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Palawan Itinerary: A Guide to Puerto Princesa & El Nido

Update. July 13, 2020. This travel guide highlights a sample Palawan itinerary including the places you can visit and the things you know about Puerto Princesa and El Nido.

Consider the fact that Palawan is the biggest province in the Philippines, 4 days isn’t just enough to travel the entire province itself. So when my friends asked me to go there even if I knew within myself that I had been there already, I didn’t have any second thoughts of going back.

This is my second time visiting the best island in the world together with my friends. We opted to book a flight months before our flight in order to get a cheaper price. We decided to stay in Puerto Princesa and El Nido Palawan for 4 DAYS and 3 NIGHTS which I knew wasn’t that enough.

Why do I keep coming back to Palawan?

People are so nice.

Everywhere you go, people will greet you nicely. Most of the people you meet here in Palawan – whether it is in Puerto Princesa or El Nido, are friendly. You would surely enjoy talking with the locals.

Considered as the biggest province of the Philippines, staying on this island for a few days or weeks isn’t enough! More to that, Puerto Princesa and El Nido are not the only places that you can visit here, of course!

There is always something about this island that makes you wonder.

It always feels like the first time!

‎You will learn a lot of things about the island.

Palawan is rich in culture, so once you visit here, you will be amazed at how they are rich in natural resources and every little thing that will make you certainly realize that Palawan is indeed the best island in the world.

Less traffic.

Palawan’s traffic is totally incomparable to Manila’s traffic. From what I have learned, the reason why it is less traffic there (most especially in Puerto Princesa) is that there are designated vehicles that can only operate according to the day that has been assigned to a certain vehicle. It is really organized.

‎Palawan has the lowest crime rate in the country.

Yes, you heard it right! ‎It is said to be that Palawan has the lowest crime rate in the country.

Get close to nature.

‎Surrounded by the trees, Palawan is an island where you can really get closer to nature.

That “feeling” being on this beautiful island.

I just love about being comfortable on this island. This indescribable feeling that I get every time I visit.

You get to appreciate nature more!

This island has taught me how I should appreciate nature more! It’s not just being able to see the beauty of it; in return, it is about being able to be more responsible and caring for taking care of it. Our nature shouldn’t just be taken for granted.

The amazing Philippines! Isn’t it more fun?

With its pristine beaches, beautiful lagoons, delectable food, accommodating people, and amazing sceneries and landscapes, who would have thought that I am just in the Philippines?

My 2nd visit to Puerto Princesa & El Nido

It was afternoon when my best friends and I are talking with each other, planning where our next destination would be. So we asked each other to look for a cheaper flight without having any thought of a place where we could visit.

All of a sudden, they contacted me and told me that they wanted to visit Palawan. It would be their first time visiting the island yet in my case it would be my second time. But I didn’t care. Who cares anyway? I didn’t hesitate to answer them with “YES”!! Why not? I haven’t seen much of Palawan yet. Why couldn’t I come back? Later on, I just found myself booking a flight together with my friends which were good for 4 days and 4 nights. I felt really excited!

After months of waiting, here I am waiting at the airport and anticipating my flight number to be called on. A few hours later, it was finally our boarding time and ready to depart to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. My heart raced quickly as if it’s my first-time visit!

I got on the plane, walked through the aisle of it, sat on my designated seat, and waited for an hour to arrive on the island of Palawan.  I was on cloud nine! Finally! I was here again. For the second time around. I was here to make good memories again on this majestic and the best island in the world.

Puerto Princesa & El Nido Package Tour

Many people have been asking me how it is easy for me to travel cheaply in Palawan. It has been one of the top destinations in the Philippines. In that case, thinking of traveling to this island is quite difficult without breaking a bank. But getting a package tour when in Palawan should also be considered.

Sounds quite true. It’s quite expensive to travel around Palawan if you do not know how to do it cheaply. That’s why, I always prefer DO-IT-YOUR own on my travels but every time I go to Palawan, I always consider getting a tour agency to make my trip less hassle and less worry as well.

