Lemoni Cafe: A Café Worth Visiting in Boracay

best cafe to visit in boracay

It was our second day of exploring the beauty of Boracay Island, but we actually didn’t have any plans at all. We just wanted to chill, eat, and try out some of the best cafes and restaurants on the island. 

We were staying at Lola’s Lodge which was located at Station 2, so everything was accessible to us. We had a lot of options for where we could eat out and have our brunch. We discovered this cute little cafe near the front beach while walking along Station 2.

This tiny cafe that we’ve discovered is the Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant. Located at Station 2, Boracay, this cafe is definitely worth a try! We’ve truly had a great experience dining at this cafe. I must say that Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant is a must-try cafe in Boracay

About Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant

Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant serves refreshing food and drinks with a touch of lemon. The cafe offers a range of familiar international dishes such as steak, pasta, fresh bread, some seafood dishes, etc. Also, they serve some popular Filipino breakfast cuisines like “tapsilog.”

One of the concepts of the cafe is to provide healthy and refreshing food. That’s the main reason why most of their food has the taste of lemon. 

Why You Should Visit Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant on Boracay Island

The cafe offers healthy and refreshing food. 

As mentioned above, Lemoni Cafe serves refreshing food and drinks. They aim to satisfy guests, not just with their delicious cuisine, but also with their nutritious food! Even some of their desserts are refreshing because they contain lemon flavor!

It has a great spot. 

One of the best things about Lemoni Cafe is its location. It is very accessible to the beach. So, if you want to walk along the beach after eating, the cafe is only a 1-minute walk from the front beach.

A perfect spot for every meal.

My friends and I visited the Lemoni Cafe for lunch. We truly enjoyed all the food we got, and everything was worth the price. You might actually find their food a bit more costly than other cafes and restaurants in Boracay, but I would personally say that the food justifies its cost itself! 

Must-try food at Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant in Boracay

  • Big Breakfast – Php 590
  • U.S. Tenderloin – Php 750
  • Lemon Lunch Box – Php 550
  • Spaghetti Arabiatta – Php 450
  • Poached Salmon Penne Pasta – Php 500
  • Cappuccino – Php 110
  • Flat White – Php 110
  • Caesar Salad – Php 550
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich – 430
  • Lemon Lime Soda – Php 110
  • Calamansi Soda – Php 80
  • Calamansi Mint Soda – Php 100
  • Desserts (Mango Tart)

So if you want to be refreshed and feel good, you must visit Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant in Boracay and try their amazing food and drinks!

Operating Hours

7:00 AM – 11:00 PM, daily


Station 2, Boracay Island (Infront of Andoks)


Facebook: Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant

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