An Indulgent Day at Balay Hilom Spa

Had a long tiring day? Have you been stressed out all day? I believe this is the best time to pamper yourself! If you are looking for something new to do for relaxation; you can have an indulgent day at Balay Hilom Spa! I highly recommend it! In fact, it is not the typical spa to go to!

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My friends asked me to pay a visit to a spa with them. As a matter of fact, it was my first time going to a spa. I went with them and I felt so excited to try because I haven’t tried it before! For the past few weeks, I have been so stressed at work that it makes me feel exhausted. While it may be true, traveling is my way to escape from reality, yet I wanted something that doesn’t really to move a lot. So, when I heard about visiting a spa, why not try it anyway?

About Balay Hilom Spa

Balay Hilom Spa is a spa massage offering different types of massage services. More to that, their services are extraordinary due to the fact that their massage services are based on healing traditions or practices” that come from Luzon, Visayas, and all the way to Mindanao.

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The Advantages of Massage Therapy

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1. It revitalizes your mind and body.
2. It relieves body pain.
3. It reduces stress and anxiety.
4. It improves blood circulation.
5. It makes the body healthier.

Why Balay Hilom Spa?

1. The aromatic feeling that it offers.

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The moment you enter the spa, you will definitely notice the aroma. Certainly, it is pleasant to the smell which can make you feel relaxed.

2. They have got the best massage service.

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Indeed, massage therapists are professionals. You can tell that they do know what they are doing. Above all, I could say that they are capable of massaging your entire body. In fact, they could do it with its remarkable precision! It is therapeutic! The staff is very accommodating, too!

3. The Ambience

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It feels so good to stay in their room. It feels so calm. In truth, the place is peaceful and the music also makes the place more relaxing. You would feel more comfortable staying at Balay Hilom Spa.

4. The heirloom tea

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You can try their tea before and after your massage session. I must say, this is one of the best tea I have ever tasted. Once you taste it, you will feel so refreshed! Also, you might even find yourself getting addicted to it! I totally loved their tea! It was so delicious!

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I am amazed at how the place is utterly relaxing. The moment I entered the place, it felt like the ambiance made my worries go away. Moreover, it is peaceful and even if there was music playing in the background, it didn’t really matter. In fact, it made the place even more calming!

I sit all day in the office and most likely it is for more than eight hours. I have to deal with different stressful matters and situations. As an office worker, I realized that this was something that I badly needed; massage therapy.

After the massage therapy, I could say it truly alleviated my stress and I totally felt renewed. I never regretted visiting Balay Hilom Spa. Therefore, this is really a healing spa for me!!! I’d love to do this again if possible. You should try especially this if you are feeling stressed and restful. Certainly, a one-of-a-kind experience that you should not miss trying!

If you want to have an indulgent day at Balay Hilom Spa, you should go now and try their best service!


FBR Arcade, Katipunan Avenue (C-5), Loyola Heights, Quezon City (across Ateneo de Manila University)


Balay Hilom Spa – Facebook Page

0927 535 8380

Operating Hours

1 pm to 11 pm



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  1. Very nice sharing. I love spa as well, you post makes me wanna go to there right away^^. Very informative and I love how you list out all the fliers of the spa at the end of you post, very useful.

  2. OMG after reading your post I am feeling like going for a Spa Therapy myself! The welcome tea does look interesting & refreshing 🙂

  3. I have to say I am quite jealous right now, sounds like exactly the type of relaxation I need after having been a full-time mom for the past 16 months!

  4. I must admit that we’ve never been to any spa therapy . We’ve once had a massage in Paris, but that’s it! This place looks so relaxing and beautiful. Wouldn’t mind to try our “first time in a spa” at Balay Hilom.

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