Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus: Premium Quality Fish

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Fish is definitely one of the primary foods in the Philippines. Filipinos love to eat different kinds of seafood. Whether it is in a supermarket or a public market, seafood is everywhere. As a matter of fact, the biggest seafood exporter is in southern Mindanao. Sarangani Bay is serving you premium quality boneless Bangus (milkfish) and other processed seafood products.

About Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus

Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus is the largest processor and exporter of premium quality bangus in the Philippines. Not to mention that they also export other processed seafood products.

Sarangani Bay implements integrated farm-to-market fish processing in the country. In addition, they develop and manage their own fish hatchery, grow-out operations, and processing plant. They make everything on the same farm site. There is no need to question the quality that Sarangani Bay offers to consumers.

In fact, it is a trusted brand that is US FDA and EU certified. It meets international food safety standards and regulations.

My Thoughts on Sarangani Prime Bangus

I may not be into seafood that much but I could tell you that I love milkfish! Bangus is one of my top favorite kinds of seafood. To be honest, I love it more when it is sun-dried! I really find it delicious! But I really never thought that there is something more to the sun-dried milkfish that I have tasted!

I actually got some packs of boneless milkfish from Sarangani Bay. I got some boneless milkfish belly, boneless milkfish smoked, and boneless milkfish marinated. My family and I cooked everything by frying! Although there are other ways to cook it, actually! I had it with my family during lunch and dinner. So how was it? We had totally enjoyed eating the milkfish at every meal that we had! We even had some for breakfast the next day. Seriously, we never got tired of eating it! We even asked and craved for more! In fact, we had too much rice because of these delicious fish products! Everyone in the house loved them!

No doubt that Sarangani Bay is the best and the largest exporter of fish in the Philippines! It has the premium quality milkfish (bangus) not just in the Philippines but also in other parts of the world! Yes! Nothing beats the taste of milkfish from Sarangani Bay! It was such a good choice that I go some milkfish from them!

I now clearly understand why Sarangani Bay is the highly-trusted market in terms of seafood! Those people who don’t enjoy eating seafood that much, I believe you would like the seafood products from them! The marinated boneless milkfish is definitely a must-try!

If you love milkfish or other seafood products, Saranggani Bay is ready to serve you with premium quality seafood! Expect sustainable seafood from farm to processing plant and all the way to your kitchen!

Get to know more about Sarangani Bay

If you want to know more about their products, visit them on their website. You cannot just eat it by frying. As I mentioned above, you cook the fish in so many different ways. If you check out their website, there are some recipes and other ways you can cook the marinated milkfish. Even the other seafood products that they offer!

It is not that costly to buy fish products from Sarangani Bay. In addition, I am certain that you would never regret paying for their fish products. Everything that I’ve got tastes so good. I hope to try one of their products again soon. I would love to learn other ways to cook them as well!

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