4 Top Enchanting Reasons Why You Should Visit Camiguin

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Haven’t you ever thought of visiting the Camiguin? If you are having second thoughts about it, then you must read this article! As you read this blog, you will be able to know some of the reasons why you should visit Camiguin Island! I have listed the top 4 enchanting reasons to visit Camiguin island!

About Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island is the second smallest island in the Philippines. In addition to that, it has the smallest population in the country after Batanes Island. This is an island formed out of a volcanic eruption and earthquakes, that’s why it is dubbed as “The Island Born of Fire.” The island is located in the Northern Mindanao Part of the country or called Region 10.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Camiguin

Camiguin Island promotes sustainable eco-tourism.

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Camiguin Island has banned “single-use plastic” on the island for several years now. They have implemented the “plastic bag ban” on the entire island. You won’t even see any plastic in groceries and most of the surroundings are clean. Not to mention that some restaurants are using reusable cutlery in order to reduce the usage of plastic. Some restaurants use bamboo straws.

They maintain cleanliness in the environment to also keep the whole island healthy. Proper waste management is strictly observed on the island. The local government has also declared a lot of marine protected areas on the island. Camiguinons make sure that the coral reefs are well-preserved.

Camiguin Island is becoming a more popular destination in the Philippines. The influx of local and foreign tourists is beyond doubt. In spite of these reasons, the local government assures that the island stays pristine. More to that, they want to keep the integrity of the place and prefer the island not to be crowded. That’s the reason why they limit the number of tourists coming to the island, especially during the summer season.

Home to the sweetest lanzones fruit.

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The sweetest lanzones fruit

Camiguin Island has got one of the most colorful and unique festivals in the Philippines. One of the reasons you must visit Camiguin is their annual celebration of The Lanzones Festival. Camiguin Island claims to have the sweetest lanzones fruit in the country. The locals celebrate The Lanzones Festival” every third week of October. This month is also the time of the year when Camiguinons harvest a bountiful of lanzones fruit.

Aside from visiting the natural attractions on the island, you might also consider experiencing The Lanzones Festival. In that way, you can get to know why it has become an important part of their culture. In addition, the lanzones fruit and the festival play a big role for the locals in Camiguin – Camiguinons. The lanzones fruit has had a huge economic impact on the locals.

It is recognized as the “Island Born of Fire”

Camiguin Island is dubbed “The Island Born of Fire” due to the volcanic eruption that shaped the province itself. Not only that, the island has seven active volcanoes which prove that Camiguin is definitely an island born of fire. That’s why the first PHILVOCS observatory can be found on the volcanic island. Imagine living on a small island with seven active volcanoes. These seven volcanoes are named Mt. Hibok Hibok, Mt. Timpoong, Mt. Mambajao, Mt. Guinsiliban, Mt. Vulcan, Mt. Uhay, and Mt. Tres Marias. Despite that, it is still undeniable that Camiguin Island boasts a lot of breathtaking sceneries and majestic natural attractions.

From its natural hot spring, cold spring, and soda water pool to spectacular waterfalls, to white-sand islands such as Mantique Island and the White Island. Not to mention the church ruins and the sunken cemetery which were destroyed by the volcanic eruption of Mt. Vulcan in the 1800s. But who wouldn’t believe that the eruption could create such a majestic sight to behold? Beautiful destruction indeed!

Obviously, the volcanoes on Camiguin Island are responsible for the island’s natural wonders.

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The island offers the best local and international cuisines.

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One of the most local cuisines on the island: pastel

Another reason to visit Camiguin is to try its unique food. The sweetest lanzones fruit, pastel, lanzones wine, Camiguin’s tart, lanzones jam, and chicken surol. These are the local foods that you must try when in Camiguin. Pastel is the signature food of the island. Your trip is totally not complete without trying some of these foods! Oh, they have also got the best Lechon on the island!

But aside from that, Camiguin also offers some international, authentic cuisines. Some foreigners decide to stay on the island for good, most probably because they have completely fallen in love with the island and its beauty. With that, they got an opportunity to set up a business on the island. They introduced authentic foreign food such as the Italian pizza of La Dolce Vita. You can also get to try some Asian cuisine in a restaurant that is actually built on a rice field.

Some FAQs about Camiguin Island

Is it safe to travel?

Definitely safe! Your safety is guaranteed when you are touring around the island. The locals are kind and welcoming. You don’t really have to worry about approaching them first. They are naturally friendly.

When is the best time to visit?

You can definitely visit the island anytime (well except December to March). The island has nice tropical weather most of the time of the year. Indeed one of the best spots for swimming and sunbathing.

Is it expensive to travel to Camiguin?

Fortunately not! If you love to visit an awesome place in the Philippines yet you are on a tight budget, Camiguin is one the cheapest places to go to! It surely won’t cost you a lot to get here!

What languages do they speak?

Cebuano is the most spoken language but Tagalog and English are also widely used on the island.

What are the best foods to eat?

As I mentioned earlier, Camiguin has got its own unique cuisine so you’d better make sure that you get to try most of their local foods that they got to offer!

Located in the northern part of Mindanao, Camiguin is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands in the country. It may be small, but this island has something more than its size. There are so many reasons why you must visit Camiguin. But for these reasons, I’m sure that Camiguin Island is now part of your bucket list!

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