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About The Adventuress

The Adventuress is a blog about travel and lifestyle which focuses on promoting the wonders of the Philippines and other countries in the world. This blog includes personal experiences, stories, and articles on travel guides and itineraries, places to visit, photography, food and accommodation reviews, but with all a personal perspective and storyline – thus influencing people to see the world and what it has to offer.

Who I am behind this blog?

Hey, my name is Ara Patria (I’m not going to tell you my full name, though. Haha!). You can just call me Ara. So I am the girl behind this travel & lifestyle blog, The Adventuress. Around 2016, I started blogging using the free platform of WordPress. I came up with so many different names before I settled with the name “The Adventuress.” I love traveling to different places whether it is within the country or even out of the country. Regarding my profession, I am an online English teacher. I have been an English teacher for so many years. Outside of this blogging world, I teach English online where I meet different students across the world. I actually used to work in the office for so many years but I decided to start working from home (but hey I am not a full-time travel blogger) in the year 2019.  Now, I am focusing on Web Design and Development, and Graphics Design.

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Know More About Me!

My life before I became a travel blogger

Before I became a travel blogger, I used to be a die-hard fan of K-pop. Well, I am still a K-pop fan but not as crazy as I was before. Haha! I love Korean culture and everything about Korea. I love watching concerts and Korean dramas. So when I don’t really travel, it’s either I’m working, studying another language, or fangirling. As it is as obvious as it may seem, my life is quite busy outside travel blogging. In addition, I love learning new languages such as Korean and Japanese. I know how to read, write, and speak Korean. In terms of the Japanese language, I just know the basics as of the moment. Whenever I have so much time to spare, I try to learn a new language as much as possible.

What made me decide to work from home?

I want to have more time for self-growth and self-improvement. I want to make more memories around the world. But let me tell you this. I was not born rich. I work hard in everything that I do. The only thing is I love exploring and hate staying in one place. I love to dream big and make things happen. More to that, I do believe in the saying, “We are not born just to pay bills and die.” I utterly believe that we are born to live life, explore, and embrace the unknown. Life is not meant to be lived in one place.

Why do I travel?

I love new discoveries. My mind never seems to stop from asking a lot of questions. I always love to try new things because I am insanely curious about everything! It is definitely worth trying and finding out new discoveries and new learning in life. This is something that I am in love with. That’s why I fell in love with traveling. I am able to widen my horizon, get a chance to know more about myself, learn more about different cultures and traditions from other places. Above all, traveling gives me an opportunity to change me for the better. It challenges me to improve my vision which gives me a better perspective in life. Travel is absolutely an education. We never stop learning from traveling. In addition, I have become a storyteller because of traveling. I may not be a good storyteller but I enjoy what I am doing right now! Ultimately, I wish to inspire other people and take them to the places I have been to through blog.