Siquijor Travel Guide: Things to do in 24 hours!

One day, I decided to travel to Siquijor, make my own Siquijor travel guide and listed down the things to do in 24 hours! But let me tell you a story first.

“I’m going to Siquior!!” I told my friends out of nowhere while we were staying in a cafe. I believe that traveling to this mysterious island seems exciting. Also, getting around Siquijor is easy even for solo travelers like me!

“WHAT?”, “Who are you going there with?” My friends asked as they got surprised that I was going somewhere dangerous. “ALONE,” I responded.

“Are you sure?! It’s known for witchcraft and sorcery. Aren’t you afraid? That place is full of environmental spirits and such mythical creatures.” They fired me back.

I laughed at them and responded nothing. Well, I couldn’t say anything against them because what they said was true. In fact, I’ve heard so many strange things about Siquijor, but I’m sure that I could prove them wrong.

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About Siquijor Island

Siquijor Island is truly known for witchcraft, sorcery, and mythical creatures. The funny thing is, little did they know how majestic this island is. I can say that this is one of the hidden gems in the Philippines that is surely worth visiting!

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Siquijor Island is the third smallest island in the Philippines. It is in the Central Visayas region. In spite of that, it doesn’t change the fact that this magical island has a lot of beautiful places to visit! Historically speaking, this island used to called Isla De Fuego or “Island of Fire” by the Spaniards during the Spanish era.

A year before my flight to Dumaguete, I planned to conquer the Central Visayas region. I decided to visit Dumaguete, Siquior, and Bohol Island. Actually, I also wanted to visit Cebu too but due to unfortunate events, I didn’t make it. I am quite used to travel around Luzon since I am very much familiar with the places. But this time around, it would be my first time traveling to the Visayas alone. Stoked, but quite scared at the same time.

How to get there?

Unfortunately, there is no direct flight from Manila to Siquijor. The nearest to get to the island is from Dumaguete. It only takes around 1 hr and 30 min via ordinary ferry. For fast craft, it only takes about 45 min.

If you are on a tight budget, I recommend you take Montenegro Ferry which only costs Php140 per head. But if you want to arrive in Siquijor right away, you can take Ocean Jet (fast craft) that costs Php 250 per head.

Don’t forget to pay the terminal fee! It’s around Php 25.

My misadventure of going to Siquijor Island

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On the day I landed in Dumaguete, I decided to visit Siquijor first. So, when I got to the port, it was around 6:30 AM. However, the second trip for Montenegro Ferry was already fully booked. Yet, I didn’t want to take the 10:30 AM trip so I had to go back to the port on the second day.

Make sure you would be there as early as possible. If you plan to catch the first trip, be there before 5:00 in the morning. I arrived at Dumaguete Port before 7 AM. I decided to buy a ferry ticket to go to Siquijor Island. Finally! I was going to Siquijor. I was on cloud nine. Oh! I took the second trip by the way.

It was actually around 9 in the morning when the ferry was finally approaching the coast. Thus, I couldn’t contain my feels. At last, I was setting my foot on one of the beautiful islands of Visayas archipelago.

A few minutes later, the ferry finally reached the coast and I was about to get off. Upon reaching the Siquijor port, I noticed the clear waters surrounding the area. As other people say, Siquijor port is one of the cleanest ports which is proven to be true!!! Furthermore, it is indeed the cleanest! Additionally, you can visit most of the famous tourist attractions in Siquijor in a day or two. Yes. It is absolutely possible. In my case, I didn’t have much time so I only stayed in Siquijor for one day.

Getting around the island

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Again, it isn’t that difficult to get around the island. There are a lot of options to choose from. In fact, you can take a tricycle, van, cab, or motorcycle. Of course, if you are traveling as a group, you may consider getting a van, cab, or a tricycle.

Ideally, if you are traveling solo or duo, you may want to rent a motorcycle or tricycle. However, I can’t drive a motorcycle yet so I chose to hire a tricycle driver instead. In that case, I paid Php 900 including the entrance fees.

Places to visit in Siquijor

This Siquijor travel guide tells about the place that you can visit in one day.

Welcome to Siquijor 

You can directly see this signage once you get out of the port. Actually, it is just right in front of Saint Francis De Assisi Church.

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Saint Francis De Assisi Church

Prominently known as “Siquijor Church” which is just a few meters away from the port.

I Love Siquijor Sign

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Another signage that you can see while you are on the way to Paliton Beach. Nothing much more to see here aside from the panoramic view of the turquoise ocean.

Paliton Beach

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This has been one of the most popular beaches in Siquijor. It is a white sand beach which is full of palm trees swaying near the shore under the white clouds and blue skies. Imagine walking under the palm trees on the white beach and also feeling the gentle breeze off the water. What a perfect beach setting, isn’t it?

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Enchanted Old Balete Tree

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This Balete tree is the oldest and biggest tree on the island of Siquijor. Also, it is a mysterious 400-year-old tree. There is a small pond connecting to the tree where you can go to a fish spa for free.

San Isidro Old Church

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The Lazi Church

A Roman Catholic church, considered as the oldest church in Siquijor. It is commonly known as Lazi Church. More to that, you can see the San Isidro Convent right in front of it.

San Isidro Convent

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San Isidro Convent is the largest convent in the Philippines. During the Spanish colonial era, the convent had established. Not to mention, it showcases collections of important church relics and paraphernalia.

Cambugahay Falls

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This has been the most popular tourist spot on the island which is well known for Tarzan swings. The swings are actually the highlight of this place. That’s why a lot of tourists want to try this kind of activity. By the way, for only Php 20, you can plunge unlimited into the clear blue waters of the falls.

In addition, if you do not know how to swim like me, you can rent a vest which costs around Php 100.

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Man-made Forest

There is nothing much more interesting here. Actually, this is the passageway to Salagdoong Beach. Besides, it is such an amazing view to go to the beach.

Salagdoong Beach Resort

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Salagdoong Beach Resort is the best for diving. If you go to the diving area, you will witness the captivating view of the sea. I wish I could dive into the deep blue seawater. It’s very beautiful. In reality, I just hope that the facilities will be kept maintained.

Hapitanan Cafe and Restaurant

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This cafe is famous for its jump shots while riding a broomstick. In like manner, it is so fun because it feels so real and it makes you look like a witch!

Other Places to Visit

Kapilay Spring Park

Cang Isok House

Pan De Bisaya

Smile Talingting

Guiwanon Spring Park

Once you get to know more about it, you will forget all about those stories of mysteries and dark arts.

More to that, the island is truly bewitching! Every part of it is magical. Also, it feels so right to be in a place where you can unwind and get close to nature. The enchanting beauty of Siquijor Island will definitely leave you speechless.

Contact Person

Raum Gomos

Mobile: 09355965465

Did this Siquijor travel guide help you? I hope it helps you give an idea about traveling to Siquijor Island.

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