Doctor John: A Korean Drama Review

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I have been watching Korean dramas a lot this year which I didn’t use to do. This year 2019, it seems that there a lot of good Korean dramas that are in store for K-drama fans! That being said, one of them is Doctor John! I have recently watched Doctor John and I really fell in love with the drama itself. So here is another Korean drama review about Doctor John!

Doctor John Synopsis

Doctor John is a medical drama led by Korean actor Ji Sung. He plays the role of a doctor of anesthesiology. When it comes to working, no doubt that he is a genius. Ji Sung plays as Doctor Cha Yo-han. His main lead actress is Lee Se-Young. She plays as Kang Shi-Young and a resident of anesthesiology. Cha Yo-han and Kang Shi Young work together to find the causes of the pain of their patients who have mysterious diseases.

Doctor John consists of 32 episodes which are 30 minutes per episode.

My Thoughts on watching Doctor John

I have watched a few Korean dramas this year such as “Her Private Life” and “Arthdal Chronicles”. I am so into Arthdal Chronicles since it is such a great drama led by Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won. At first, I didn’t have any idea about Doctor John. But since I have been hearing a lot of good reviews about it so I wanted to give it a try. Although I haven’t watched any clips of the drama.

Guess what? I have made the best choice! I really didn’t regret watching Doctor John. Seriously, this is one of the best Korean dramas this 2019! For an instant, I fell in love with this drama. I have seen a lot of medical dramas but this is one of the best so far. This is definitely worth watching.

Actually, it was my first to see Ji Sung on screen and I didn’t expect him to be such a great actor! No doubt! Ji Sung is such an amazing actor! He really played well in this drama! He totally caught my attention. If you are new to watching Korean dramas, then you must pay attention to Ji Sung’s acting skills. He is not just handsome but is also amazing. Superb! In this drama, he will make you cry, laugh, and smile. More to that, he will definitely make your heart flutter. To be honest, after watching him from this drama, I started looking for and watching some of his other dramas.

Reasons to watch Doctor John

Doctor John teaches a lot of lessons.

If you think that this drama is just about medical stuff and romance, you are wrong. The drama itself is better than you have ever imagined. This is not just about the two doctors who eventually fell in love with each other; the story revolves beyond romance. This is not your typical Korean drama that only talks about love. It actually more focuses on life. Life. Pain. Death.

It teaches you how to live life to the fullest no matter how painful it gives us. Without pain, there is no life. Doctor John would teach us a lot of things about handling the pain in order to live the life that we have.

Doctor John makes you realize that death is not as scary as what you think.

Death is something that most people fear. Most people are afraid of dying. It might because of the pain it causes or they think about the people they might lose. But in this drama, it teaches us how to be strong and hopeful when facing death. It could be you or your loved ones. Most importantly, it is not about death that fears us. It is always about the pain that we are afraid of. This might be a fictional Korean drama, but I believe it is more than that. This drama is really something – it touches your heart and soul. It is just heartwarming and refreshing.

Main leads and second leads are all great!

One thing that you would love about Doctor John is the actors! I fell in love with all the cast! Every character was well-played. I loved how every actor plays their role very well. Everybody stands out in this drama. They all have great stories to tell in every episode. Doctor John has such an amazing cast! With that, there is no dull moment in every episode.

Amazing story, amazing songs!

Ji Sung and Lee Se-young pulled off great chemistry in this drama. That makes the drama more interesting. Moreover, Doctor John’s OST perfectly suits the drama. Doctor John is definitely a must-watch Korean drama. This drama is truly worth binge-watching.

Have you already seen Doctor John?

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