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Going on staycations has been a “thing” in the Philippines. Whether it be a family, a group of friends, couples, or even frequent travelers, everyone loves visiting a nice hotel to sleep in, relax, and spend most of the time inside their rooms. 

This is definitely one way of relaxing and going on vacation without going to any other destinations. You just want to chill out and have a quiet space for leisure and tranquility. Recently, my friends and I went on a staycation, but we somehow stayed on budget. 

That being said, if you’re a fan of going on a staycation (like me), you must try and experience staying at Hotel Sogo! I would love to recommend staying at this hotel, especially if you don’t feel like splurging.  If you’re having second thoughts about booking a room for your next staycation, here are some of the reasons why Hotel Sogo is a must-visit! 

Reasons Why You Should Visit Hotel Sogo 

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It offers budget-friendly rooms. 

Hotel Sogo is one of the most affordable hotels in the Philippines I’ve ever stayed at. Not because they offer hourly rates, but because their rooms are totally affordable, especially if you are traveling in a group. 

This was definitely a good deal for me and my friends since we always love traveling on a budget. We were able to relax without breaking the bank. 

They offer a good set of meals. 

Apart from the budget-friendly rooms that they offer, Hotel Sogo also boasts about the good meals that they offer to their guests. We have a good set of Filipino dishes that would definitely satisfy your cravings. Make sure not to forget to taste their special dishes while enjoying your stay at the hotel. In our case, here are some of the foods we tried: 

  • bulalo
  • salad
  • fried chicken
  • roasted chicken 
  • veggies 

In addition, they also have affordable “silog meals” for breakfast. 

They have Instagram-worthy themed rooms. 

We’ve definitely had a great time staying in one of their themed rooms! It was so refreshing for us to stay in a huge room with cute interiors at a very reasonable price. Not to mention the fact that our room includes a jacuzzi! Wow! Our stay at Hotel Sogo was totally worth it. We felt like our one-night stay was not enough. 

Our room was so cute, and we got a chance to dip ourselves in a jacuzzi, which made our stay more relaxing. This was such a good deal, in fact! 

The staff is very approachable.

I’ve visited so many hotels over the years of traveling within and outside of the country. But I must say that the hospitality of Hotel Sogo is superb! The staff is very friendly and accommodating. 

Based on our experience, they welcomed us so warmly, and whenever we had a concern about something, they were always ready to assist us! 

Book Your Stay at Hotel Sogo 

There’s a wrong connotation about staying at Hotel Sogo—that only couples can stay here. But that’s not actually the case. Anyone can stay and experience the good service that Hotel Sogo has to offer. Whether you’re visiting with family or a group of friends, it is possible and actually more fun when you are with a group of people. Another thing is that they have different branches around Metro Manila and even outside the metro. In our case, we booked our stay at Hotel Sogo – Malate, Manila!

So, if you are looking for another good place to relax at an affordable cost, book your stay at Hotel Sogo! To learn more about their existing and upcoming promos, you may visit their website at

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