Life Realizations from The World of Married Couple

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The World of Married Couple has the third-highest ratings in South Korea and is getting a lot of attention from viewers across the world. This drama is an adaptation from the UK series Doctor Foster. As it continues to release new episodes per week, its ratings continue to skyrocket. In addition, the drama continues to show off a lot of unexpected twists which makes the viewers go wild and crazy.

The World of Married Couple Synopsis

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The drama centers on the married couple, Ji Sun-Woo (Kim Hee-Ae) and Lee Tae Oh (Park Hae Joon). Ji Sun Woo is a family medicine doctor while Lee Tae-Oh dreams of becoming a famous movie director. They have a son. Ji Sun Woo is betrayed by her husband and the people around her when her husband falls in love with another woman.

The Korean drama “The World of Married Couple” is undeniably becoming a hit in South Korea and some countries in the world. It seems that a lot of viewers can relate to this drama. The drama talks about the reality of the world, especially between the life of a married couple, and the realm between love and infidelity. As the drama keeps on showing us an amazing plotline, it also makes us wonder and realize something about life and what’s beyond it. Surprisingly, it gives us different introspection and perspective in life.

For this matter, I wrote some of the life lessons and realizations that we can get from the Korean drama “The World of Married Couple”.

Life Realizations from “The World of Married Couple”

Everyone can be your friend.

Humans do not have the same purpose in life. We make friends with others for different reasons. Some may have the same interests or preferences. Some might be interested in other people’s wealth, power, and influence. More to that, some befriend others just to take advantage of them.

Yes. Everyone can be your friend. However, not everyone can be the same. So be careful with whom you trust.

There is always someone willing to protect you.

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No matter how much devastated you are, even if you feel like everything that surrounds you is against your will, whatever misfortunes you have in life, there is always that one person who cares for you even without you knowing it.

There will always be that one person who can accept you – not because of your past, achievements, or what you are now in life, but it is because it is “you”. That one person who is always willing to be there for you no matter what circumstances are. Someone who is always willing to protect you from the people who are trying to put you down. Remember that there is always that someone who got your back even if it seems that the world is against you.

And that one person is enough.

Too much affection can be suffocating.

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When we are in love, we tend to give everything to someone whom we cherish. We love too much, we trust too much, we care too much and think too much. Unfortunately, when you give everything to that one person, that’s what makes you feel disappointed, upset, frustrated, and hurt the most.

It is okay to let go of someone.

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Sometimes, emotional detachment is way better than staying in a toxic relationship. It is never wrong to let go of someone who doesn’t see your worth anymore. Remember that it is never too late to let go of someone who never values you as their partner or even as a human being.

You deserve better. Always. Learn to let go of the things that are not physically and emotionally healthy for you. Know your worth. Detaching yourself to something toxic and negative will definitely set you free. This way, you are able to find yourself.

You will never be enough for the wrong person.

Even at your best, you can always be the worst. You are a treasure but you become trash once you fall for the wrong person. No matter how much time, energy, and effort you give to the wrong person, it will never be enough. Whether you are giving it all or doing your best; everything that you exert effort to becomes nothing; you are somebody that becomes nobody to that wrong person. Nevertheless, you will always be more than enough for the right person even at your worst.

Never ever tolerate someone for the same mistakes.

It’s not bad to give chances to someone whom we love. But please know that you can’t make someone stay by tolerating their mistakes. One mistake is enough to forgive someone who has caused you pain. If you continue to tolerate your partner’s mistakes over and over again, it would never change anything.

Tolerating your partner’s mistakes would only make the situation worse. Saving the relationship doesn’t change the fact that your partner keeps on hurting you emotionally. More to that, letting that one mistake pass would turn into someone’s habit.

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Perhaps you are in search for your value in the arms of another, instead of knowing your real worth. Unfortunately, it makes you forget who you really are.

You must learn how to take care of yourself – physically and mentally. The sooner you learn, the better for you.

You can never love two persons at the same time.

Love or infatuation? Some people tend to think love and infatuation are pretty much the same. However, these two words might be difficult to differentiate at times. But when you are already committed to somebody, you are not just infatuated with another. The mere fact that you choose to love another person while being committed to someone will never be considered a mistake. It is a choice.

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In the drama, Lee Tae Oh mentioned that it is not a crime to fall in love.

Definitely not. On the other hand, loving two people at the same time is one of the worst things that you could make to both people. You both hurt those two people involved. Can you imagine how cruel it is in a situation like that? And that’s cheating. You are not just cheating on your partner and the other person involved, but you are also making yourself fool for believing in the possibility of having two partners. Don’t you have two hearts, do you?

I believe even if you are not married, you would learn a lot and realize a lot of things about love and sacrifices from this drama. Are you watching “The World of Married Couple?” Make sure to keep yourself calm and ready yourself for unexpected plots in the drama.

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