Visit Guam: Why Filipinos Must Visit Guam this 2020!

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Hafa Adai! Have you ever heard of this expression? Doesn’t this sound familiar to you? It actually means “Hello” in Guam! Would you agree with me if I say it sounds so cute?! Recently, I have learned this new expression when I attended to Guam Visitors Bureau’s event held at Midas Hotel, Pasay City. In this event, I learned so many things about Guam that I would love to share with you. With that, I listed some of the reasons why Filipinos must visit Guam this year 2020! You must know why Guam is also a perfect dream destination for Filipino travelers?!

Understanding Guam

Guam is located in the heart of the Western Pacific, an island territory of the United States. It is home to a tropical climate, with an average yearly temperature of 86°F. The primary languages in Guam are Chamorro (Guam’s native language) and English.

How to get to Guam?

If you are coming from Australia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Nauru, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom, then your visa is waived.

On the other hand, if you are a Philippine passport holder, applying for a visa is required.

Frankly speaking, I haven’t had any idea that much about Guam. In fact, I have never been to Guam. All I know is, it is an island that is part of the United States of America. In that case, I didn’t pay much attention to this country. Luckily, I was invited by Miss Frances to get to know more about Guam! By that, I have become more interested in visiting Guam in the future. I didn’t really have any idea that this small island would be so interesting to visit! So here are some of the reasons why you should include Guam in your bucket-list.

Why Filipinos must visit Guam?

Guam is relatively close to the Philippines.

The Philippines is one of the closest Asian countries to Guam. Yes. It’s a fact! You can visit Guam and get to the island for only about three to four and a half hours! For Hawaii, you need to travel there for about 7 hours. But if you don’t feel like traveling for that long period of time, Guam could be your best option! In just three hours, you can arrive in one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world. Philippine Airlines is providing direct flights to Guam!

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In regards to getting a visa, the entry requirements for Guam are similar for any U.S. destination. Meaning to say you will need to get a U.S visa before entering Guam. Need a U.S visa? Most of Filipino travelers are quite conscious about getting a visa. But you don’t really need to worry that much! If you plan to only visit Guam, there is a higher chance for you to have your U.S visa approved! You just have to make sure that you will be flying directly to Guam back and forth.

Guam has got the best diving spot!

Most Filipinos are known for their love for seawater. We love doing different kinds of water sports activities. Certainly, you would love Guam for having clear waters and rich in marine species. Moreover, one of the best things about Guam is it promotes sustainable tourism. This way, locals maintain the beauty of the small island which makes it become one of the best diving spots in the world.

Guam’s tropical waters are teeming with hundreds of varieties of colorful fish and coral species. In addition to that, it shows off its unimaginable beauty and clarity underwater. You may also witness some historic wrecks from World War I and World War II.

What really amazed me by this fact is Guam is actually close to Marianas Trench. No wonder why the island is known as one of the richest and most diverse coral reef areas in the United States. For this reason, I wish to visit Guam as soon as possible! I would really love to dive into one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Guam is smaller than Manila.

Were you surprised? In regards to landmass, Manila is much bigger than Guam. The fact that its population is even smaller than Manila’s population. There are only about 170,000 people living on the island.

So what’s good about this? Expect less traffic, less pollution, and less crime. For these reasons, you might even consider settling down in Guam! In fact, 26% of Filipinos are living on the island.

Guam is tax-free.

So why visit Guam? Guam is a tax-free country which means that the island is one of the best places to go shopping. Here, you can buy a lot of branded and luxurious products at a cheaper price. Guam is truly a shopping haven for all Filipino travelers who love to go shopping. More to that, the island itself highly implements “NO FAKE ITEMS” in every mall you visit. It is definitely cheap to go shopping in Guam.

Go on pilgrimage in Guam.

Filipinos are also known for being religious. Some Filipino travelers do not only love to visit top tourist spots, but they also enjoy visit different historical places and churches. This is one thing that Filipinos would really enjoy in Guam. They can go on pilgrimage and even go visit and see the statue of Saint Peter Calungsod (the second Filipino saint) who actually got murdered in Guam. Not just a destination, but also a home.

Chamorros are known for being friendly and hospitable. Like Filipinos, they always smile and love to joke around. This way, you would never feel lonely visiting Guam. You are surely welcomed to this amazing island to locals. You can even make friends here and connect with them like forever! Chamorros are surely one of the kindest people you would ever meet around the globe! This could be one of the main reasons why Filipinos must visit Guam! Meet new friends and make that friendship forever!

More to that, Filipinos and Chamorros have some similarities in terms of culture.

Guam is surely a perfect tropical island destination among travelers. You can do a lot of things on the island whether it is to relax, go on adventures, immerse yourself in local food and culture, etc.

Is Guam part of your bucket list?

For more information about Guam, contact:

401 Pale San Vitores Road
Tumon, GU 96913
Tel: 1 (671) 646-5278/9
Fax: 1 (671) 646-8861

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