Fantastic Chef: A Korean Restaurant in Malate, Manila

This blog highlights my experience dining at Fantastic Chef – another Korean restaurant in Malate, Manila.

It is obviously undeniable that the craving for Korean cuisine is continuously growing in the Philippines. A lot of Korean restaurants have been popping out everywhere in the metro. In that case, it sometimes leads to confusion about which restaurants are worth trying. Fortunately, I have discovered a new Korean restaurant that will surely satisfy your cravings. That is Fantastic Chef located in Malate, Manila! Surely, this is going to be your newest favorite Korean restaurant in the metro!

About Fantastic Chef

Fantastic Chef is the newest Korean restaurant. Like other Korean restaurants, it offers various unlimited meat, rice, and side dishes! In addition, it also offers different varieties of Korean liquor such as soju. More to that, they also have local alcoholic beverages. Fantastic Chef was newly opened last January 16, 2019.

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It is the sister company of Fantastic Baka- another talk-of-the-town’s Korean restaurant located in Quezon City. What’s more? There is NO TIME LIMIT! You can have UNLIMITED KOREAN CUISINE WITH NO TIME LIMIT! Sounds like a great deal, right?

The Edge of Fantastic Chef

Fantastic Chef is an authentic Korean restaurant offering a selection of premium meat at a very affordable price. Chef Jang Jungyun is a pride in the restaurant. She is known as one of the A-list chefs in Korea. She used to work in a 3 stars Michelin restaurant in Korea. With her years of experience, you can surely get to taste and experience the authentic Korean barbecue! Fantastic Chef is a Korean restaurant that provides high-quality ingredients of meat and side dishes! You might not get over their food once you get to taste it!

About the Place

The place isn’t as big as other restaurants. But, it is already good enough to accommodate big groups of consumers. The place looks good. No need to worry about grilling the meat, it is well-ventilated. You will enjoy grilling and cooking at the same time. In addition, the place is quite cool, too. The restaurant looks even better at night. Perhaps, the good lighting that it has?

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Inside Fantastic Chef

More to that, there is a small TV mounted on the wall. It near the restroom. It plays different KPOP music videos. You might even get to watch your favorite group’s music videos! In terms of their restroom, cleanliness must be more observed. Overall, the ambiance is great! We loved staying here while enjoying our food!

About the Staff

The staff is very accommodating. They look all friendly and approachable. Yet, some of them were not that attentive when we asked something for them. It could be a huge number of customers coming into the restaurant. Overall, whenever we called the staff, they would respond as much as they could.

About the Price


Kinds of Meat

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Kinds of Meat

Skirt Meat
Jowls meat
Seasoned Pork Neck
Pork belly
Spicy Pork Bulgogi
Seasoned Chicken BBQ
Spicy Chicken BBQ
Beef Plate
Seasoned Beef Plate

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Every taste of the meat is so palatable that makes you crave more! The meat is cut perfectly which makes it even to its thickness. Whether it is the regular meat or the marinated one, you will get to fall in love with its taste!

The ssamjang is so tasty! This is one of the best ssamjang I’ve ever tasted. It is perfect with grilled regular meat! More to that, it is best when it is eaten with fresh lettuce! This is one of the good things I noticed about their lettuce, it is fresh. The marinated meat tastes good when it is dipped in sauce. Also, they serve unlimited cheese which also perfect for every grilled meat! Certainly, this is the authentic Korean barbecue experience that you have been searching for long. Every single penny spent is definitely worth it!

Kinds of Side Dishes

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Kinds of dishes
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Steamed Egg
Cabbage Salad
Fish Cake

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Another impressive note, they have an extensive amount of delectable side dishes! Most of the Korean restaurants I’ve been to usually serve only a small amount of side dishes at a time. But in Fantastic Chef, you will also be filled with authentic side dishes mainly prepared by Chef Jang. Once you taste the side dish, you’ll surely feel satisfied with their fantastic, authentic cuisine.

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1F 590 Remedios Circle, Malate, 1004 Manila, Philippines


Facebook: Fantastic Chef – Malate


Mobile: +63 995 843 8208

Opening Hours

11:00AM – 6:00AM the next day!


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