Red House Pizza: A Brick Oven Pizza in Dasmarinas, Cavite

red house pizza delivery service

In this time of the pandemic, most people have no choice but to just order their favorite fast food online. No wonder why most of the food establishments these days offer food delivery services. It is obvious that most people are into pizza! Whenever there is an occasion or not, most of us would love to order it anytime! That being said, Red House Pizza is offering food delivery services in Cavite.

So if you are residing in Cavite, most especially in the town of Dasmarinas, Red House Pizza is ready to serve you and satisfy your pizza cravings!

About Red House Pizza

aloha cheese brick oven pizza
chese and aloha flavor

Red House Pizza is a delivery-only restaurant that offers scrumptious homemade pizza around Cavite. They serve handcrafted, New York-Style premium taste and quality that is baked in a charcoal-fired brick oven!

In fact, they have been making pizza for more than 10 years which started as a hobby that turned into an obsession of creating the best and most delicious pizza in town! Yet they make sure that the pizza that they create is still affordable. Red House Pizza creates pizzas that are made from scratch dough paired with homemade pizza sauce and premium mozzarella cheese that pairs perfectly with their own Italian sausage and any of their savory toppings. They have created their own signature pizza which is loved by many.

4 Reasons Why You Must Choose Their Pizza

a brick oven pizza in dasma cavite

Personally, I am a pizza lover and I could definitely say that Red House Pizza has got one of the most delicious yet affordable pizza in our town! So here are some of the top reasons why you must consider ordering from them.

Affordable & Great Food

red house pizza cheese flavor
Red House Pizza Cheese Flavor

As I have mentioned earlier, I personally got a chance to taste their very own pizza. So I must say that their pizza is definitely worth trying for. We actually got to try those two pizza flavors that they offer; cheese and aloha pizza. Everything tasted so good that we even got addicted to it. Even the crust tasted so good as well. Not to mention the fact that they put a lot of toppings on the pizza! It’s totally worth the price. We loved everything about what we ordered!

You can’t say no to Red House Pizza because they literally serve affordable and great food in Cavite! If you are wondering about the other pizza flavors that they offer, they definitely do have other great flavors to try!

Pizza flavors to try:

  • Cheesy Garlic
  • 3 Cheese
  • Margherita
  • Aloha
  • Ham and Cheese
  • Pepperoni
  • Sausage Deluxe
  • BBQ Chicken
  • Sausage and Mushroom
  • Bacon Melt

Fast Delivery Service

aloha brick oven pizza dasma cavite
Red House Pizza Aloha Flavor

One good thing that you would love about their services is that they got really good customer service! They have a fast delivery service. You won’t feel bored when you order pizza from them.

Huge Pizza Servings

aloha pizza flavor cavite

You will definitely get surprised by how they present their pizza to the customers. Based on my observation, they make sure that they don’t only serve delicious pizza, but also they ensure to give customer satisfaction to the food itself. They have huge pizza servings and as to what I mentioned earlier, their pizza has got a lot of servings. You totally get what you pay for them.

Accommodating Staff

cheese pizza flavor red house

Although Red House Pizza only offers food delivery service, you would still feel great about how accommodating their staff is on social media. They make sure everything goes well on your end. After ordering pizza from them, it doesn’t just end there. They really ensure that you get to receive your food well!

aloha pizza flavor red house

So if you are looking for a brick oven pizza in Dasma, Cavite, Red House Pizza is highly recommended!


Block 3, Lot 1, Cornerstone Executive Homes, Brgy. Burol Main, Dasmarinas City.


Facebook: Red House Pizza

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