are also one of the reasons that attract local tourists and foreign tourists to visit this place. If you get to see the river, it is a mixture of sapphire blue and green – in which the blue part is the deeper part of the river. In addition, the water is so clean and pristine at the same time. I was amazed by how the locals maintain the river’s cleanliness and its natural beauty. You can go swimming in the shallow part of the river and feed the fish in the afternoon. Also, you can have some lunch here as there are some food stalls in the area.

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Hinatuan Enchanted River

This place left me speechless. The Enchanted River is truly enchanting and mesmerizing! It is so beautiful that I couldn’t even stop gazing at it. Its blue crystal clear water is so amazing. Hands down to the locals who maintain this river clean! I would love to go back to this place and try swimming and feeding the fish. The unfiltered beauty of this river is surreal!

Tinuy-an Falls

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Tinuy-an Falls, Bislig

Dubbed the “Niagara Falls of the Philippines”, Tinuy-an Falls is 95 meters wide and 55 meters (180 ft) high. Tinuy-an Falls is also considered the widest falls in the country. The Tinuy-an Falls is part of the town of Bislig which is an hour away from Hinatuan. According to our tour guide, the name Tinuy-an comes from the word “Tinuyo-an” which means “babalik-balikan” in Filipino. In English, it means it is a place where you will keep coming back. If you want to get closer to the waterfall, there is a bamboo raft that you can ride on. My friends and I were so fortunate that it wasn’t too crowded in these two places during our visit!

Getting around Hinatuan River and Tinuy-an Falls

The easiest and cheapest way to travel around Hinatuan and Bislig is to rent a habal-habal. Habal-habal is a motorcycle that can accommodate up to two passengers.

From Butuan City

If you are flying from Manila to Butuan, there is a van from Butuan Airport going to Hinatuan. The fare is around Php 350 as of this writing. From the drop-off point (at the market), ride a habal-habal going to Hinatuan River. Then, there’s a free shuttle that will take you to the entrance gate of the river.

Note that this trip to the Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls can be done in one day. But if you want to stay and rest around these areas, I listed some budget-friendly accommodations below.

Where to stay in Hinatuan?

Marky’s Hostel
Kamayo Hostel
CJs Hometel

Where to stay in Bislig?

Travelerbee Pension House
One-Eleven Inn
Yolanda Inn

Sample Expenses

Van from Bancasi Airport to HinatuanPhp 350
Enchanted River EntrancePhp 40
Enchanted River + Bislig TourPhp 650
Bus from Bislig to ButuanPhp 276
Tinuy-an Falls Entrance FeePhp 50
Tinuy-an Falls Environmental FeePhp 75

Recommended Tour Guide

Kuya Edchie Robles (Hinatuan Enchanted River+Tinuy-an Falls Tour Guide)

Mobile: (Globe) 09265529636, (Smart) 09381995953

Facebook: Edchie Robles

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