Fortunately, I have found a good travel agency that catered and arranged our Palawan tours well. It’s really affordable and not only that, he guided us and made sure that we were doing fine and having fun at the same time.

I came back to Palawan without expecting anything special but never had I any idea that it would be a memorable one indeed! I will surely book my Palawan tour again with this agency once I come back to Palawan again!


Clarkent Affordable Tours: They are such a big help to us. They really helped us with our Palawan itinerary and made sure that we could make the most of our stay in Palawan in 4 days!

Contact Number: 

0955-294-6691 / 0977-250-3813 / 0946-398-7500 / 0918-624-3731

Palawan Itinerary: Puerto Princesa & El Nido

Day 1: Puerto Princesa (Free Time)  

NOTE: We started our package tour with ClarkKent Tour on our second day!

Staycation at Hillside Resort Palawan

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We had an unforgettable stay at Hillside Resort Palawan.

Eat and buy some groceries at Robinsons 

Immaculate Conception Church

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Day 2: Honda Bay Tour

The Honda Bay Tour can be done either on a half-day or the entire day. You can visit three islands including Starfish Island, Luli Island, and Cowrie Island.

Starfish Island

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ALT="palawan itinerary starfish island honday bay

Lu-li Island

ALT="palawan itinerary & el nido luli island"
ALT="palawan itinerary puerto princesa luli island"
ALT="puerto princesa el nido and honday bay"

Cowrie Island

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The unfiltered beauty of Palawan
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Depart to El Nido

Day 3: El Nido Tour

Helicopter Island

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Helicopter Island
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Cadlao Lagoon

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Hidden Beach

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Small Lagoon

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Big Lagoon

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Depart to Puerto Princesa

DAY 4 Puerto Princesa City Tour 

The Puerto Princesa Tour can also be done either on a half-day or whole day depending on your preferences.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral

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ALT="inside immaculate church palawan"

Plaza Cuartel

ALT="plaza cuartel purto princesa"

Mitra’s Ranch

Baker’s Hill

ALT="mitras ranch puerto princesa tour"

Butterfly Garden

ALT="butterfly garnde puerto princesa"
ALT="butterfly garnde co park pps"

Binuatan Creations

ALT="binatuan creations puerto princesa"

City Baywalk Park

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Pasalubong Center

Back to Manila

It was a spontaneous trip indeed! Our itinerary seemed quite exhausting, yeah but we really had a lot of fun! We were able to meet new friends during our trip. If I had another chance to go back, I’d definitely go for it!

Changes made in El Nido, Palawan

This itinerary was made for our tour in 2018 and unfortunately, there are new rules and regulations for the island hopping tours and activities in El Nido.

New Rules & Regulations in El Nido

They have implemented that you can’t do combination tours anymore in order to limit the number of tourists going to each of the islands from Tours A, B, C, D more particularly in Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, and Secret Beach. You can’t visit these most popular islands on the same day.

If you plan to visit El Nido for a day, then that means you can only choose one tour either A, B, C, or D according to your preference. In addition to that, pre-registration is now required before you get to visit the Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, or Secret which they call the “Premium Spot”. You have to pay Php 200 for each spot as well. More to that, boats are prohibited to enter the lagoon thus renting a kayak is mandatory in order to enter the lagoon. Check out the sample itinerary below for your future Palawan trip.

Puerto Princesa & El Nido Palawan Sample Itinerary

Tour A

Big or small lagoon (user fee 200 per pax)

Simizu island

7commando beachSecret lagoon

Payong Payong island

Tour B

Cudugnon cave (entrance fee 100 per pax)

Snake island

Entalula island

Cathedral cave

Pinagbuyatan island

Tour C

Matinloc shrine (100 per pax entrance fee)

Helicopter island

Hidden beach

Secret beach

Tapiutan island

Tour D

Small lagoon (user fee 200 per pax)

Nat nay beach

Cadlao Lagoon

Pasandigan beach

Paradise beach

Ipil beach

Did this Palawan itinerary help you?

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