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Lanzones Festival 2019: Camiguin’s 40th Celebration

The Philippines consists of more than 7000 islands. The fact that the country is known for its world-class white sand beaches and islands. Also, the Philippines is popular with festivals and various unique traditions. One of the festivals that you can attend is “The Lanzones Festival” in Camiguin Island. The Tourism Promotions Board invited me to attend the Lanzones Festival 2019! Thank you so much Tourism Promotions Board for having me!

Dubbed as the “Island Born of Fire” – an island that boasts stunning white islands, magnificent mountain ranges, historical facts, and architecture. In addition, Camiguin Island showcases a unique culture and tradition. But apart from that, the island is also proud of its sweetest Lanzones fruit in the Philippines!

The Short Myth about the Lanzones Fruit

From the word “lanzones” which means “lason”. In the English term,lason” means “poisonous” – that’s why the Lanzones fruit used to be poisonous that nobody could eat them. With that, the tribe prayed to the fairy in order to get rid of the poison in the fruit.

So if you see a fairy during the street dance parade, that symbolizes as an antidote to the poison of the Lanzones fruit.

The Lanzones Festival 2019

This year 2019, it marks the 40th celebration of the Lanzones festival in Camiguin! The festival usually takes place in the month of October. It is to celebrate a bountiful harvest of the Lanzones fruit on the island itself. Camiguinons (locals of Camiguin) celebrate the Lanzones Festival by holding different kinds of activities. For example – the tableau competition, street dancing competition, Lanzones fruit eat-all-you-can, etc.

The highlight of the festival is the street dance parade. It is when the municipalities and high schools in Camiguin compete against each other by showcasing their talent.

Eight participants from different municipalities and high schools join the competition and perform during the Lanzones Festival. Each contingent wears Higaonon costume. Higaonon costume is the traditional costume in northern Mindanao.

When does the Lanzones Festival take place?

The Lanzones Festival takes place in Camiguin every year. It is celebrated by Camiguinons. Lanzones is one of the primary fruits and sweetest fruits that you can have on the island. You can find the sweetest Lanzones fruit in Camiguin!

One of the best things about the Lanzones Festival is it helps boost tourism and the economy in Camiguin. Not only that but it also helps the locals work for a living. The Lazones Festival has become a yearly tradition for every local in Camiguin. In fact, this is one of the best things to experience when visiting the island.

My Thoughts on attending the Lanzones Festival 2019

I personally enjoyed watching the festival all day. The participants were so good at dancing! I could see how passionate they are. Seeing the smiles on the locals’ faces make me realize that they really enjoy what are doing. Then, after the festival, we were able to interact with the locals. We got to eat unlimited lanzones fruit, and we also tried other delicacies which you can only find in Camiguin Island. It felt so good to interact with the locals because they were so friendly and I felt like I was a local too during my visit. I wish to experience this again next time!

Camiguin is one of the islands that you can visit when in the Philippines. You can not only visit the white islands here; but you can also get to experience its own culture. No wonder Camiguin is definitely rich in culture!

Make sure to visit Camiguin Island in October in order to witness and experience the colorful festival on the island called The Lanzones Festival!

Do you like attending festivals around the Philippines? Which festival have you attended?

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