LUMOS RAY PROJECTOR: Making Your Home Cinema Dreams Come True

lumos ray as your home cinema projector

Filipinos love watching movies or even series. No matter what type of movie or series it is, as long as it is the one that we love most, we do watch it! It’s a fact that we can’t complain about. Whether it is in a cinema, on television, on a monitor, or even on your phone screen! We are fond of watching any series or Korean dramas on Netflix, Youtube, or other sites as long as it is entertaining! Not to mention that we can spend hours binge-watching our favorite Netflix Korean series or so.

I am also that type of person who is addicted to watching series, especially if it is a Korean drama or movie! However, I have been getting tired of watching it on my phone. I wanted something new and wanted to have a better watching experience. I didn’t have my television in my room. That’s why I considered getting a projector for my dream home cinema. Luckily, I got this amazing projector named LUMOS RAY

So, if you are also in love with watching on a huge screen (like me), this projector is perfect for you. I could say that this is an affordable solution for cinema lovers who wish to have their cinema at home. Packing only all the basic specs for a home in your bedroom (plug & play), you will surely get to have the best cinema experience ever! Plus, you can binge-watch all day long and any time you want! If you consider purchasing a projector for your dream home cinema, find out everything about the LUMOS RAY projector!

About LUMOS RAY Projector 

where to buy lumos ray projector in philippines

LUMOS RAY is a home cinema projector that originated in Singapore and Malaysia. Since there are a lot of Filipinos who enjoy using the brand from these countries, the well-built popular projector then eventually made it into the Philippines. It is a home cinema projector that provides the best home cinema-quality experience! Loved by Filipinos with hundreds of 5-star reviews, the LUMOS RAY projector is amazingly priced at only ₱8,999 (₱11,999 for smart), unlike other international brands that cost around ₱20,000. 

Get the best home cinema projector on their website if you ever wish to purchase.

Best Features of LUMOS RAY Projector

If you are wondering about what this projector offers, here are some of its best features that you can experience while using this. 

Massive Screen with Little Space

a set of kdrams in a projector

The projector has a short throw (1.3:1), good for smaller bedrooms. Imagine, it saves us space and is also ideal for those with smaller spaces! It has around a 3m distance and can project an impressive 100-inch screen.

Great Visual Clarity 

a laptop with a wide screen projector

It has a 1080p Blu-Ray Support and a 720p HD clear resolution. Its bright 3,000 Lumens – High Brightness makes the colors more vivid in darkness (not grainy or washed out), unlike other portable projector brands that only have around 1,000. It is best to have all-screen photos in darkness on a white wall to give viewers the most representative experience.

Inbuilt Netflix and YouTube

a built in and youtube projector

Netflix and Youtube are indeed the two most used applications by Filipinos. This is very special as traditional projectors usually are not smart. This projector has its own inbuilt Android operating system, which makes it plug and play. Imagine watching your favorite Korean drama on Netflix through this projector. It makes us more entertained and thrilled!

Wireless Mirror Casting

wireless mirror casting for phones

All you need is a Wi-Fi connection, and you are ready to do whatever you want with the LUMOS RAY projector! Simply open the inbuilt Air Screen app & connect via Wi-Fi to the mirror smartphone. Most use it to play mobile games, use Spotify, or even Zoom call over a huge screen while lying in bed. It makes us feel more relaxed and convenient.

Premium & Elegant Look

lumos ray projector price

I love this projector because it has a minimalistic & sleek look that adds a touch of modernity to your room. I love its white color, which makes the space more aesthetically pleasing!

Inbuilt Dolby Audio

One more thing that you will love about the LUMOS RAY projector is the good cinematic surround sound that is powerful enough. Despite its one built-in speaker on the side, it boasts an awesome, powerful, clear sound! 

Things to Expect from the Home Cinema Projector

LUMOS RAY is a home cinema projector that comes with the following:

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart capabilities 
  • A place for a tripod that you can put it on for more optimal viewing angles
  • AV cable
  • HDMI cable
  • USB

Why You Must Purchase LUMOS RAY Projector

an aesthetic lumos ray projector

It is compact and easy to use. 

If you doubt buying this because of its specs, worry no more. Its manual user guide is very easy to follow, and I must say that it is beginner-friendly. I also got worried about how I could operate the projector, but when I read the manual, I got the instructions after a few minutes! 

Real User Reviews

Since its launch, the LUMOS RAY projector has received many satisfied user reviews on its website, with hundreds of 5-star reviews.

It offers a powerful projection at an affordable cost.

If you are looking for the best home cinema projector, then the LUMOS RAY projector is the right one for you. From its amazing projection to great to its powerful sound, the LUMOS RAY projector got you covered! You don’t need to break a bank to make your home cinema dreams come true. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are LUMOS RAY Projectors good?

Indeed one of the best projectors that you could ever purchase. It functions well and is so easy to use! Definitely worth the price and investment! 

How much is a LUMOS RAY projector?

The LUMOS RAY is priced at only ₱8,999, and the RAY Smart at ₱11,999 with a 1-year local warranty. The LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector is now available for purchase directly from LUMOS Projector via their website at

Which locations do they ship to?

Currently, the company only ships locally in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. 

Do they accept credit cards?

Yes. LUMOS RAY accepts debit and credit cards from Visa and Mastercard. They also offer Cash on Delivery (COD) payment. 

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