Southside Grill: A Seafood Hub in the South

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How much do you love seafood? Can you eat it for two hours non-stop? If you are craving for seafood, then Southside Grill is the best place for you! It is a new seafood hub that actually serves unlimited crabs! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

About Southside Grill

Southside Grill a small restaurant that serves unlimited seafood. They mainly serve unlimited crabs and shrimps. Their main dish is actually Filipino cuisine! Apart from serving seafood, they have also got all meat platters, grilled meat, veggies, etc. In addition, they provide big food servings that are budget-friendly and good for group sharing.

What to Expect from Southside Grill?

The restaurant is small but good for groups of people. Operated by Sir Jay Cueto, Southside Grill is a Filipino-sea food restaurant located in the South! A perfect place to chill together with your family, friends, colleagues, or loved ones.

The color of the pub is orange which makes the place itself more appealing. I don’t personally like the color orange but I loved how it matches the walls of Southside Grill.

Customers can seat inside or outside. There is a live band on Wednesday and Saturday. The ambiance is so good that you would even enjoy chilling here. In addition, the staff is so accommodating and nice. They will assist you right away if there’s anything you need.

What to Eat in Southside Grill?

There are a lot of food variations to choose from their menu. Different types of Filipino dishes are served. There are kinds of seafood, meat variants, vegetables, inihaw, sinigang, and a lot more!

Here are some of the foods that we tried:

We ordered ala carte that includes crabs and shrimps. The crabs come with Singaporean chili sauce and vinegar. The sauce itself perfectly matches the taste of seafood. My friends and I totally enjoyed every bite of the crab and shrimp.

There’s nothing more I could say about it. Everything tasted so good that I couldn’t help myself from asking for more. Actually, I don’t really eat crabs but Southside Grill made me eat and crave for them! I didn’t really expect it to be so tasty with the Singaporean chili sauce.

Then, we had “Inihaw Platter”. It includes grilled liempo, chicken barbeque, grilled squid, and grilled salmon. Everything was so good that you would ask for more rice.

I loved how they grilled it perfectly. Seriously, you might think that this Inihaw Platter is kind of expensive. But this is definitely worth the price. Not an ordinary grilled food that you can just buy anywhere. I must say, this is one of their best dishes on the menu.

Apart from the food mentioned above, we also had Southside Veggies. You can choose from Buttered Veggies, Adobong Kangkong, and Grilled Talong and Okra with Bagoong.

By the way, we didn’t get to have unlimited crabs since we didn’t have much time to stay longer at the pub.

The unlimited crabs cost Php 550 per head. It comes with unlimited rice as well as bottomless iced tea. I believe the price is reasonable enough to have unlimited seafood that comes with unlimited rice already.

Things to Remember when dining at Southside Grill

Strictly No Sharing. The Php 550 unlimited crab is strictly for one person only. Everyone must order on their own.

It comes with Singaporean chili sauce and vinegar. I guarantee you that this Singaporean chili sauce tastes so good!

The first serving of rice is crab meat fried rice. Then plain rice for refills.

Crabs are served for 2 hours upon first serving.

Operating Hours:

5 pm – 3 am



Manila Doctors Village Access Rd, Almanza Uno, Las Pinas City.


Facebook: Southside Grill PH

Mobile: 09178058008

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