Insta-Worthy Restaurant in Cavite: Ruby’s Place

This blog is all about the insta-worthy restaurant in Cavite. This is definitely one of the best restaurants to visit when in Cavite.

About Rubys Place

From the outside of the barn, there is a two-story restaurant that seems to be ordinary. Yes, it might seem to be ordinary outside but it looks extraordinary inside. Located in the Coffee Capital of the Philippines, Amadeo Cavite, Rubys Place formerly known as Casa Del Sol is a bed and breakfast boho restaurant that offers a lot of food variants. It is a Bohemian style restaurant. Surely, this is an Insta-worthy restaurant in Cavite that is perfect for your feed! Once you get inside the restaurant, you will get amazed at how beautiful the place is most especially when you get upstairs.

But, before going upstairs, you need to take off your shoes because the set up on the second floor is quite much different from the first floor; you need to sit Indian style while having your meal here.

Rubys Place Restaurant

This is actually the main area of the restaurant. You will notice lots of small yet long dining tables which are good for big groups, and lots of brightly colored pillows.

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More to that, there are plants hanging on its ceiling and some decorative stuff hanging on the trees that are connected to the restaurant itself. It is pretty amazing that there is a huge tree inside.

It adds to the restaurant’s creativity naturally. In addition to that, I am just amazed by how they preserve the tree even if they have built the restaurant.

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There’s actually nothing so special about their food yet the food that they serve is totally palatable! What you will also like is they have big servings so you have nothing to worry about. Although the food costs a bit steep, I guarantee you that it is worth every single penny.

We really enjoyed eating all the food that they had served us!

Foods to try

Beef Bulalo

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Chicken Cordon Bleu

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King Platter

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(Calamares, Fish and Chips, Onion Rings, Tofu Nofi, Chicken Lollipop, and Potato Croquettes)

Pink Lemonade Lychee

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Their servings are big which is good enough for sharing! With the smell of each food, you can predict that it tastes really delicious! The only thing that I noticed about their beef bulalo was its beef wasn’t that soft.

The Ambiance

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The ambiance is incredibly wonderful! I really love the interior, the colors and the choice of music as well. More to that, you will never get bored while waiting for your order because they have provided some books to read and board games to play with.

The Staff

The staff is good and easy to approach. Just do not hesitate to ask them anything. The place even looks better at night.

For additional information, I can say that this place is not really accessible for commuters. The place isn’t that easy to locate especially at night. I highly recommend you to bring a car with you when you visit here. By the way, they have a live acoustic band every Saturday.

Ideal Place for Special Events

Besides that, this place is also ideal for special events such as wedding receptions and photo shoots, birthday parties, or anything that you want to celebrate here. If you are the type of person who is fond of the bohemian style, you will definitely love this bohemian style restaurant!


3083 Halang-Dagatan Road, Purok 6, Brgy. Halang, Amadeo, Cavite

Operating Hours

11:00 AM-12:00 MN, Tuesday to Sunday


Facebook: Rubys Place former Casa Del Sol

How to get there?

From Manila

Take a bus bound for Tagaytay.
Drop off at Silang Premier Mall.
Ride a tricycle and tell the driver to take you to Brgy Halang, Casa Del Sol, or Rubys Place.

From Tagaytay

Go to Mahogany Intersection near NBI Office.
Take a tricycle or jeepney and drop off at Banay Banay Alfamart.
From Alfamart, take a tricycle again and tell the driver to drop you off at Rubys Place or Casa Del Sol.

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