A Day Tour Travel Guide to Valencia, Negros Oriental: Best Places to See in One Day

valencia negros oriental travel guide

A city that is laid back and filled with rich history, Dumaguete City is one of the most thrilling places to visit in the Philippines. It is the capital of the province of Negros Oriental, which is located on the southeastern coast of the island of Negros. The city itself serves as the main gateway to some of the most popular tourist destinations in the provinces of Negros Oriental and Siquijor Island.

This was my second time visiting Dumaguete City, and I am traveling alone this time around. This time, I have decided to explore more of the city and its most well-known neighboring town, which is Valencia, Negros Oriental. To be honest, I didn’t really know much about the town, but I’ve heard so many good things about it, especially about the places to see here. 

If you’re planning a trip to Dumaguete City, one of the places you must see is Valencia, Negros Oriental. You can see most of the stunning sights in and around Valencia in one day. As such, here’s a day trip travel guide to Valencia, Negros Oriental. Find out what to see and do in and around the town on a day trip. 

About Valencia, Negros Oriental

Valencia is a municipality in the Philippines. It is in the province of Negros Oriental, which is in the Central Visayas region. It is in the southeast of Negros Oriental, about 9 kilometers from Dumaguete City, which is the capital of the province. The town is just a 15-minute drive from Dumaguete City, which is also known for its natural beauty and is often referred to as the “Little Baguio” of Negros Oriental due to its cool climate.

How to Get to Valencia, Negros Oriental?

The municipality of Valencia is just 15 to 20 minutes away from Dumaguete City. From Dumaguete City, you can simply take a jeepney or habal-habal (motorcycle) to get to Valencia. This is the easiest way to get to the town. Furthermore, getting to and around Valencia is very accessible from Dumaguete.

Getting Around Valencia

Getting around Valencia, Negro Oriental is very straightforward. You can either take a habal-habal (motorcycle), a tricycle, or even a private vehicle. Based on my experience, I must say that taking a habal-habal would be the cheapest way to get around town, especially if you are traveling alone. 

Places to Visit in Valencia, Negros Oriental 

Despite its size, this town is home to some truly remarkable attractions. From its lush forests to cascading waterfalls and scenic mountain views, the municipality of Valencia truly has a lot of breathtaking views. Thus, here are some must-visit destinations in Valencia, Negros Oriental!

Cata-al Museum

Cata-al Museum is a museum filled with a collection of artifacts, an antique military compass, fuel containers, American and Japanese bombs, and other antiques from the 1930s and 1940s era or during World War II.

This is actually the first tourist attraction that I visited upon arriving in Valencia. My tour guide took me here, and to be honest, at first, I wasn’t really interested in going there because I just wanted to go to the waterfalls right away. But upon entering the museum, I was amazed by the antiques and artifacts I had seen inside. It made me feel like I had traveled back in time to World War II.

The museum has no entrance fees, but there’s a donation box upon exit. If you want to help maintain those World War II antiques in the museum, you can donate any amount. 

Tierra Alta Residential Resort

Tierra Alta is one of the most popular resorts in Valencia. This is our second stop after visiting the museum. The resort is located on the mountainside of the town, and you can see the overlooking view of the city from there. Known as the Santorini of the Philippines, the resort is built in Greek style with a lot of white and royal blue in its architectural designs.

You can definitely go on a day tour here, especially if you are looking for a place that would satisfy your Instagram feed. The resort definitely offers picturesque views from every part of it. 

Entrance Fee: Php 70

Sulfur Vent Mountain

The sulfur vent is just located along the highway, as it is noticeable due to the natural toxic gas or smell coming out from the stone wall. This is also one of the popular tourist attractions in Valencia due to the stunning views that it offers to the public. However, it is not advisable to stay here for too long, especially if you have lung problems. In addition, be cautious when taking pictures because of the vehicles passing by from time to time. 

No entrance fee.

Pulangbato falls

Pulangbato Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines that I’ve ever seen. The name “pula,” which means “red,” seems to give the color of the rocks in the area, which are a reddish-orange color. This is due to the fact that the sulfur in the water makes it turn this color.

I totally enjoyed gazing at the waterfall due to its beautiful natural look. No wonder it’s a well-known tourist spot in Valencia. 

Entrance Fee: Php 100

Forest Camp

This was actually our last stop before heading back to Dumaguete City. This is also a popular tourist attraction in Valencia. I have seen some friends posting about this place on social media, and yes, it is such a very nice place to visit!

Forest Camp is a mountain resort in Valencia that provides cold spring pools in every corner of the place. The resort makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the forest, as it is surrounded by a lot of trees and plants. It’s amazingly beautiful. The water in the pool is coming from the mountains and is very cold. I couldn’t even swim for a long time. Haha!

Entrance Fee: Php 180

Other Places to Visit

  • Redrock Hot Spring
  • Chada Valencia Signage
  • Casaroro Falls

Valencia, Negros is indeed such a beautiful town to visit. If you’re in Dumaguete City, make sure to drop by this small town, which is 20 minutes away from the city!

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