The Old Grove Farmstead: A Complete DIY Travel Guide

the red barn at the old grove farmstead lipa

Batangas is one of the most accessible places to visit from Manila. From stunning sandy beaches to awe-inspiring mountain peaks, to beautiful Insta-worthy spots, not to mention its popular local delicacies! We can’t deny that most people love discovering places worth posting on their Instagram accounts. (And that’s including me!) Lucky to have found this farm with picturesque views located in Lipa, Batangas, which is just a 2-hour drive away from Manila! 

About The Old Grove Farmstead

The Old Grove Farmstead is a five-hectare farm located in Brgy Lodlod in Lipa, Batangas. This farm setting gives us the vibe of a Western country style, making you feel like you are in the Netherlands. No wonder why it is called “The Netherlands in Lipa, Batangas.”

Things to See and Do at the Farm

If you are wondering what the farm has to offer, I have listed what you can see and do once you visit the farm! 

The Windmill 

This green windmill is one of the most attractive spots on the farm. It is noticeable from the Southexpressway heading towards Batangas, which makes you wonder what this place offers! 

The huge windmill is such a very nice background for your photoshoot! It looks very Instagram-worthy. This is the first spot you will see once you enter The Old Grove Farm. It serves as their main office, and this is where you confirm your booking slot and do other transactions regarding your farm tour. 

The Red Barn

the old grove farmstead red barn

It looks simple, yet it gives off a rustic style vibe which is perfect for the place itself! The exterior design looks amazing and serves as another ideal spot for another perfect shot! 

But don’t get surprised as you take a step inside the red barn. It is not the usual barn that we expect it to be. The barn is used for special events or occasions. This serves as their event area where weddings or special gatherings can be set up! In addition, you will have a view of the artificial lake from the inside! Aside from that, there is a small barn where you can also see a herd of sheep and feed them!

Man-made Lake 

The man-made lake is quite huge. It is also one of the things that you can see at the farm. It has a perfect backdrop of the red barn. 

The Hanging Bridge 

The hanging bridge can be found near the man-made lake. Another spot where you can take lots of pictures for your IG feed! 

Swimming Pool 

From the other side of the farm, you can see a swimming pool located in front of the Old Grove Village. 

The Old Grove Village

The Old Grove Village consists of different rooms that serve as accommodation for those who want to stay overnight! You would be amazed by how aesthetically-pleasing the exterior of each room is! That’s why my friend and I also took a picture here. I loved how the accommodation looked! It also gives off a rustic vibe. 

The Old Grove Cafe 

This is the only cafe located inside the farm. Even the cafe looks so aesthetic! The interior is so nice, and every corner of it is noteworthy. You can either have meals inside or outside the cafe. There is also a wishing well nearby the cafe. Oh! Also, a very cute restroom for men and women. 

Why Should You Visit The Old Grove Farmstead in Lipa, Batangas? 

You are not in the Philippines. 

Considered the Netherlands of Lipa, Batangas, this place is definitely taking us to the next level! Some might have said that this place is far from what the Netherlands has to offer, but this place is really something else. It feels like you are not in the country!

It is picture-perfect! 

If you are a fan of visiting Insta-worthy spots in different places in the country, you should head over to this place. Every corner is totally great for photo ops! No wonder many couples are choosing this place for their pre-wedding shoot! 

The food is great.

The entrance fee you would pay for the visit is consumable for the food. I highly suggest you have steak because it tastes so good. It is also amazing to know that they offer farm-to-plate food for the guests!

My insights on visiting the farm. 

the netherlands of lipa batangas the old grove farmstead

My personal experience was great. I had a good time taking pictures with my friend. It was just quite sad because it was quite gloomy when we visited it. I also wanted to feed the sheep, but we couldn’t do the activity since there was an ongoing photo shoot. 

Also, there is nothing really special about the place, in my opinion. It is more of taking pictures all over the place. But I believe the farm is offering some farm activities that you can try so you have to ask the staff to assist you. Overall, I enjoyed our day trip, but maybe I’ll come back again after some time. Maybe together with a boyfriend since it is an ideal place for couples. Hahaha. 


How to get to The Old Grove Farm in Lipa, Batangas? 

  • Via commute: From Manila, take any public transportation to PITX. Then from PITX, take a bus bound for Lipa. Drop off at SM Lipa then take a tricycle. Just tell the driver to take you to the farm or just tell them the address of the place. 
  • Via private transport: You can pin the address itself on the waze. 

How much is the entrance fee? 

It actually differs from what type of package tour you would purchase. Here is the following information: 

Entrance Fee (with meals)

Day Tour – Adult

  • Breakfast – P600/head
  • Lunch/Dinner – P800/head

Day Tour- Kids

  • Breakfast – P400/head
  • Lunch/Dinner – P600/head

Entrance Fee (without meals)

  • Adult – P350/head
  • Kids – P250/head
  • Pet – P100/head

If you are interested in other packages that they offer, you can message their Facebook account for more information.

What is the ideal time to visit? 

I would love to say as early as possible in order to maximize the time, especially if you are only visiting for a day. That would also help avoid the crowd. The farm is open from 8 AM – 5 PM.

Do they accept walk-ins?

Reservation is highly encouraged since the farm is still limiting the number of visitors. You can simply book a slot by sending them a message on their Facebook page. Take note that there is a 50% downpayment to book a reservation.

Can we bring some food?

Bringing food or beverages is highly prohibited.


Purok 5, U. Mojares St., Brgy Lodlod, Lipa 4217 Batangas

Opening Hours

Daily, 8 AM – 5 PM



Mobile: 09178952829,  09391272347


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