Dive7000 Resort: A Diving Spot Resort in Batangas

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Batangas is the nearest town where you can visit different resorts and beaches from Metro Manila. It usually takes 3-4 hours to reach the town of Batangas (but it still depends on the traffic). This town has become one of the most favorite swimming and diving spots. The fact that it is the nearest, it has a lot of beach and diving resorts to choose from. One of the good resorts that we found in Anilao, Batangas is the Dive7000 Resort!

Dive7000 resort in Batangas is surely one of the best spots for divers and freedivers! If you are looking for a place to go scuba diving or freediving, this resort is highly recommended!

About Dive7000 Resort

Situated in the town of Anilao, Dive7000 resort is one of the best diving spots in Batangas. The resort was founded by Tim Sevilla in 1978. Dive700 resort is also known as “The Cathedral Rock” where you can find soft corals, sponges, and different kinds of tropical fish. As you deep dive into the sea, you can get to see some things such as a Buddha figurine, a sunken jet ski, and the cross which was said to be blessed by Pope John Paul II.

The Rooms

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The sample view of the room of Div 7000 Resort.

There are three air-conditioned rooms that can accommodate big groups of people. Each room looks stylish with its impressively looking furniture. Moreover, the rooms have their own clean restrooms. Every room has its own design and concept!

My friends and I have stayed in one of the air-conditioned rooms. It has a double-deck bed with an extra mattress. We were a group of five and the room was totally good for all of us. We were able to fit in the room. The restroom is really clean. It also has hot and cold showers. The only thing was, it seemed that the air-conditioner was not working well during our stay. It couldn’t make our room cool during the night.

The balcony

There is a small balcony in front of the accommodation. You can definitely view the ocean from here. It is also a nice place to spend together with your family or friends.

The Swimming Pool

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Other than scuba diving and freediving, you can also go swimming in their pool. The pool is located near the beach. Like the balcony, the beautiful ocean can be seen from the pool. It seems that it is just a 4-meter deep pool which is good for kids and non-swimmers.

My friend, Joana and I practiced swimming in the pool at night. She taught me how to swim. Yup, I’m a non-swimmer and I want to learn freediving! It was such a smooth lesson with her. I was able to learn the basics because of her. Joana is a swimmer and freediver at the same time!

The Dining Area

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There is a dining area where you can chill out during day and night. This is where we had our meals for two days! The staff serves good food. Every food they serve is definitely worth paying for!

What we loved the most was we tried to have breakfast near the seashore. We were able to do that since there was a small dining table near it. The view is definitely spectacular. Could you imagine yourself having breakfast with an ocean view?!

My Thoughts on Dive7000 Resort

As I mentioned, I am not a swimmer nor a freediver. But I love doing any kinds of water activities. You don’t know how much I love adventures! I am a non-swimmer but I have already gone surfing, scuba diving, cliff diving. This time, I want to go freediving. I want to take it to the next level! But I couldn’t do it since it really takes time and effort.

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Although I failed to go freediving, I still enjoyed my stay at Dive700 resort with my friends. I met new friends and learned a lot from them about freediving! In addition, even if I didn’t go freediving, I was able to go snorkeling for two days! I was still able to witness the beauty of the ocean. For the nth time, I fell in love with the ocean again. This made me want to explore more of the ocean.

Why visit Dive 7000?

Dive7000 resort in Batangas is a sanctuary for healthy corals. It showcases healthy coral reefs. You can see different kinds of fish. In fact, my friends have seen a sea turtle! Unfortunately, I failed to see it because I couldn’t go freediving yet. But I have witnessed how healthy the corals were at Dive7000. I really enjoyed snorkeling and looking at the corals. How amazing!

The staff is really friendly and accommodating. You can talk to them easily. What’s the best thing? They can cook good food for you!

The place has such a peaceful ambiance. Just make sure to visit during weekdays. The resort is jam-packed on the weekends. Our team visited on Thursday and Friday and we were the only ones who were at the resort! Oh, plus the two freediving coaches that we met there! Thanks to them, I also learned a lot from them. They are so inspiring!

Dive7000 resort is one of the best diving spots in Batangas! I would love to go back to this resort and learn more about freediving!


Swimming Pool
Used for Scuba Training, swimming and just relaxing
Our Outdoor Pavilion after the sun sets
Water skiing, scuba diving, and dive courses
Boat Service

Things to do

Adventure & explore
Scuba diving
Water skiing


Barangay Bagalangit, Anilao/Mabini, Batangas


Website: http://dive7000.resortsbatangas.com/

Email: dive7000.doris@gmail.com

How to get there?

  • Take South Expressway.
  • Exit Calamba going to Batangas.
  • Turn right and enter STAR Tollway
  • There are 2 exits – one is straight going to proper Lipa. Take the U-turn which is going to Batangas.
  • Upon exit of Star Tollway, turn right going to Batangas.
  • Go straight, then you will pass Air Base, Petron, Shell, 2nd Petron & Nestle. Turn right going to Cuenca.
  • About 15 mins, you will reach 2nd Caltex Station on a 4-way intersection. Take the middle road straight going to Bauan. (Don’t turn right )
  • Upon reaching a Funeral Homes, turn right and you will pass Petron and a bridge, and then turn left going to Mabini, Batangas.
  • Go straight, passing AG & P, Petron Plant, and PNOC.
  • Upon passing Zigzag Hospital and reaching rotunda, turn right.
  • Go straight and follow the sign of Dive 7000 Resort.

Note: I got these directions from their website.

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