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These days, my life has been so busy and stressful. I can’t help but think of samgyupsal as a way to relieve stress. It’s pretty obvious that I have been to different Korean restaurants several times with regards to my previous posts. Whether it is a typical day or a special day, going to a Korean restaurant has always been my first choice. Good thing, I found Muhan Korean Restaurant to satisfy my cravings.

About Muhan Korean Restaurant

Muhan Unlimited Samgyupsal is the name of the Korean restaurant that my friend and I have recently visited. We have been craving grilled meat and the good thing to know that this restaurant is something that is new to us, so we gave it a try.

Muhan Korean Restaurant serves eight types of meat including beef samgyup, bulgogi beef, yang-nyum beef, tong samgyup, daepae samgyup, gochukjang bulgogi, yang-nyum daepae, and yang-nyum moksal.

Food to eat at Muhan Korean Restaurant

Like any other meat, it is as delicious as it is. Moreover, it is also thin which is easy to cook. Even though I didn’t find anything so special about it, I really enjoyed their meal. As a samgyupsal lover, I could find its taste satisfying. I enjoyed every bite of it and what I loved about most is their ssamjang. Oh! Its cheese also tastes so scrumptious! I really fell for it.

In addition, Muhan doesn’t only serve Korean meat but it also offers Shabu Shabu! Isn’t it great?

The Place

The area is located on the second floor of the building. It is as not as big as other restaurants, but its space is good enough to accommodate big groups of people. Tables and chairs are well organized, the entire area is well air-conditioned. More to that, there is a TV that plays different Korean songs. So if you are a K-pop fanatic like me, you will definitely love staying in this place. The thing is, when you cook inside, it is well-ventilated. Expect it to be a bit smokey while you cook. But, I love the press button on every dining table. This serves as your call sign to the staff when there is something that you need. So expect their quick response.

The Staff

Well, hands down to their staff. The staff are so friendly that you would not hesitate to ask them anything! They always smile and approach you nicely. They are willing to assist you at any moment.

My Overall Experience

I truly enjoyed everything about Muhan! From its scrumptious food, down to its very accommodating staff, to its nice place. Among these reasons, you must head over to Muhan and experience the best dining ever. Their food is totally worth the price. I just hope that they can add more choices of meat!


2/f Green Podium One Archers Building, Taft Ave.

Other Branches

UST branch

02) 754 3549
850 Borja Apartment Padre Noval St. Sampaloc Manila

UST 2 branch

0917 113 0989
850 Borja Apartment Padre Noval St. Sampaloc Manila (just beside UST branch)


0956 391 2440
GF, Eton Square Ortigas Avenue, Madison St. Greenhills, San Juan City


Unlimited 1 – ONLY PORK

Lunch (11am- 3pm)

PHP 369

Dinner (3pm- 2am)

PHP 399

Unlimited 2 – PORK AND BEEF


PHP 399


PHP 449



PHP 449


PHP 499


Facebook: Muhan Unlimited Samgyupsal

Location: TAFT branch

Telephone: (02) 717 5627

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