Satisfy Your Japanese Food Cravings at Maki Sushi Rolls, Bacoor, Cavite

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As an online English tutor, I usually meet my Japanese students and what I love about meeting them every day is they tend to share a lot of things about Japan. I get to know more about the Japanese culture because of them. From its amazing culture to authentic food, and to its classical architecture.

Through that, I have become more interested in Japanese culture, most especially the place itself and its cuisine. That made me want to try more Japanese foods wherein fact I totally enjoy eating okonomiyaki and maki rolls!

japanese food captured by phone

One great thing about Japanese food is that they are healthy and delicious at the same time. So there wouldn’t be any reason for you not to have it. So if you are into some Japanese cuisine or you would also love to try it, I recommend you visiting this very nice Japanese restaurant which my friends and I have recently discovered. This is a highly recommended Japanese restaurant called “Maki Sushi Rolls” is just located in Bacoor, Cavite!

About Maki Sushi Rolls

inside maki sushi rolls restaurant
Inside the restaurant

Maki Sushi Rolls is a family-owned business located in Molino, Bacoor, Cavite. It is a small Japanese restaurant that mainly serves authentic Japanese food. According to the owner, this business was actually established during the pandemic.

This is another success story that happened when the COVID-19 broke out. Fortunately, from the moment they have started their business, it keeps on growing and more and more customers are falling in love with their food. As matter of fact, I was one of the luckiest customers who was able to try their authentic and scrumptious cuisines!

Why Maki Sushi Rolls?

They serve authentic Japanese cuisine.

ebi maki sushi rolls

I must say that Maki Sushi Rolls is one of the best Japanese restaurants I’ve ever visited. All the foods that we tried were so amazing that made me want to have more of them!

sushi maki rolls cavite

According to one of the owners whom we talked with, they actually worked in a cruise ship before the pandemic, so they got to familiarize themselve well with how they must present and cook Japanese cuisine.

The food is totally fantastic.

cheesy takoyaki maki sushi rolls
This is one of the best cheesy takoyaki ever!!

My friends and I couldn’t exactly recall how many times we had said that their food was delicious whenever we tried it. It’s totally fantastic! We enjoyed every bit of their food. Personally, I fell in love with everything they served!

takoyaki maki sushi rolls
cheesy takoyaki bacoor cavite
They also have got a small cart which mainly serves various types of takoyaki! Their cheesy bomb takoyaki is highly recommended.

Every food is worth the price.

bento box pork and beef
This is their bento box.
maki sushi rolls bento

No matter what you order or meal you ask them to serve you, everything tastes so amazing that makes you crave more of it! And what’s the best thing? They serve such fantastic food at a very affordable price.

Amazing customer service.

bento box bacoor cavite

Their staff is very accommodating. They are all nice and provide you good experience in their restaurant!

They got you a very nice ambiance.

affordable japanese food bacoor cavite
Let the good times roll! Shall we?

You would seriously love the ambiance inside the place. It looks really simple yet cozy! You would definitely love dining in their place. But if you don’t ever feel like going out, they are open for deliveries via Lalamove. Just contact them on their Facebook page for more information!

Foods to try

Listed down below are some of the foods that we tried at Maki Sushi Rolls that you must try as

Califonia Maki

It consists of crab sticks, cucumber, and manso.

Ebi Fry Maki

It consists of shrimp, cucumber, mango, and tenka.

Kani Tempura and Salmon Maki

It consists of kani, tempura, cucumber, mango, and special sauce.

Tonkatsu Bento

It consists of breaded pork, cabbage salad, tamago, and rice.

Chicken Teriyaki Bento

It consists of chicken teriyaki, yasai itame, tamago, and rice.

Pork Yakiniku Bento

It consists of pork yakiniju, yaksai itame, tamago, and rice.

Cheesy Takoyaki


355 Molino Road Molino 3 Bacoor, Cavite

Opening Hours

10 AM to 8 PM


Facebook: Maki Sushi Rolls
Mobile: 09176601558

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