Tate Haus: A Captivating Private Resort in Bulacan

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Have an exceptional experience while staying in this incredible private resort in Bulacan: Tate Haus. Nestled in the heart of Baliuag – a small town in Bulacan, Tate Haus showcases a one-of-a-kind setting that would definitely make you leave all your worries and stress behind! You will surely have the best nights in this private resort together with your loved ones, family, or friends! If you are looking for an exclusive place to escape from reality, then this might be the perfect place for you!

About Tate Haus

Tate Haus is a private resort located in Baliuag, Bulacan which is just a few hours away from Manila. According to one of the owners of the resort, its name “Tate” (teyt) is actually derived from the slang word during the Post-American War in the country. In fact, it used to be pronounced as “Tate” which means chocolate from the United States. So that’s how they have come up with the name for the resort!

Things to expect

My friends and I actually stayed in the resort for 3 days and 2 nights! Our entire stay here was totally enjoyable and memorable. During our stay, here are some of the things I noticed and you can also expect from the resort.

The Private Rooms

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From the left: Fatima, Arajoyce, Me

There are around six private rooms in the resort. What’s amazing about it is that each room has its own theme! In addition to that, each room is huge enough for big groups. We got a chance to check-in at one of their lovable rooms which is colored in pink! The interior looks so chic that makes the entire room cozy. The vibe inside the room feels aesthetic, it has got a lot of amazing decorations with high-end, comfortable amenities!

Kitchen & Dining Area

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What a cozy kitchen area!

Dine extravagantly at their dining area that has a unique ambiance and feel. You shouldn’t miss out on trying some of the scrumptious local cuisines from Bulacan such as Chicharong Baboy, Longganisa, and the Vinegar! The staff who cooked for us definitely served us well.

One thing is for sure about your stay in Tate Haus: you will fall in love with their kitchen area. The entire set-up of the kitchen is simple yet enticing! You would surely enjoy cooking here. Moreover, Tate Haus has already provided everything that you will need for your cooking. Everything is well organized and has been set already. All you need to is the ingredients for your own meal! It feels like home!

The Event Center

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This private is also open to different types of events and celebrations. They have a very nice event center which has a sound system already. You can celebrate birthdays, have team buildings, weddings, etc. Make your special a blast at Tate Haus!

Gaming Area

You will surely never get bored at Tate Haus. They provide a small gaming area where you can play billiards and pingpong. If you are into these sports, then you shouldn’t miss out on heading over to their gaming area.

Karaoke Room

The karaoke room is just right next to the swimming pool. This could be the best spot for you and your company if you guys are into singing. Imagine enjoying a videoke while drinking your favorite drink with your best buddies! How cool it is!

Swimming Pool

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This is the view of the swimming pool at night.

Your stay in this hotel is not complete without dipping yourself in the refreshing waters of the pool. Also, you can relax in their own private jacuzzi day and night. The pool seems to be more lively at night due to its colorful lights! What’s even more relaxing is you can watch your favorite movie or series on Netflix while you are in the pool or jacuzzi. Doesn’t it sound fun?

Gift Shop

Don’t forget to spoil yourself by purchasing some of the gift items that the resort sells at their gift shop! Most of the products that they offer originally came from the US! If you are keen on branded products, you can definitely find some from their own shop.

Fun things to do at the resort

I listed down some of the fun things to do while staying in this private resort in Bulacan.

Go swimming

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Swim all you can either daytime or nighttime. If you are into swimming (like me), this would probably one of the best things to do at Tate Haus!

Go karaoke

As mentioned above, you sing your heart out at the karaoke area! Just don’t forget to prepare your playlist songs!

Enjoy cooking

They have the most wonderful kitchen! There is no need for you to worry about the kitchenware and equipment.

Experience nature

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Feel closer to nature as you try on some of the most thrilling and unique activities that Tate Haus has to offer: The Carabao Ride and The Halimaw Ride. The resort is actually surrounded by rice fields. This is the reason why you can have a one-time experience of riding a carabao while on a rice field. Meanwhile, the Halimaw ride is a type of vehicle that is also used by farmers when it is time to harvest rice. On the other hand, this type of activity is only seasonal and has a different rate. For additional information, Bulacan celebrates the Carabao Festival around March annually.


They offer different rates depending on how much longer you are staying in the resort.

Daytime (8 AM to 5 PM)

Php 18000Php 180002
Php 21000Php 210002
Php 25000Php 250003
Php 30000Php 300003
Php 35000Php 350004

Nightime (7 PM to 6 AM)

Php 20000202
Php 25000303
Php 30000404
Php 35000505
Php 40000606

Overnight (8 AM to 6 AM; 7 PM to 5 PM)

Php 32000202
Php 35000303
Php 42000404
Php 50000505
Php 60000606


Matangtubig, Baliuag, Bulacan


Facebook: Tate Haus
Website: https://tatehaus.com/
Mobile: 09451702105
Email: haustate@gmail.com

How to get there?

You may follow this Google Map link.

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