13 Reasons Why We Should Travel With Friends

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The thirst for adventure surely lights up a fire under you. You crave something new. You look forward to going on a trip whether for experience or relaxation. Then all of a sudden, you want to travel with friends. You call them and ask them out to travel with you. Whether you go under the sun, hike up a new mountain, or find out a new hangout place. Whatever reason that may be, it is indeed unquestionable that traveling with friends is such a fun thing to do! Being said that, here are the 13 reasons why we should travel with friends.

Reasons to Travel with Friends

You can travel cheaply.

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Traveling with my high school friends. We always love to travel on a budget as much as possible.

Traveling solo could be as exhilarating as you thought. On a side note, traveling with friends is beyond doubt that it is much more affordable than solo traveling. When we travel with friends, splitting the cost can never be a problem. Who wouldn’t want to save while traveling? I believe no one does. Being said that, the best part of traveling is having the opportunity to reach your dream destination without splurging on. It is prevalent that it happens when you travel with friends!

Friends are your safe haven.

Being with someone is totally comforting. There is nothing for you to worry about. Traveling with friends totally gives you peace of mind. It calms your mind and makes you become more laid-back. Certainly, you feel much safer when you are with friends.

It feels more comfortable.


You are at your most comfortable condition when you are together with the closest people you’ve got! You don’t have to feel conscious about everything! When you are with your friends, you can just be yourself.

You get to have your own photographer.

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I usually travel with my best friend and we both love finding undiscovered places everywhere.

Whether you say it or not, one of the advantages of traveling with friends is there is always someone who can take good pictures of you! You get the opportunity to have your own personal photographer. There is no need to find someone else whom you can ask a favor for taking you some pictures. You’ve always got your friends with you!

They got your back.

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From the left: My high school best friend, (me), a college fiend, and a former colleague. The cool thing about this picture is, even if the three of them just met for the first time, they were able to build rapport with each other.

When you are with friends, you never feel lonely or depressed. You are able to spend a good time with the people with whom you are closest. Let’s be honest. It is inevitable to encounter bumps while on the road. Traveling isn’t always about the good times. You may sometimes suffer from setbacks and stress during our journey. But with the right people, you are surely able to overcome those. Therefore, it is always great to know that you have friends by your side.

Your friends are your own tour guides.

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Meet Joana: She’s one of the bloggers/vloggers I look up to. We usually travel together around the Philippines.

When you’ve got your friends with you on the road, you don’t really have to think about what is on the itinerary. Your friends can settle them for you. If you feel like you are at loss, that’s totally fine. Your friends can be your tour guide. They can lead you the way. Moreover, they could tell you about the destination – where to go, where to eat, and what to do. Everything about your desired destination; everything you need to know about it, it can be done and arranged by your friends. Your friends can be your map.

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You can travel light.

There is nothing wrong with bringing a lot of stuff with you when you travel. The thing is, it is going to much a hassle for you most especially if you plan to go backpacking. Being said that, it is always much better to pack light. It makes you feel more comfortable on the road. Nevertheless, when you are with friends, you can sometimes rely on them in terms of taking some stuff with them that you couldn’t take with you.

There is never a dull moment.

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Truth to be told, I really love this company!

It may sound cliche, but you always have fun whenever you go on trips with friends! That’s definitely true and I can attest to that. We prefer traveling with friends most of the time given by the fact that they are fun to be with. This is something that we always wish for. We always wish to have fun. As a matter of fact, being with our friends is one of the things that we truly love. We know within ourselves that traveling with friends is totally enjoyable and memorable at the same time.

Someone can take care of you.

Friends are like family. We don’t know what’s going to happen while we travel. We might suddenly feel under the weather on the road. In this case, at least when we are with friends, there is someone who can look after us. Certainly, it feels better knowing that there is someone who never leaves us hanging whenever we don’t feel good.

The bond between you and your friends becomes more special.

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Bataan, Philippines

You and your friends make decisions during your travel. You talk about where to go, what to eat, what to do, and for whatever reasons may that be, you must always consider each other’s thoughts. In addition, you plan ahead of time, make an itinerary, or even do crazy things together. With that, you tend to get closer to your friends. You come in agreement with such things, but there are so also some disagreements. It’s inevitable, though. There are times that you argue with friends, but that’s part of it. As you travel with them, you get to know more about them. That makes your friendship get stronger. Unknowingly, you tend a special bond when you travel with friends.

You tend to learn new things.


One of the best things about traveling – you get the opportunity to widen your perspective in life. Travel changes you whether for the good or the better. Not only that, but you also get to know more about yourself as well as the people around you. Above all, you don’t just learn from traveling. By the same token, learning from other people makes you a better person. Friends tend to push us to our limits and help us push out of our comfort zone.

Your trip becomes more spontaneous.

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My colleagues turned to friends. We also sometimes travel together.

When you go on a trip with friends, you tend to forget about your itinerary. Your destination becomes a little meaningless. The spontaneity of the trip together with friends makes you feel more thrilled! You tend to realize that it is not always about highlighting the famous spots, but it is more of the moment you live in with your friends.

Your trip becomes more memorable.

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My high school best friends. We don’t normally travel together. In spite of that, we always make the most of it whenever we go on a trip together.

Whether it is a nearby place or a farther destination, it becomes more fascinating when we travel with friends. There is nothing more special than being on a journey with the best people! Your friends. You drink beer, eat something new, take pictures together, or even discovering off-the-beaten-path destinations. Every moment you spend together makes you realize that it is something that can never be forgotten. Why? The experience you’ve had with them is something that you can never find on a map!

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