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We can’t deny that Filipinos are fond of eating out. Whether it is a simple snack or food, street food, or a luxurious meal, we are in love with the idea of trying out different types of dishes or cuisines. Nowadays, there are a lot of coffee shops and restaurants popping out everywhere. Wherever we go, you can see so many restaurants that we can choose from! 

Suppose you are the type of person who loves going to restaurants that offer unlimited food and drinks. In that case, you might consider visiting this Asian fusion restaurant located in General Trias, Cavite. Yoki Buffet is another good restaurant that offers different Asian-style cuisines at an affordable price! 

About Yoki Buffet

Located in General Trias, Cavite, Yoki Buffet is an International-style buffet restaurant offering unlimited Asia food and drinks! In addition, they also serve endless desserts that many customers would love to try! The restaurant is an Asian fusion style offering Filipino, Korean, and Japanese food. 

Top Reasons to Visit Yoki Buffet

They offer affordable, good-quality food and drinks. 

If you love going to the type of restaurant that offers unlimited food but are on a tight budget, you can visit Yoki Buffet. They provide unlimited food and drinks at an affordable price, as mentioned above! They have a vast spread of different Asian dishes. It has various food stations, from the main dishes to desserts. You will enjoy going around the restaurant because it has a lot of food to offer!

They might not have the best food, but they still serve good-quality food. Based on our experience, most of the foods in the main selection are Filipino foods. They have served the best seafood, which is a good experience for me. In addition, they also offer different types of meat cuisines and Lechon. I enjoyed having lechon as it was so tasty. In terms of their desserts, they also have a huge selection in this area. Although the ice cream I got didn’t fit my palate. Overall, they serve a nice food selection. 

The restaurant has a huge, nice space. 

Yoki Buffet has a huge space with a nice ambiance inside the restaurant. They have a very beautiful interior, and I love how enticing it is. Their space is huge, and I think you won’t have any problem going around the area. Here, you can hold parties, celebrations, gatherings, birthdays, etc. 

Great customer service.

The staff is very accommodating! I loved how my friends and I accommodated us from the moment we stepped into the restaurant. They would always smile at you and greet you enthusiastically. It felt so comfortable being here while enjoying the good food.

If you are wondering how much is their unlimited food, here are the prices: 

  • 399 weekdays 
  • 499 weekends and holidays 

For as low as Php 399, you will experience unlimited International cuisine without the time limit!


Divimart, General Trias, Cavite (they are located inside Divimart)

Operating Hours

11 AM to 8 PM daily


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YokiBuffetInternational/ 

Email: yokiiibuffet@gmail.com

Phone: 0999 561 7666

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