WIN FARM: A Place to Reconnect with Nature

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In today’s world of technology and social media platforms, most of us have been focusing on what we see on different social media platforms. We tend to do more nothing and become stuck on social media which makes us unproductive. Fortunately, I have found a perfect place that can make you more productive and help you get away from social media. That is WIN FARM. It will surely help you reconnect with nature and with “yourself”!

What is WIN FARM?

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WIN Farm or We Lead Integrated Farm is a farm that lets you experience farm life and different extraordinary outdoor farm activities. In addition, it is a place where you can learn more about different kinds of plants – from trees to herbal plants. At WIN Farm, they promote a beneficial diet with fruits, vegetables, and other naturally processed products that nourishes with nutrients and not with chemicals.

This is where you can see different farming products and livestock as well. WIN Farm is definitely a perfect place to get to learn more about agriculture!

Things to do

Animal Feeding

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As you tour around the farm, there are different kinds of farm animals that you can see such as a rabbit, native pigs, chickens, and more. My cousins and I really had fun feeding the animals. It was my first time doing it. Imagine I was working in the office for long hours every day, then I got to experience this first-hand. I felt amazed! This was such a new experience to me and to my cousins as well.

Planting Trees or Plants

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What I really admire about WIN Farm is they preserve trees and plants. One of the things that they focus on is expanding nature. Should you want to know more about planting, you may experience it only at WIN Farm! The staff would give a plant that you need to put in the ground. To be honest, I have never done this activity before yet I totally enjoyed it! Your hands might get dirty but it is going to be worth it.

Fruit and Vegetable Picking

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There are lots of vegetables and fruits planted in the area. But what surprised me was the seasonal fruits I encountered on the farm! There were strawberry plants, mulberry trees, and the local lychee (more commonly known as Alpay).

When we did this activity, we picked up some lettuce and mulberries. How fulfilling! I seriously didn’t the heat coming from the sun. Indeed an exciting thing to do at WIN Farm! We even got to try lots of mulberries and some lettuce!

Herb Garden Tour

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Definitely my most favorite activity on the farm! I really didn’t know much about herb plants. I am really thankful to the staff for touring around WIN farm and for patiently explaining everything about herbs! That was such an amazing tour. I learned a lot of things from the tour. We even got to try the herbs and I totally enjoyed eating them.

My Experience at WIN Farm

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One of the things I learned from WIN Farm tour was – it is not just a place for serenity and relaxation, but it is a place for educating ourselves about agriculture and forestry. Thus, it will not only help you reconnect with nature and yourself – but it will also nurture your mind.

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I would love to give credit to the staff as they were all accommodating to us. They treated us well and we truly learned a lot from them. I loved how they explained everything in detail that didn’t sound boring at all.

If you have been getting tired and sick of the hustle and bustle city life, WIN Farm is the best to replenish your mind and body.

They offer accommodations in which you can stay overnight in one of their kubos or nipa huts (a traditional house in the Philippines). Should you want to go on a day tour, it is definitely possible!


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Reservations must be done 5 days prior to the chosen date.


Camp Benjamin, Alfonso, Cavite 4123




How to get there?

From Buendia/Pasay, take a bus bound for Mendez/Nasugbu via Tagaytay City. Get off at Mendez Crossing then take a jeep/bus going to Alfonso Bayan.

Then, drop off at “Alfonso Bayan”. Ride a tricycle and tell the driver to take you to Camp Benjamin.

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15 thoughts on “WIN FARM: A Place to Reconnect with Nature

  1. What a unique experience on the WIN farm. I think places like this are so important. It lets us connect to nature and learn. The landscapes look amazing . Is that a tree house you are in?

  2. WIN Farm does sound extremely relaxing and so educational! I would love feeding the animals too… and picking fruits! The whole experience sounds really great. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow I had no idea of WIN farms,but I really think that it is such an amazing escape from the hectic life of the city ?

  4. I worked on a farm as a boy and I think you gain a much greater appreciation for what goes into making those vegetables on the supermarket shelves available when you know the back story.

  5. This is a great immersion travel experience, letting your whole sense experience the place which makes it more memorable, even you don’t snapped any photos.

  6. I spent part of my childhood on our family farm and it was one of the happiest times in my life. This looks very inviting.

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