Villa Elma: A Place of Serenity in Lucban, Quezon

Hey, I have found a new resort to go staycation and relax in Quezon! There is a perfect place to detox yourself from the busy city life. That is Villa Elma. In fact, this resort showcases the extraordinary view of nature. Besides that, you can find the best landscapes and scenic views of this resort. In addition, you can experience the wonders of nature here.

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About Villa Elma

Villa Elma Farm Resort is recognized as a mountain resort. As a matter of fact, it nestles in the foothills of Mt. Banahaw. This is one of the best places to go staycation when in Quezon. Also, it is a pilgrimage site that displays religious relics and sculptures. In addition, this nature park consists of two Stations of the Cross which you can visit during Holy Week.

Upon entering Villa Elma, you will already feel the presence of nature. It is full of green plants and trees. The surroundings are totally clean.

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If you are looking for a place to go staycation in Quezon, this is a perfect place for you! You would love staying here as you get closer to nature. By the same token, it is so serene and has a very relaxing vibe. You will surely love everything about this place. From witnessing the breathtaking view of the mountains, breathing fresh air, dipping in the freshwater of the stream and listening to the deafening sound of nature.

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Getting closer to nature is one of my most favorite thing to do whenever I travel. Truly, this is one of the best places to go staycation in Quezon without getting farther from the city.

What to Expect and Things to Do in Villa Elma


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I personally think that this is the most beautiful accommodation of all. Additionally, this room is good for 6-8 persons. More to that, the room is spacious. Its interior is simple yet amazing! Thus, you would love to stay here for a long time. If you have decided to go staycation in Quezon and stay overnight, you can choose this option.

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The air-conditioned works perfectly fine. It is cool inside which makes you feel more relaxed. In addition, the bathroom is nice. Its bathtub looks inviting. But, there’s something wrong with its hose attachment so you can’t use it well.

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Not to mention, there are already cupboards inside that you can use. Also, the veranda is also wide. The wooden table and chairs are in rustic design. Certainly, it makes the place look classic. Above all, this treehouse is good for relaxation.

Elsa Cafe

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This is the only cafe that they have in the resort. The staff is really accommodating and friendly. They serve Lucban Longganisa and other food at a reasonable price. Furthermore, the cafe is just outside the Tree House. In fact, the tables and chairs are also in rustic design. It’s amazing how the cafe looks aesthetically pleasing.

The Hanging Bridge

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This is right next to Elsa Cafe. There are two hanging bridges in the area. They are both good for picture-taking. However, you can’t go to the first bridge and you can’t go across it. The thing is, the other one is the gateway to get down the resort. You may take the bridge to reach the first station of the cross as well as the “batis” and go swimming in the cold water of it.

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Personally, this is my most favorite spot in the resort. I had fun swimming here! It is definitely clean. In the same way, its water is fresh and natural because it is coming down from the mountain. Similarly, you will enjoy dipping yourself in the cold freshwater of the stream.

In addition, you will notice the sculptures of the different animals surrounding the area. It feels like you are in a jungle.

Station of the Cross

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As I mentioned above, there are two Stations of the Cross. That is to say, the first one is near the stream. By the way, you need to go up the hill from the stream in order to get to the other station which is known as the Cristo Rey tower. It surely is exhausting because going up the hill is no joke. Despite that, once you reach the top, you will realize that it is totally worth it!!!

If you are fortunate enough, you can get a chance to witness the breathtaking view of Mt. Banahaw. Needless to say, we have made it!!! We were able to see Mt. Banahaw’s beautiful landscape after the rain!!!

Mt. Banahaw

Get a glimpse of the beautiful view of Mt. Banahaw by visiting the Cristo Rey tower. You will get to fall in love with it. More to that, you will be able to appreciate more nature!!

Mini Amusement Park / Mini Playground

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There is a mini-park located on the left side of the resort once you enter the main gate. More importantly, you can view different sculptures of marvel heroes. In addition, there are some sculptures of zoo animals. There are also swings, slides and a seesaw placed in the area. Thus, it is the best place for children and for those who are a kid at heart.


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Should you not forget to try their famous cuisine! For instance, Pansit Habhab and Lucban Longganisa! They are all worth trying and very affordable!!!

In case you are planning to go staycation, here’s the list of the room rates according to Villa Elma. There are only seven rooms including the glamping tent.


LOG CABINPhp 3,500 (aircon)
MEMO Php 2,800 (aircon)
TREEHOUSE Php 2,800 (aircon)
MASTERS Php 2,300 (aircon)
TWIN A or TWIN B Php 2,000 (electric fan)
GLAMPING TENT Php 1,900 (electric fan)

For extra person, just add:

Php 350 – adults
Php 175 – kids 8 to 12 y.o.
FREE – 7 yrs below


Free Entrance
Free Breakfast
Swimming pass to the stream
Towels and toiletries good for 2 people


LOG CABIN max of 10 pax Php 6,300 (adults)
MEMO max of 10 pax Php 5,600 (adults)
TREEHOUSE max of 8 pax Php 4,900 (adults)
MASTERS max of 4 pax Php 3,000 (adults)
TWIN A max of 4 pax Php 2,700 (adults)
TWIN B max of 4 pax Php 2,700 (adults)
GLAMPING max of 4 pax Php 2,600 (adults)

I can definitely say that Villa Elma is a perfect place for relaxation. However, there are still a lot of things that the place needs to improve. Some areas need maintenance.


A. Mabini Street, Brgy. Palola, Lucban, Quezon


Villa Elma – Facebook Page


8am – 5pm

ENTRANCE FEE (nature park)

100.00 – adults
50.00 – kids (8-12yrs)
75.00 – senior citizen
FREE – 7 yrs old below


(additional fee)
100.00 – adults/kids/senior.

Things to Consider when visiting Villa Elma

Bring rubber shoes for long walks.
You can bring food inside and have a picnic.
For weekdays, they don’t have a skeleton crew or tour guides. A caretaker will assist you.
No alcoholic beverages during the day tour.
Cottage, Tables, and Chairs are FREE to USE.
Free Parking outside Villa Elma in front of Main Gate

How to go to Villa Elma?

Option A

From Buendia Taft, ride a UV express going to Lucban, Quezon. Secondly, the van will drop you off at the public market. At last, from there, ride a tricycle going to Villa Elma.

Option B

First, from Alabang South Station, take a bus that will lead you to Lucena Grand Terminal Station. Then, ride a jeepney from the terminal going to the public market in Lucban, Quezon. Lastly, from the market, you can take a tricycle and just tell the driver to take you to Villa Elma.

Option C

From Festival Mall Alabang, there are vans going directly to Lucban, Quezon. But, they usually start to operate around 11 AM. Next, the van will take you to Lucban Public Market. Then, from the market, ride a tricycle going to Villa Elma.

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