5 Reasons Why Private Lives is a Must-Watch (A Korean Drama Review)

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Here’s to another Korean drama review blog! I have written a review about Private Lives, another Korean drama that you must and check out and watch! It’s been a long time since I made this since I was too busy in life.

Private Lives Synopsis

Starring Ko Gyung Pyo as Lee Jeong Hwan and Seohyun as Cha Joo Eun, Kim Young Min as Kim Jae Wook, and Kim Hyo Jin as Jeong Bk Gi. Cha Joo Eun who grew up with her parents as con artists, which led her to become a swindler as well. Meanwhile, Lee Jeong Hwan works for GK technology, runs a detective agency named Spy Detective Agency who helps other people. On the other hand, Jeong Bok Gi (Kim Hyo-jin) and Kim Jae-Wook (Kim Young-min) are professional swindlers who use other peoples’ private lives.

This drama revolves around a group of swindlers that tends to manipulate other peoples’ private life. It also has something do with con artists who would go against the government and a huge corporation to uncover the truth.

Why You Should Watch Private Lives

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To be honest, I’ve been seeing some bad reviews about this drama, but this drama is actually worth trying. So here is my take on this drama and these are some of the reasons why you should start watching Private Lives!

This drama is definitely mind-blowing!

Private Lives is a type of Korean drama that has a lot of surprising and unexpected scenes. Who doesn’t get excited when the drama gets thrilling with full of suspense and actions? Private Lives is surely one of a kind! Every scene is interesting which makes you wonder what’s going to happen in the next episode! As a matter of fact, it has got a lot of twists in every episode of the drama.

This is the first drama of Ko Gyung Pyo after his enlistment.

Private Lives is obviously the comeback drama of Ko Gyung Pyo after finishing the military. As a huge fan of him, I can totally say that he is one of the great actors in Korea! He may not be as popular as other actors, but every drama that he is in is definitely worth watching. He is one of the most effective actors to watch! His charismatic acting, enticing voice, convincing looks – everything about is just so simply amazing! If you haven’t seen him yet in Korean dramas, you must start watching Chicago Typewriter, Reply 1988, Strongest Deliveryman, and Cross! Oh, he also did well in Jealousy Incarnate. He has actually got a lot of dramas but the ones I mentioned are my most favorite ones!

The strong chemistry of the main leads is undeniable.

I bet once you watch Private Lives, you would surely agree with me that the main leads have got strong chemistry. With this, it makes the drama more interesting. Personally, I enjoy seeing them both on screen. They look good together!

Private Lives has a unique story line.

If you think that this drama is all about romance, you are wrong. The main theme of this drama is not all about romance. It has a strong, unique storyline which makes the viewers wonder about the scenes in each episode. It somehow needs a deeper understanding of the drama. You might get confused with some scenes due to the many flashbacks that it contains. If you are not into thriller dramas or series, then you might find this a little boring.

The drama has a fast-paced story.

One thing I admire about this drama is, its plot is kind of fast yet not too dragging. It provides very detailed information and conclusion in every episode which is actually a good process.

Private Lives is available on Netflix and you can also watch it on JTBC Channel Korea, every Wednesday & Thursday.

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