SOCCSKSARGEN DIY Backpacking + Maguindanao 5D4N

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Have you ever heard of SOCCSKSARGEN? Perhaps some of you might have already been there, or it is your first time hearing about this place! Home of the T’boli tribe, SOCCSKSARGEN is a region in the Philippines located in Mindanao. The region is definitely culturally diverse – that has an authentic culture.

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With an overview of Mt. Matutum, General Santos City

If you want to learn more about the indigenous culture and traditions, the well-preserved tribal of the Philippines, discover the unexplored areas, taste different local foods; then you must put SOX in your bucket list! So, if you are planning to travel around Central Mindanao, then just read on this article.

Understanding SOCCSKSARGEN: Central Mindanao

SOCCSKSARGEN or SOX stands for four provinces and one city; South Cotabato (SOC), Cotabato(C), Sultan Kudarat(SK), Sarangani(SAR), and General Santos(GEN). Formerly known as Central Mindanao, SOCCSKSARGEN is a region of the Philippines – designated as Region 12.

How to get to Central Mindanao?

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SOCCSKSARGEN diy backpacking 5d4n

From Manila: There are two gateways to SOCCSKSARGEN. Either you book a flight to General Santos City or Cotabato City through Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines. The flight takes about two hours.

In our case, our entry point is General Santos City while our exit point is Cotabato. But you can also do either way.

SOCCSKSARGEN & Maguindanao Sample Itinerary

In this SOCCSKSARGEN diy backpacking guide, you will have an idea about the places to visit in the city and each of the provinces.

Day 1: General Santos City, Sarangani

We didn’t really have much time to travel around the city of General Santos so we did white water tubing in Sarangani. White water tubing at Eco Park is one of the most thrilling activities to do in Sarangani!

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Sarangani Eco Park

Arrival at General Santos City Airport

From the airport to terminal going to Sarangani

New La Union, Sarangani Eco Park

Go White Water Tubing at the Eco Park

Head back to General Santos City

How to get to Sarangani from Gensan City?

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Ablog Terminal

From General Santos, take a van heading to Maitum Ablog Terminal. Travel time is for about 2 hours. Then. from Maitum proper, ride habal-habal or tricycle to New La Union.

Please take note that you need to get back to General Santos City before 4 PM because the last trip van for Lake Sebu is only until 4PM.

How to get to Lake Sebu from Gensan City?

From GenSan, ride a trike to Bulaong Terminal. Then ride a direct van bound to Lake Sebu.

But if you failed to catch the 4PM last trip, you can take a van heading to Marvel (Php 90/1 hour travel time). Then, ride another van to Lake Sebu (Php 80/1 hour travel).

Day 2: Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

I could say that this is the highlight of our trip. Lake Sebu is just a small town in South Cotabato yet it has a lot of things to offer! In fact, there are a lot of things to do here and interesting places to visit here in Lake Sebu!

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Lotus Flower, Lake Sebu: There is no doubt that this is one of the most beautiful places to visit in South Cotabato.

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Lotus Flower

Lang Dulay Weaving Center

I Love Lake Sebu Signage

Seven Waterfalls

Divine Mercy

Sepaka River


Day 3: Maguindanao

Personally, there is nothing really much to see in Maguindanao, but make sure to visit the capitol and the Pink Mosque! These are surely one of the unique spots to see in Maguindanao!

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Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao

Sultan Kudarat Capitol

Pink Mosque, Maguindanao

Pink Mosque to Cotabato City

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The Masjid Dimaukom, Maguindanao

How to get to Sultan Kudarat from Lake Sebu?

From Lake Sebu terminal, ride a van bound to Surallah terminal. Travel time is about 45 minutes. Then, from Surallah terminal, ride another van bound to Isulan terminal; this is another 45 minutes ride. Once you arrive Isulan terminal, just walk ahead to the capitol.

How to get to Pink Mosque from Sultan Kudarat?

From Isulan terminal, ride a husky bus. You can ride a husky bus heading to Cotabato. Just tell the driver to drop you off at Sinsuat. Travel time is about an hour. Once you arrive Sinsuat, just walk ahead to the Pink Mosque.

Day 4: North Cotabato

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Cotabato City
Asik-asik Falls, North Cotabato (Whole Day)

I can 100% certain that Asik-asik falls is truly one of the most majestic waterfalls in the Philippines!

How to get to Cotabato City from Pink Mosque?

From Sinsuat, just ride a husky bus bound to Cotabato City. Travel time is around 2 hours and 30 minutes.

How to get to Asik-asik Falls from Cotabato City?

From Cotabato City, ride a tricycle and head to the bus terminal. Then, ride a bus to Libungan Public Market. Travel time is about 1 hour. There are habal-habal drivers that offer a ride to Asik Asik Falls. The travel time from Libungan market to the falls is about 1 hour.

