Mon’s Restaurant: “Dine Under The Stars”

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Are you running out of ideas where you can bring out your loved ones for a date? What about bringing them to a romantic place with a perfect view of nature and a perfect view of the stars at night? Rested atop with a small hill and nestled among greeneries, Mon’s restaurant is a one-of-a-kind restaurant that you must try now in the South!

About Mon’s Restaurant

Located in Alfonso, Cavite, Mon’s restaurant serves farm-to-plate food that comes fresh from their natural farm. Mon’s Restaurant can be found in Camp Benjamin – a 4.7-hectare multi-purpose facility. If you are searching for something new and unique dining experience, this is the perfect place for you.

Whether it is a special occasion or not, Mon’s Restaurant will never fail to make your stay extra special! It is a perfect place for holding gatherings, events, birthdays, or even for people who just want to chill out.

Romantic Dinner Set Up

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Dine Under the Stars is a unique concept by Mon’s Restaurant which started in 2015. This is the main highlight of the restaurant wherein you can get to experience dining at night while getting a glimpse of the stars in the sky.

Certainly one of the most romantic concepts and places to be with your loved ones, family, or friends! As you dine in here, it feels so romantic at night. You will be seated in an Indian style as the mini tables are set up on the ground. The trees surrounding the area are lightened up brightly by the lights.

In addition, their choice of music makes the ambiance more romantic. The food, the music, the place would definitely make your night memorable.

In our case, we experienced the “Indoor Dine Under the Stars” due to the bad weather. The romantic dinner set up is placed on the balcony instead.

My Thoughts on “Dine Under the Stars” Concept

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Mon’s restaurant’s concept is truly a unique one and I was so impressed by how they got an idea like this. It was brilliant that made me even fall in love with the place. I really enjoyed having dinner with my family. We seriously enjoyed everything about the place! Indeed one of the best places to dine in when you are in the South!

Mon’s Restaurant View during Daytime

It may not look as romantic as it is during the daytime, but it is guaranteed that you can get to relax at the restaurant. With its stunning view that it offers, you would surely love eating scrumptious organic food while enjoying the views of nature.

Food to Eat

Mon’s Restaurant mainly serves Filipino Heritage cuisine and shows off its fresh and naturally grown ingredients – in collaboration with WIN Farm (We Lead Integrated Natural Farm).

From breakfast to lunch, to dinner, they serve a delectable menu at a reasonable price. Every food is definitely worth the price.

In our case, we tried most of their best-sellers and I could totally say that Mon’s restaurant truly serves high-quality, delicious, and healthy food. I enjoyed every meal that we had ordered. We had the best dining experience here!

Here are some of the foods that we ordered:


Php 650

Mixed with tender beef shank soup, thickened and sweetened with
ripe Saba, sweet potatoes, and served with corn and leafy organic vegetables; definitely one of the dishes that you shouldn’t miss out on trying at Mon’s restaurant! The beef is so tender that you would want to eat more! No wonder why this is one of the best sellers.

Pancit Buko

Php 250

Cooked with fresh buko meat with an assortment of sautéed
shrimps, squid, vegetable, and toppings of garlic chips and spring onions – I am not really fond of eating “Pancit”, but this one tastes so delicious! In addition, the fact that this menu sounds new to me, I really got curious about how it tastes. All I could say was, it was good trying for! Indeed one of the best dishes, too!

Adobong Manok Sa Tablea

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Php 300

It is a stewed chicken in tablea (chocolate bar – best of Alfonso Cavite) served with caramelized onions and garlic chips.

To be honest, it was my first time eating chicken adobo with a mix of tablea or chocolate. It didn’t taste bad at all. The taste of the soy sauce perfectly matches the taste of tablea. It was too salty nor too sweet. This one is a must-try!

Tuna Sisig

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Php 300

Who doesn’t love sisig? Sisig is one of the most palatable Filipino cuisines that you will ever taste! Make sure not to pass up Mon’s Tuna Sisig as this is one of their cuisine pride!

Pandan Rice

Php 60
Steamed Rice with Fresh Pandan Leaves

We also got to try their shakes:

Spicy Sweet

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(made of watermelon, jalapeno, and mint)

Ripe Mango Shake

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Watermelon Shake

ALT="this wintermelon shake can be tried at mons restaurant"

Should you want to watch a live band, they do have every weekend from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM. Dinner starts at 6:00 PM until 10:00 PM.

Apart from that, they also have different sets of meals for breakfast! They have big servings which you will surely enjoy and satisfy you.

For your romantic dinner set up, here is the list of the packages that Mon’s restaurant offers:

Dine Under The Stars Packages

Romantic Picnic Date

Full Course Meal for 2 persons

Regular Picnic table setup

VAT inclusive and 10 % service charge

Dine Under The Stars Full Course Menu List:

Soup, Green Salad, Pasta (red sauce), Porterhouse Steak with a vegetable side dish, Marble potato or rice, Leche Flan, Iced Tea

PHP 1,650

Surprise Date Package

Full Course Meal for 2 persons

Special Picnic Table Setup

Bouquet of Flowers

Greeting Board with the requested message with 26 characters max

Inclusive of 10% service charge

**Available on Lunch Date or Dinner Date

PHP 4,950

Overnight Stay with Dinner

Full Course Dinner

Special Picnic Table Setup

Deluxe room accommodation for 2 at the Shalom Hotel in Camp Benjamin

Filipino Breakfast for 2 the next day

Use of Swimming Pool and Zip Line ride

Room Service Massage for 2

A glass of wine for 2

Experience the Nature Farming in WIN Farm

VAT and 10% service charge inclusive

PHP 7,523

Dine & Sleep Under the Stars

Full Course Dinner

Breakfast for 2 the next day

Use of Swimming Pool

Luxury Tent Accommodation “Glamping”

Experience the Nature Farming in WIN Farm

VAT Inclusive and 10% service charge

PHP 6,830


Camp Benjamin, Alfonso, Cavite 4123




Email Address:

Mobile: 0977 134 9078

How to get to Mon’s Restaurant?

From Buendia/Pasay, take a bus bound for Mendez/Nasugbu via Tagaytay City. Get off at Mendez Crossing then take a jeep/bus going to Alfonso Bayan.

Then, drop off at “Alfonso Bayan”. Ride a tricycle and tell the driver to take you to Camp Benjamin.

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  1. If I am ever in the Philipines Mons sounds like a great place to try! I think I’d have to eat under the stars and try soem of this delicious food and drinks. I imagine its all imcredibly fresh as well. Great review and beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I really loved the concept of dining under the stars! The place and ambiance both look so romantic! I also loved the photos of the food! They just appear to be so delicious and unique! Nice post!

  3. Lovely romantic restaurant with a variety of food items and made me hungry and want to eat. I love your writing because it made me want to visit the restaurant and order all the drinks and the delicious food and lovely pics thanks once again.

  4. Mon’s Restaurant seems like a great place ton dine based upon your recommendation. I would love to visit.

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