Kicho: Affordable Japanese Food in Imus, Cavite

kicho japanese food imus

Apart from Korean cuisine, it’s truly undeniable that Filipinos are also into some Japanese cuisine. In fact, we are so in love with having ramen despite how hot it is in the Philippines and yet we even love it more during rainy days.

If you are craving some great-quality Japanese foods like ramen or takoyaki, I would love to introduce you to this cute Japanese pub located in Imus, Cavite – Kicho! Indulge in some Japanese cuisine and satisfy your cravings!

About Kicho

kicho japanese restaurant cavite

Kicho is a small Japanese restaurant located in Imus, Cavite. They serve a variety of Japanese street foods and ramen. According to the owner, this small business actually started during the pandemic. Thankfully, their business is eventually growing because a lot of customers are enjoying their foods!

Things to expect

Feel the Japanese vibe inside the pub.

affordable japanese food cavite
This is their chef cooking takoyaki!

When you get inside the pub, you will notice a long stall where you can sit like you are in a Japanese setting. You can see the chefs cooking right in front of you. The interior of the pub looks so simple yet very inviting. You will feel the Japanese vibe inside. However, expect that it isn’t that spacious inside. Not only that, but you may also stay and eat outside the pub which has got the same vibe as what it is like inside!

The food is budget-friendly.

ALT="takoyaki japanese street food"
The Japanese street food: takoyaki

From only Php 45, you can already have some Japanese street food such as the famous takoyaki! They have different variations of takoyaki that you would really enjoy having. In addition, they also serve ramen for as low as Php 145! You will even love the food more because they got bigger servings for your chose ramen flavor. They actually have different flavors of ramen so you can get to choose your favorite one!

It is a pet-friendly place.

If you have pets and you can’t leave them at home, you can head over to Kicho and bring them with you while having some of your favorite Japanese food. Yes, Kicho restaurant welcomes your pets! But you have to take note that you need to dine in at the outdoor seating.

Foods they offer

Japanese Ramen

What are the flavors?

Tantanmen Ramen
Seafood Ramen
Tonkotsu Ramen
Miso Ramen

For any adds on, you just need to add some additional fee for it.


What are the flavors?

Kichoyaki (Octopus)
Bakudan (4 Cheese)
Kyabetsu (Plain)
Kojin (Crab & Corn)
Fujin (Shitake/Mushroom)
Ebisu (Shrimp)
Suijin (Smoked Salmon)

Other must-try


They are also open for deliveries! Just visit their Facebook page and Instagram for more updates and promos. Also, you may reach them through this mobile number; 0967 502 3315.


155 nueno ave. 4103 Imus, Cavite (It is just right beside McDo)

Opening Hours

2 PM-11 PM every day


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