Yellow Cab’s New Favorite: Chicken Alfredo Pizza

new yellow cab chicken alfredo pizza

Yellow Cab, one of the top players in the Philippine pizza scene, releases another limited-edition NY-Style Thin Crust pizza flavor this quarter. The new flavor is a take on another classic favorite: the Chicken Alfredo Pizza. The best-selling cream-based pasta now comes in its NY-Style Thin Crust Pizza glory. Savor juicy, boneless chicken thigh fillets set on a bed of rich creamy white sauce and topped with chopped olives and basil strips on our newest crust! You surely wouldn’t want to miss out on our very first white sauce pizza! 

new yellow cab pizza flavor

Oh, and here’s a pro tip: try it with chili flakes for an added kick!

The Chicken Alfredo Pizza will be available in 9”, 12”, and 15” sizes, with prices starting at P349, and will be offered from July 5 to October 3, 2021, at all Yellow Cab stores.

chicken alfredo pizza

Both are valid for dine-in, take-out, Curbside© pick-up, drive-thru, and delivery. For more details on Yellow Cab’s current store operations as well as products and services, you may visit their website and their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter (@ycpizzaofficial), and Instagram (@yellowcabpizza).

About Yellow Cab

Yellow Cab Pizza co. is a beloved multi-billion-peso brand under Max’s Group, Inc., and a top player in the Philippine pizza scene, with 148 stores in the Philippines, 15 in the Middle East, 12 in Southeast Asia, and 1 in the United States. It has been sharing a slice of New York with the Filipino people for 20 years, with its success driven by its Edge-To-Edge Pizzas spearheaded by New York’s Finest® and other iconic flagship products such as Dear Darla, Charlie Chan, and Hot Chix.

yellow cab chicken alfredo pizza

My Takeaways

yellow cab philippines pizza

I think Chicken Alfredo is my newest favorite pizza flavor of Yellow Cab. Its chicken is so tender and I just love everything about it. Its taste is so amazing that makes me crave more of it! I totally fell in love with it and I think I can have the entire box of pizza!

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