What Makes Korean Dramas Popular Globally?

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Do you love watching Korean dramas? This blog highlights the reasons why Korean dramas are popular globally.

Hallyu Wave has undeniably caught the hearts and the attention of the people not just in Asia, but across the world. The Hallyu Wave sensation is everywhere; you can notice it in most places. From Korean music to food, K-fashion, culture, and traditions. More to that, viewers across the world are starting to get more enthusiastic about K-dramas or Korean dramas! From South Korea to other parts of Asia, and to the rest of the world.

With the being said, it is no doubt that Korean dramas are so hype, most especially in today’s generation where almost everything is accessible on social media. It is obviously now easier to connect with people, gather information, and find resources on the Internet. As a matter of fact, most people are eventually becoming addicted to watching Korean dramas. Whether they are a K-pop fan, a K-drama fan, or not, it doesn’t stop them from getting into watching K-dramas!

Reasons why Korean dramas are popular globally

The not-so-typical paired up characters.

In most Korean dramas, you won’t easily find the same lead actor and actress a lot on screens. Writers and producers make sure that they have pair-up new actors and actresses in a new Korean drama that they produce. No matter how popular or successful a certain lead couple is, you would never see them again together being paired up in more dramas. But there are some cases that the two leads are paired up twice.

Surprisingly, they also come up with great chemistry in spite of always new lead actors and actresses in every drama that the Korean entertainment industry creates.

It blows your mind away.

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Prison Playbook is one of the best Korean dramas that has an amazing plot line. You can watch it on Netflix.

There is no doubt that watching a Korean drama is totally mind-blowing. This is definitely one of the reasons why people are getting hooked by K-dramas. Whatever genre it is, Korean dramas always showcase unexpected yet surprisingly amazing plot twists.

It is kind of impossible to predict the scene of every episode since there are a lot of twists. It would make you think a lot. If you feel like your speculation seems so right, not until you see what happens in the next episode. Watching K-drama would surely leave you hanging until your thoughts turned out to be wrong. Yeah, that’s how most Korean dramas go. It sometimes makes you go crazy about what is going to happen in the next upcoming episodes. Then you realize that each drama is unique and unpredictable.

Its soothing and pleasing soundtrack.

One thing that surely makes a Korean drama better and more appealing, it is definitely because of its soundtrack. It is not about how much you understand the song, but it is more of how you feel toward it. That’s what makes us feel more attached to a certain drama. It soothing soundtrack that makes us feel more in love with the drama and its characters.

The high-quality cinematography.

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The Korean Drama “Hotel de Luna”

So why are Korean dramas popular globally? The cinematography is no joke. Korean dramas never fail to showcase aesthetically pleasing cinematography to the viewers. It takes you to another dimension- from the present time to the ancient time, to the past, to the future. It could even take to an unimaginable place! More to that, it makes you feel like you are being part of the show as if you have already experienced being in that period of time. It is no wonder why Korean dramas are so fascinating! They make us more imaginative and creative at the same time.

Korean dramas are not just for entertainment.

Korean dramas are not just for entertainment, but they are educational as well. They would definitely broaden your perspective in life. Each scene is more beyond the drama itself. You can certainly learn a lot from watching K-dramas. Korean dramas depict life, goals, dreams, love, and family. They teach you to dream bigger and motivate you to reach your goals. Also, K-dramas teach you on how to live more than to give up. In addition, watching Korean dramas teaches you to become a goal-oriented person. You learn how to value life more and relationships with other people. It talks more about the reality of life. There is something about a Korean drama that makes your life feel more meaningful and exciting.

I believe these are some of the reasons why Korean dramas are people globally. So why are you into watching K-dramas?

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