SAMGYUPSALAMAT: Unlimited Korean BBQ Restaurant

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SAMGYUPSALAMAT is one of the most popular Korean restaurants in the Philippines which started operating in 2012. It has a lot of branches all over the country due to its high popularity. It offers UNLIMITED KOREAN BBQ that has 10 kinds of MEAT with side dishes.

Either pork or beef covered with lettuce dipped in sauce, or commonly known as “samgyupsal” is becoming really a hit in the Philippines. This Korean cuisine has been popular over the years since the Hallyu Wave became well known in the country. The number of Korean restaurants being established in the Philippines has skyrocketed. Most especially when you are in Metro Manila, you will probably see a lot of Korean restaurants everywhere you go.

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Why Samgyupsalamat?

They serve the best meat! There are varieties of meat to choose from the menu. In fact, there are ten kinds of meat that you can eat in total. Each kind has its own category. The marinated one and the normal one. It’s either pork belly or beef, well depending on your choice. In addition, each sauce that they provide perfectly matches the taste of the meat. They also have variations of side dishes with big servings which can also add up to fully satisfy your Korean food cravings!

Best time to visit

The best to dine out at Samgyupsalamat is during weekdays, especially around lunchtime. But if you don’t really have much time; eating out in the evening doesn’t matter at all. Just expect a quite long queue due and long waiting time due to the huge number of people visiting the restaurant.

Kinds of Meat

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They have ten kinds of meat to choose from the menu; 5 kinds of pork and 5 kinds of beef. You can get to eat marinated and non-marinated meat at the same time. In addition to that, you can have it with samjang (korean sauce), gravy, and cheese! It’s best when you dip the marinated meat in samjang or gravy while the non-marinated ones taste best with cheese!

Ways to Eat Samgyupsal

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The common way to eat samgyupsal is when you grill the meat first, put it on the lettuce, and dip it in ssamjang. But there is another way to eat it. Other than meat, you can also put kimchi on lettuce. If you want to, you may cook the kimchi first together with meat! I guarantee you that it tastes delicious!

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What’s on the menu?

Here are some of the foods that you can try when you dine at the restaurant. As I mentioned above, there are ten kinds of meat that you can eat delightfully.

Samgyupsalamat Unlimited Meat

Dae- Jae
Yangnyum Daepae
Gochujang samgyup
Yangnyum Moksal
Beef Samgyup
Yangnyum beef
Gochujang Beef

The Side Dishes

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Steamed egg: This is one of the side dishes that you can try here!

The Cheese Samgyupsal

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This is the special samgyupsal wrapped with grilled cheese.

Cheese Fondae Samgyupsal

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cheesy samgyupsal

This is good for dae-pase samgyup, buljib samgyup, and beef samgyup.

Unlimited free iced tea

Of course, they also serve unlimited free iced tea which is included in their unlimited meat service.

Overall Review

It was my first time to dine out at this restaurant and the moment I bit on the meat, I got really amazed by the fact that it tasted really good!!! Seriously, this is one of the best samgyupsal I’ve tasted. I’m not overreacting because it is definitely true. Every meal that is served tastes really delicious. It will give you a satisfying feeling and make you crave for more! The unlimited meat and side dishes are totally delectable!

Unlike other Korean restaurants, this restaurant serves meat one at a time to avoid leftovers which I really agree with that good idea. They provide excellent service. The staff is always willing to assist you.

The place is big enough to accommodate lots of people. There is a television that plays Korean music videos of K-POP groups. In addition to that, I love how the area is being well-ventilated. Overall, I’m truly satisfied with the food, service, and price. Everything in this place is so good. I will surely come back here!!!

Price List

Unlimited 1 ( 5 Kinds of Pork with different side dish)

11:00am – 3:00pm  =Php 399.00
3:00pm – 2:00am  = Php 499.00

Unlimited 2 ( 10 Kinds of Pork, Beef with different side dish)

11:00am – 3:00pm = Php 499.00
3:00pm – 2:00am  = Php 449.00


Samgyupsalamat – C&C BF Homes Branch
(0966) 684 5528
02 6213591

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