Day 5: Back to Manila

Sample Budget & Expenses

This DIY backpacking guide to SOCCSKSARGEN and Maguindanao includes a sample budget and expenses during our 5-day trip.


Taxi from Gensan Airport to Ablob TerminalPhp 130/3 pax
Van from Ablob Terminal to SaranganiPhp 130/3 pax
Water Tubing Activity in SaranganiPhp 200/person
Trike from the market to the Eco ParkPhp 150/3 pax back & forth
Van from Sarangani to GenSan Terminal to Lake SebuPhp 130/pax
SLT HomestayPhp 350/night


T’boli Costume Rental FeePhp 200
7 Waterfalls Zipline FeePhp 300/pax weekdays;
Php 350/pax weekends
Picture for the zip linePhp 400/3 pax
SouvenirsPhp 200
Lake Sebu Tour Guide FeePhp 750/2 pax
Tourism LodgePhp 100/night


Lake Sebu to SurallahPhp 40/pax
Surallah to IsullahPhp 50/pax
Isullah to Pink MosquePhp 72/pax
Pink Mosque to Cotabato CityPhp 50/pax
Trike to HostelPhp 100/pax
HostelPhp 250/night


Tricycle to the bus terminalPhp 10/pax
Bus from Cotabato City to Libungan MarketPhp 72/pax
Libungan Market to Asik-asik Falls Tour Guide FeePhp 700/2 pax
Van to Cotabato CityPhp 70/pax
HostelPhp 250/night


Cab to Cotabato AirportPhp 8/pax
TricyclePhp 10/pax

Please note that food is not included in the list. The estimated budget would be around Php 5000-Php 6000 which is good for 5 days.

Where to stay in SOCCSKSARGEN?

Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

SLT Homestay: This homestay is one of the most recommended accommodations when staying in Lake Sebu. It is a plainly nipa hut style accommodation. They provide a huge room which is good for sharing. Restrooms are good for sharing, too. In addition, you can rent their traditional costumes which can be used for the entire day.

Rate: Php 350/night with breakfast

Tourism Lodge: This is one of the homestays in Lake Sebu. Obviously much cheaper than SLT homestay. The rooms they offer are also good for sharing. The good thing is, it has its own restroom. In addition, they have free unlimited water. The staff are very accommodating.

Rate: Php 100/php w/o food (Make sure you bring food with you when you check-in here because there are no nearby stores around the area.

Cotabato City

Double Decker Inn
Address: Jose Lim Sr. Street cor, Makakua Street

Pension Rafael
Address: San Isidro Street, Cotabato City

Cotabato Diamond Hotel
Address: Makakua corner Jose Lim Sr. Streets

Azaleas Pension House
Address: Sinsuat Avenue

Must-try cheap eats

Taste the local food of South Cotabato. There’s a lot of tilapia in the province. With that, they’ve got a lot of different types of dishes made of tilapia fish. Chicharong Tilapia is a must-try!

ALT=chicharong tilapia lake sebu sox"
Chicharong Tilapia

You must also try the local delicacy “pastil” in Cotabato. It is a rice dish wrapped leaves with sauteed chicken strips.

ALT="local food north cotabato mindanao"
Pastil – Php 10 only

Tips & Reminders

Try to catch the earliest flight in order to maximize your schedule especially if you are traveling around for 5 days.

Direct vans from GenSan to Lake Sebu are only until 4PM. Make sure to arrive at the terminal before the last trip schedule.

Checkpoints are everywhere. But there’s no need to worry about anything. It is relatively safe to go around SOX. Although I can’t be a hundred percent sure in some parts of Maguindanao. So stay vigilant.

Once you arrive Sinsuat, a lot of tricycle drivers will offer you to take you to the Pink Mosque. (Makukulit sila, actually.) But you do not really need to ride a tricycle since it is just a walking distance.

Make sure to wear decent clothes when visiting mosques. Learn to respect others’ culture.

Bring a lot of cash. To be honest, it is quite difficult to find ATMs most especially in Lake Sebu. Unless you are in Cotabato City.

Wear comfortable clothes when heading to Asik-asik Falls. You are going to climb up and down the 376-stone steps to the falls. Put sunscreen to protect skin.

You can bring food with you to Asik-asik Falls. But please leave no trash. Protect the nature.

In order to experience more the place’s culture and tradition, one of the best things to do is try to its traditional costumes.

The best time to visit and see the lotus flowers is as early as at 5 AM.

Recommended Tour Guides

Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Kuya Jeoffrey – 09972712003
Kuya Jobert – 09058746323

Asik-asik Falls, North Cotabato

Kuya Dodong- 09480262262
Kuya Nik- 09265093179

SOCCSKSARGEN must be your next travel destination. I believe that this is one of the most underrated places in the Philippines, yet it shows off the other unique side beauty of the country. SOCCSKSARGEN will definitely take you to such an unimaginable place that is filled with a rich history.

Did this SOCCSKSARGEN diy backpacking guide help you?

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