El Patio Razon: Experience Kawa Bath In The Metro

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Experience kawa bath in Tanay, Rizal

Updated. October 30, 2020. Are you familiar with Kawa Bath? Have you ever heard of it? Kawa Bath is an activity that you can get cooked alive by dipping yourself in a big hot kawa. Filled with warm water, flowers, and milk that originated in Tibiao, Antique, kawa bath is one of the must-try activities that would probably make you feel alleviated. Actually, you don’t need to fly to Antique just to experience a kawa bath. El Patio Razon is a resort in Tanay that will let you try this traditional hot water bath.

Things to Do and Expect at El Patio Razon

Go glamping

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My friends and I decided to go glamping at El Patio Razon. We decided to stay overnight and spent the whole night together in the resort. It was a chilly night. The place looks dark and peaceful. The only thing that you could hear was the buzzing fireflies around the area. We loved how serene the place was at night, but we felt a little comfortable. We actually didn’t know that there was no electricity at the resort. It was kind of uncomfortable for us.

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The good thing was, we enjoyed making a bonfire and taking pictures at night. I tried to do the astrophotography but I failed. Besides this, the staff treated us nicely although sometimes we couldn’t really understand each other. It seemed that the staff wasn’t really paying attention to what we were telling him.

Take a kawa bath during day time

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The sunrise view from El Patio Razon

As we got up early in the morning, we fell in love with the spectacular views of the mountain ranges and the sunrise as well. The best time to visit El Patio Razon is in the morning right after hiking. You can have a good breakfast here while appreciating the beauty of nature.

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Apart from that, the highlight of the place is apparently the Kawa Bath. Most hikers visit this place to experience Kawa Hot Bath. There are over six pieces of kawa that are good for 3-4 people. Yes, one kawa is good for a group of people. My friends and I really had fun dipping our bodies in the kawa. It was totally relaxing and it felt like we’re being cooked alive over those burning firewood while in a kawa.

Get to see the Hobbit House

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The Hobbit House

The hobbit house that you can see and visit at El Patio Razon is just a resemblance to the house from the movie “The Hobbit”. It looks as tiny as what it is in the film. It is possible to stay overnight in this tiny room – but this is only good for 2 pax. We didn’t get to see what’s inside the room since it was closed, but we loved taking pictures from the outside of the house.

Take pictures at the Heart’s Lane

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The Heart’s Lane

The Heart’s Lane is like a mini garden that you can find right down the area of the resort. You will notice some flowers that are apparently formed in a heart-shaped. Unfortunately, when we got there, there weren’t many flowers in the area – they looked really dry probably due to hot weather. The Heart’s Lane is just right in front of the Hobbit house.

Apart from these things, you can also do other activities like playing basketball and go bungee jumping. However, they seem not in good condition when we were there. Some of their amenities need to be fixed yet.

El Patio Razon is one of the side trips that you may visit when you go hiking in Tanay, Antipolo. For most hikers, they usually visit Treasure Moutain – a mountain that you can get to see the sea of clouds. It is just a 5-minute ride away from the resort. El Patio Razon is the first-ever resort near the metro that offers Kawa Bath! It is so affordable that anyone can get to experience it.

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Day Tour at El Patio Razon

Entrance fee:
Php 120 per pax

Kawa bath:
Php 300 per pax per hour (Couples/Families may share)

Hobbit house:
2500 php (9am-6pm) with free 1hr kawa bath


150php / head entrance fee. You can bring your own tent or rent from them.
500php good for 2
700php good for 3 -4
1000php good for 6 -8

Pitching fee:
Php 150 (small tent) 200 (big tent)
Mattress rental: 200 / mattress

Php 3000 (9am-6pm) good for 5pax; if it exceeds in 5 pax, add Php 300/pax with free 1hr kawa bath for groups less than 10pax.

Php 1000 (9am-6pm)

Enclosed Garden
Php 1000 (9am-6pm)

Php 1500 (9 am-6 pm)First come first serve. No need for a reservation for the kawa bath.

Overnight (need reservation)

Hobbit house
Php 3500 / night good for two pax only with free 1hr kawa bath and bonfire

Php 250 / head entrance fee. You can bring your own tent or rent from them with a bonfire.

1500 PHP good for 2 pax
700 PHP good for 3 -4 pax
1000 PHP good for 6 -8 pax

Please note that prices are subject to change. Always check their Facebook page for more updates!

Other amenities:

The Hobbit house
Camping grounds
Night Sky CInema
Basketball court

Tips & Reminders

If going overnight, please know that there is no electricity in the resort.

Expect a dirt and bumpy road heading to the resort.

It is better to bring your own food because there are no restaurants available around the area. But, small stores are available.

Bring repellent for insects if staying overnight.

You can also bring your own tent but there is an extra charge for pitching.


Sitio Maysawa, Tanay Rizal


Mobile: 09209668125

Facebook: El Patio Razon Official

How to get there?

From Gateway-Cubao, ride a jeepney or van going to Cogeo or Padilla. Get off at Gate 2.

Next, ride the jeepney near City mall going to Sampaloc and tell the driver to drop you off at Maysawa Circuit.

Then, ride a tricycle or habal-habal until you reach El Patio Razon Resort.

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