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Vista Tala Resort Bataan: A Recreational Park in Orani

Have you got anything to do this weekend? Don’t you have any plans yet this summer vacation? Looking for a place to spend your summer vacation? Are you in need of fresh air and a sight of nature? Then, Vista Tala Resort in Bataan is the right place for you!

About Vista Tala Resort

Vista Tala located in Orani, Bataan is a resort and recreational Park which is an ideal venue for a new adventure, relaxation, nature escapades, and family recreational gatherings. In addition, it is also a perfect place for team buildings or company outings.

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The Infinity Pool

For an instant, I already fell in love with the resort the moment I got into its gate. With the breathtaking views of the mountains surrounding the area and its magnificent forest-like setup. I was able to get closer to nature once again.

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The ambiance of the entire area is amazing. It makes you feel that you just want to chill out all day. You won’t feel hot at all due to its chilly temperature. More to that, it isn’t as crowded as other resorts. In that way, it makes the place more serene. My friends and I loved everything about the resort!

From its serenity to relaxing atmosphere, to breathtaking scenery. Certainly, this is a much-needed place for relaxation. Whether you want to make fun or do nothing at all, Vista Tala is the best place for you!

Things to Expect at Vista Tala Resort

The Swimming Pool

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In total, there are about 4 swimming pools in the resort. Two are infinity pools, while the other two are just typical pools.

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The first infinity pool is good for children because it is just below 5ft. Meanwhile, the other infinity is deeper than the first one. It is 5ft. above which is good for swimmers.

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You will definitely enjoy swimming in the pool because of the great views of the mountain and the trees! In addition, it is perfect for taking photographs! Make sure to wear your best swimwear for photoshoot gaming.

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You can find the third pool near the Mt. Natib Viewpoint. It is also close to some recreational activities such as Ziplining, Rappelling, and Wall Climbing.

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Even though it is not an infinity pool, the view still can be very amazing! You can enjoy staying in this area with your friends or family. You will feel like you own the whole area because it seems a private property. But, it’s not! It is open to everyone.

Lastly, the fourth pool is located near the main entrance of the resort. It is in The Pavillion Area. If you are looking for a secluded area, this is also a good spot for your team!

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Recreational Activities at Vista Tala Resort

As I mentioned above, you can also do some extreme activities like Zipline, Rappelling, and Wall Climbing! If you are into some extreme activities, you may want to try one of their activities at a reasonable price!

Zipline Php 250.00
Rappelling Php 150.00
Wall Climbing Php 150.00

Other things to do in Vista Tala Resort

You may want to try their other activities as follows:

Billiards Php 150/hour
Body Massage Php 500/hour
Body Massage Php 500/hour
KTV Room Php 700/hour- good for 8person (PHP 400 consumable food and drinks)
Billiards Php 150/hour
River Trekking (free of charge)

Cottages at Vista Tala Resort

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The resort provides enough cottages around the area. What’s more interesting about that? As a matter of fact, the cottages are named after the different waterfalls in the Philippines. Amazing! Isn’t it?

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Accommodation Type in Vista Tala Resort

If cottages are named after the waterfalls, meanwhile every room is named after the different mountains in the country. How creative they are! By the way, we stayed overnight in the resort and our room’s name is Mt. Talinis.

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To be honest, I didn’t know much about this mountain until we got to stay here. Inside the room, there is a description provided about the mountain that you’ll be staying in.

Our room is so tidy and nice. The room is cool and beddings are soft. It is very comfortable to lie down the bed. It has also a TV and a refrigerator. In addition, the refrigerator has some snacks and drinks. But, you have to pay for them.

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The amenities are good as well. The restroom is big enough. A complete set of toiletries is already provided. You will never get bored inside the room because you can play some board games.

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More to that, we stayed in the villa with Jacuzzi. We really enjoyed playing with the hot water in the Jacuzzi. The balcony also has an overlooking view of the mountain!

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The Restaurant

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The place is huge enough and it has a veranda as well. The veranda looks so beautiful at night as it offers great night lights. More to that, the food is great! We truly enjoyed our food here!

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My Overall Experience at Vista Tala Resort

I loved everything about the resort. Every corner of the resort is instagrammable! More to that, we have received good services from the staff! They are friendly and approachable.

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Indeed, this place has such a very relaxing vibe. It was a short getaway, but I was able to recharge and relax in this resort. Its chilling atmosphere makes me want to stay longer!

I must say, this is one of the best places to visit when you want to escape from your worries, completely de-stress, and reconnect with yourself. I would definitely come back here again!


Adult PHP600 (PHP200 consumable food)
Kids PHP360 (PHP100 consumable food)
Cottage PHP122/person

INCLUSIONS: Inclusive of Entrance and Pool Use&Consumable food



Nipa Hut PHP3,900 (2 persons)
Standard Room PHP4,500 (2 persons)
Deluxe Room PHP6,500 (2 persons)
Row House PHP7,500 (4 persons)
Standard Villa PHP9,900 (4 persons)


Guests are not allowed to bring food

No pets allowed

No Smoking Zone

Cooking inside the resort is prohibited.

Reservation ahead of time is highly Recommended

Payments to be settled via cash transaction only


Monday-Sunday: 8:00am-5:00pm


Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park Tala, Orani, Bataan


Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park – Facebook Page
09175699479 or 09999904680
[email protected]

How to get there?

From Cubao, take the Genesis bus bound for Bataan.
Then, tell the driver to drop you off at Orani.
From the drop off point, ride a tricycle and tell the driver to take you to Vista Tala Resort.

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  1. Want to come over for a day with family. Live in Clark. Been reading lot’s of reviews on line. Just want to know if the management has addressed the issues, and are the fixed. Like everyone here I work hard for my money so I don’t want to waste it on a bad trip. Also Will bring 2 kids age 9 that want to swim. And we plan to eat lunch there also. Please have someone get back to me. Thanks. Robert

  2. Tracy @ Cleland Clan

    I’d love to relax in the jacuzzi or in the hammock on the deck. What a beautiful place to vacation!

  3. Looks beautiful! That pool is amazing. I’d probably hang out in the 5ft and below pool since I’m not a very good swimmer. lolol Thanks for sharing this trip with us!

  4. Very complete review, thanks! And I appreciate that you posted pictures of the place but also of the food that you can eat at the restaurant. It makes it more complete, especially since you detailed all prices and rules. It really looks like a great place to stay!

  5. Blair villanueva

    I like the whole ambiance and looks peaceful and relaxing. Will consider your tips on our next trip.

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