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Where to eat in Camiguin Island: Best Places to Eat

WELCOME TO MY CAMIGUIN FOOD GUIDE! Are you heading to Camiguin Island soon? I wrote down some of the restaurants that you may visit when in Camiguin. If you are still wondering where to eat in Camiguin, this food guide is definitely for you!

Trying local foods is one of the things that you must do when you are in a new place. You won’t truly feel the place you are visiting as well as its own culture if you don’t try one of its renowned cuisines.

Apart from Camiguin’s natural attractions, the island also boasts its excellency in terms of culinary. They have got one of the best local and international foods as well. The island has its own unique way to attract local and foreign tourists by offering their one-of-a-kind cuisine. For sure, the food that you taste from the island is something unforgettable!

My recent trip to Camiguin Island was 4 days and 3 nights. With that, I was able to visit some restaurants around the island.

Where to eat in Camiguin Island?

J & A Fishpen

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J & A Fishpen is a seafood restaurant located in Brgy. Mahinog. The restaurant is near Benoni Port. You can go fishing in their pond for your meals as wells. In addition, it is also a floating restaurant that serves fresh seafood and other Filipino foods.

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The floating restaurant has such a nice view of the lagoon. The lagoon is more commonly known as Tanguines Lagoon which is man-made. Sadly, I just noticed that they also serve parrotfish which is not supposed to be eaten.

La Isla Cocina

Situated in a heritage house, La Isla Cocina is one of the restaurants to visit on Camiguin Island. If you are up for something new to try, you can head over to this restaurant. It serves Mexican and Spanish food.

Moreover, you would seriously love the vibe inside the restaurant.

Northern Lights Restaurant

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The best time to dine here is at night. The Northern Lights Restaurant serves delectable Filipino food. My personal favorites are Bulalo and Sisig! For me, this is one of the nicest places to go to if you do not know where to eat in Camiguin.

La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita is an Italian restaurant. The food that they serve is authentic. Owned by a native Italian, he serves homemade Italian food for the customers. I really enjoyed eating their pizza. Its taste is kind of different from other pizzas I tasted!

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The restaurant is very easy to find. It is just right in front of Camiguin airport.


Guerrera is the type of restaurant that serves different kinds of Asian cuisines such as Indian, Thai, Vietnamese foods, etc. In addition, they serve farm-to-plate food to the customers. Expect the fresh food served that comes directly from the farm!

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I have been to many restaurants around the Philippines, but Guerrera’s one of the best. I find this restaurant really unique and amazing due to its perfect location. Guerrera restaurant is actually built in the middle of a farm field.

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More to that, the restaurant offers the best views of the mountains and the sea. You could see a clearer view of Mount Hibok Hibok. You will certainly love dining at this restaurant! I really highly recommend this place to eat when in Camiguin. It is relaxing to stay here!

Take note that you can’t just take videos inside the restaurant. I think the reason is the owner doesn’t want it to go with the hype.

Apart from these restaurants – of course, you must never miss the local delicacies that Camiguin Island is offering!

Local foods to try in Camiguin

Lanzones Fruit

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If you are fond of eating the lanzones fruit, you can find the sweetest lanzones fruit on Camiguin Island. The island is rich in volcanic soil which makes the fruit the sweetest.

Dried Pusit

I only tried dried pusit once when I visited Cebu, but Camiguin’s dried pusit also tastes delicious!

Lanzones Wine

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Obviously, one of Camiguin’s food pride is the lanzones fruit. Aside from the fruit itself, the locals produce other foods or products from the lanzones fruit. One of them is the lanzones wine.

I tried it at the festival. It wasn’t that strong or something – but it tasted so good. Also, it didn’t taste bitter at all. The taste was perfect. I even smelled the aroma of the lanzones fruit in the wine. It was totally good!


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Personally, this is my most favorite delicacy! I really fell in love with the taste of Camiguin’s tart! I want to try it more! It is so delicious!

Lanzones Jam

I didn’t get to try this but you may have this when you are in Camiguin. Lanzones Jam? I wonder what it really tastes! I would love to try it once I come back to Camiguin.


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Pastel is a Filipino bread that is filled with yema or custard. It is originated from the island of Camiguin. You can only have this on this island. Although you can buy pastel from some stores in Manila, it is still better to have it on the island!

Lanzones Candy

I also wasn’t able to try this. But according to our tour guide, there is also a candy that is made from lanzones fruit. You may want to try it as well.

Chicken Surol

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This chicken surol is a famous cuisine in Camiguin. In fact, it is actually a chicken soup with coconut milk.

Lanzones Ice Cream

Surely, this is a must-try in Camiguin! It is special ice cream with the taste of lanzones fruit.

Other foods to eat in Camiguin:

Sea Urchin on White Island

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Your Camiguin trip would not be complete if you didn’t get to try one of their delicacies. Another thing, if you go to the Lanzones Festival, this is the best time to buy lanzones fruit. It is because they sell it at a cheaper price during the festival itself.

Make sure to try one of those and get to fall in love more with Camiguin Island!

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