Hyeong Won Restaurant: Meat-all-you-can for Php 299!

How much do you love Korean food? Well, the craze for Korean food is truly undeniable. In fact, there are so many Korean restaurants that are popping out everywhere. Although they have their own unique concept, sometimes you may wonder why some of them are kind of pricey. At some moment you at least want to try them without splurging on. The good thing is Hyeong Won Restaurant will definitely suit your taste and budget!

About Hyeong Won Korean Restaurant

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Hyeong Won Korean Restaurant started operating on May 2, 2018. Located in the city of Bacoor, Cavite – Hyeong Won Korean Restaurant serves authentic Korean cuisine. They mainly serve unlimited meat such as pork and beef and unlimited side dishes.  Moreover, they also have ala-carte and rice bowls, 3 different sauces, and unlimited soup, and unlimited iced tea offered on the menu. What’s more? They also have unlimited cheese served on the table!

How authentic is the food in Hyeong Won Restaurant?

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According to Ms. Viola (one of the owners), how they make the food is really similar to what it is like in South Korea. As a matter of fact, they even studied in order to know the Korean way of cooking and making Korean cuisine. The meats are USDA!

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Kinds of Meat to try in Hyeong Won Restaurant

Samgyeopsal (Thickly sliced pork belly)

Daepae Samgyeopsal (Thinly sliced pork belly)

Dwaeji Bulgogi (Spicy thick-sliced pork belly)

Spiced Samgyeopsal (Thinly sliced pork belly seasoned with salt, pepper and spring onion

Daweji Special (Thinly sliced pork belly marinated with special sauce)

Woo-samygup (Thinly sliced beef short plate)

Bulgogi (Thinly sliced beef short plate marinated with beef sauce)

Gochujang-Soy Beef (Spicy thin sliced short plate)

Chadolbaegi (Thinly sliced beef shot plate seasoned with salt, pepper, and thyme)

Woo-Samgyeop Special (Thinly sliced beef short plate marinated with special sauce)

Side Dishes

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Bean Sprouts

Leek Salad

Marble Potatoes

Pickled Cucumber

Egg Roll


Shredded Cabbage

Spicy Anchovies

Pickled Radish

5 Things You Will Love about Hyeong Won Restaurant

The accessibility

If you are a Southie (someone who lives in the South), you will definitely visit this place right away! The fact that the restaurant is in Bacoor, Cavite – you do not have to go further just to get a taste of your favorite Korean food! The place is definitely accessible.

The ambiance

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Are you a fan of Korean pop or a Korean drama? Hyeong Won Korean Restaurant is the place for you! Personally, I really enjoyed my stay in the restaurant. I could feel the vibe of the songs they played. Most of the songs are so good that can even increase your appetite.


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As I have mentioned above, the owners are knowledgeable about how the food is made in South Korea. In that case, that is what they definitely do. Of course, they train their staff on how they make it as well.

There are ten kinds of meat for the unlimited meat but I personally loved the spiced samgyupsal, dwaeji special, gochujang soy beef, and the woo-samgyup special. Seriously, I enjoyed every bite of it!

The Cost

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Imagine having unlimited meat for only Php 299?! Doesn’t it sound a good deal? It is really affordable! Hyeong Won Korean restaurant may sound a budget-friendly restaurant, but you should never doubt the taste of their food! Its taste will really suit your palate! 

The Staff

This is one thing that will surely make you go back and dine again at Hyeong Won. All the staff working are friendly and approachable. Even the owners are so humble that you can even talk to them comfortably.

Hyeong Won is one of the Korean restaurants that you shouldn’t miss on visiting and dining in when you are in Cavite.

If you are looking for an affordable Korean restaurant that offers authentic Korean food, Hyeong-Won got you covered!

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RFC Molino Mall, Molino 2, Bacoor, Cavite

Operating Hours

11AM-11PM, Daily

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